Jane Taylor

Short Name: Jane Taylor
Full Name: Taylor, Jane, 1783-1824
Birth Year: 1783
Death Year: 1824

Taylor, Jane, the younger of two sisters, was born at London, Sept. 23, 1783. Her gift in writing verse displayed itself at an early age. Her first piece was printed in the Minor's Pocket Book for 1804. Her publications included Display, a tale, 1815; Essays in Rhymes, 1816; and the posthumous work edited by her brother, entitled The Contributions of Q. Q., 1824, being pieces in prose and verse from the Youth's Magazine, to which she had contributed under the signature of "Q. Q." She died at Ongar, Essex, April 13, 1824. Her Memoir and Poetical Remains, were published by her father in 1825.
The joint productions of the two sisters, Ann Taylor Gilbert & Jane Taylor, were:-- (1) Original Poems, 1805; (2) Hymns for the Nursery, 1806; (3) Hymns for Infant Minds, 1809; 2nd edition 1810; 52nd edition 1877. To the 35th edition, 1844, Mrs. Gilbert interspersed 23 additional hymns by herself, thereby raising the total to 93. In 1886 Josiah Gilbert revised these hymns, added thereto from the works named above, supplied the initials "A." and "J." respectively, and published the same under the original title as the Authorized Edition." (4) Original Hymns for Sunday Schools, 1812.
In addition to the hymns which are noted under their respective first lines, Miss Taylor is the authors of the following (the date in brackets indicates the book in which each hymn appeared):—
1. A sinner, Lord, behold I stand (1809). A Child's Humble Confession.
2. Almighty God, Who dwellest high (1809). Praise to God.
3. Come, my fond, fluttering heart (Collyer's Collection 1812). Renunciation of the World.
4. God is so good that He will hear (1809). Encouragement to Pray.
5. God!—What a great and awful name (1809). God's Condescension.
6. How dreadful to be turned away (1812). Expulsion from Sunday School.
7. Lord, I would own thy tender care (1809). Thanks for Daily Mercies.
8. Love and kindness we may measure (1809). Against Selfishness.
9. Now condescend, Almighty King (1809). Evening Hymn for a Small Family.
10. This is a precious book indeed (1809). Holy Scripture.
11. What is there, Lord, a child can do? Repentance.
12. When daily I kneel down to pray (1809). Against wandering thoughts in Prayer.
13. When for some little insult given (1809). Against Anger, &c.
14. When to the house of God we go (1809). Public Worship.
Mr. Gilbert's edition of the Hymns for Infant Minds, 1886, together with manuscript notes, are our authorities for the foregoing ascriptions of authorship. Mr. Gilbert cannot distinguish the authorship of the following hymns by one or both sisters:—
1. Good David, whose Psalms have so often been sung (1812). Concerning David.
2. If Jesus Christ was sent (1812). Repentance.
3. King Solomon of old (1812). Concerning Solomon.
In literary excellence Mrs. Gilbert's hymns surpass those of her sister. They are more elevated in style, ornate in character, broader in grasp, and better adapted for adults. The best are "Great God, and wilt Thou condescend?", "Jesus, Who lived above the sky," and "Lo! at noon 'tis sudden night." Miss Taylor's hymns are marked by great simplicity and directness. The most popular and one of the best is, "There is a path that leads to God." Taken as a whole, her hymns are somewhat depressing in tone. They lack brightness and warmth.

--Excerpts from John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Jane Taylor (88)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A sinner, Lord, behold I standJane Taylor (Author)English4
Ah why will my dear little child be so crossJane Taylor (Author)1
All the little birds are sleepingJ. Taylor (Author)2
Almighty God, I'm very illJane Taylor (Author)15
Almighty God, who dwellest highJane Taylor (Author)7
Amid the deepest shades of nightJane Taylor (Author)1
Among the deepest shades of nightJane Taylor (Author)English1
As infants once to Christ were broughtJane Taylor (Author)4
Come, let our songs resoundJane Taylor (Author)English7
Come, let us now forget our mirthJane Taylor (Author)English37
Come, my fond fluttering heart! Come, struggle to be freeJane Taylor (Author)English32
Come, my love, and do not spurnJane Taylor (Author)8
Death has been here, and borne awayJane Taylor (Author)English58
Down in a green and shady bedJane Taylor (Author)English2
Far from mortal cares retreatingMiss Jane Taylor (Author)English1
Father of our feeble raceJohn Taylor (1783-1824) (Author)English1
From his humble, grassy bedJane Taylor (Author)2
From morning till night, it was Lucy's delightJ. Taylor (Author)4
God is so good that he will hearJane Taylor (Author)18
God made the world, in every landJane Taylor (Author)10
God of mercy, God of grace, Hear our sad repentant songsMiss Jane Taylor (Author)English1
God, what a great and awful wordJane Taylor (Author)3
God, who bade us rollJane Taylor (Author)2
Good David, whose Psalms have so often been sungJane Taylor (Author)2
Great God, and wilt Thou condescendJane Taylor (Author)English7
High on a bright and sunny bedJane Taylor (Author)2
How dreadful, Lord, will be the day Jane Taylor (Author)English15
How dreadful to be turned awayJane Taylor (Author)3
How great in Zion thou art praisedJane Taylor (Author)2
How long, sometimes, a day appearsJane Taylor (Author)English1
I saw an old cottage of clayJane Taylor (Author)4
I saw the glorious sun ariseJohn Taylor (Author)11
I thank the Lord, who lives on highJane Taylor (Author)14
If Jesus Christ was sent To save us from our sinJane Taylor (Author)English24
In a modest humble mindJane Taylor (Author)14
Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, Once became a child like meJane Taylor (Author)English35
Jesus, our gentle Shepherd, seeJane Taylor (Author)English4
King Solomon of old A happy choice had madeJane Taylor (Author)7
Like shadows gliding over the plainJane Taylor (Author)English2
Lo! at noon, 'tis sudden nightJane Taylor (Author)English5
Lord, I confess thy tender careJane Taylor (Author)2
Lord, I have dared to disobeyJane Taylor (Author)10
Lord, I would own Thy tender careJane Taylor (Author)English56
Lord, may a few poor children raiseJane Taylor (Author)4
Lord, teach a sinful child to prayJane Taylor (Author)English32
Love and kindness we may measureJane Taylor (Author)English14
My Father, I thank thee for sleepJane Taylor (Author)17
My father, my mother, I knowJane Taylor (Author)18
Now condescend, Almighty KingJane Taylor (Author)English41
Now that my journey's just begunJane Taylor (Author)English30
O don't hurt the dog, poor honest old TrayJane Taylor (Author)3
O 'tis a folly and a crimeJane Taylor (Author)English18
O, what is life? 'tis like a flowerJane Taylor (Author)English33
Of old did Jesus condescendJane Taylor (Author)7
Poor harmless insect, thither flyJane Taylor (Author)2
Rejoice, the Lord is King: Your Lord and King adoreJ. Taylor (Author)English10
Safe sleeping on its mother's breastJane Taylor (Author)2
Some people complain they have nothing to doJane Taylor (Author)2
Stars, that on your wondrous wayJane Taylor (Author)English6
The butterfly, an idle thingJ. Taylor (Author)3
The God of heaven is pleased to seeJane Taylor (Author)English1
The lillies of the field, that quickly fade awayJane Taylor (Author)22
The moon is very fair and brightJane Taylor (Author)9
There is a glorious world of lightJane Taylor (Author)English90
There is a path that leads to God (Taylor)Jane Taylor (Author)English61
There is a state unknown, unseenJane Taylor (Author)English16
There was one little JackJane Taylor (Author)3
This day belongs to God aloneJane Taylor (Author)English27
This is a precious book indeedJane Taylor (Author)33
This year is just going awayJane Taylor (Author)1
Thou, who didst with love and blessingJane Taylor (Author)English21
'Tis but a short uncertain space [life]Jane Taylor (Author)7
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you areJane Taylor (Author)English11
Two good little girls, Marianne and MariaJane Taylor (Author)4
We offer, Lord, an humble prayerJane Taylor (Author)15
Welcome, welcome, little strangerJane Taylor (Author)3
We've passed a pleasant Sabbath dayJane Taylor (Author)20
What is there, Lord, a child can doJane Taylor (Author)18
When a foolish thought withinJane Taylor (Author)11
When daily I kneel down to prayJane Taylor (Author)English39
When, for some little insult givenJane Taylor (Author)English29
When Jesus Christ was here below, And spread His works of love abroadJane Taylor (Author)English12
When little Samuel wokeJane Taylor (Author)English66
When sweet summer flowers appearJane Taylor (Author)4
When to the house of God we goJane Taylor (Author)27
Who made the sky so bright and blueJane Taylor (Author)English10
Who taught the bird to build her nestJane Taylor (Author)English11
Young children once to Jesus cameJane Taylor (Author)English20
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