Gertrude C. Suppe

Short Name: Gertrude C. Suppe
Full Name: Suppe, Gertrude C.
Birth Year: 1911
Death Year: 2007

Gertrude Suppe (b. 1911) is well known not only for her translations, but also for her pioneer work in compiling all known Hispanic church music in a database that has been an invaluable resource.

Sing! A New Creation!

Texts by Gertrude C. Suppe (12)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Toda la tierra espera al Salvador (All earth is waiting to see the Promised One) (Suppe)Gertrude C. Suppe (Translator)English4
Toda la tierra espera al Salvador, Y al surco abierto, la obra del SeñorGertrude C. Suppe (Translator)Spanish2
¡Canta, Débora, canta! !Canta, Débora, canta! Madre de IsraelGertrude C. Suppe (Translator (English))English, Spanish3
¡El cielo canta alegría! ¡Aleluya!Gertrude C. Suppe (Translator)Spanish1
El culto terminó, nos vamos a separarGertrude Suppe (Translator)English, Spanish2
El culto terminó, vamos ya de este lugarGertrude Suppe (Translator)Spanish3
Jesus, you have come to the lakeshoreGertrude C. Suppe (Translator)English, Spanish3
Mantos y palmas esparciendo vaGertrude C. Suppe (Translator)Spanish18
Queremos conocerte más y másGertrude Suppe (Translator (Spanish))English, Spanish3
Señor, apiádate de nosotros (O Lord, have mercy upon your people)Gertrude Suppe (Translator)English, Spanish1
Toda la tierra espera al Salvador: Viene a traer a los hombres la verdadGertrude C. Suppe, b. 1911 (Translator)Spanish1
Tú has venido a la orillaGertrude C. Suppe, 1911- (Translator)Spanish13
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