Alexcenah Thomas

Short Name: Alexcenah Thomas
Full Name: Thomas, Alexcenah, b. 1857
Birth Year: 1857
Death Year (est.): 1910 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Alexcenah Thomas (56)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Be at rest, my soul, and cease thy sighingAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
Bringt der ganzen Welt die KundeAlexcenah Thomas (Author)German1
By Thy hand, O blessed SaviorAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
Chiefest among ten thousandAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
Come to the rock, the Smitten RockAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English6
Det är min herdes röst jag hörA. Thomas (Author)1
Easter bells are sweetly pealingAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
Frohe Erntezeit, frohe ErntezeitAlexcenah Thomas (Author)German1
From Calvary, the precious lightAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English4
Hail, hail, hail, the blessed Christmas mornAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
Hark! 'tis the Shepherd's voice I hearAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English350
He shall feed His flock like a shepherd (Thomas)Alexcenah Thomas (Author)English5
Hear the glorious messageA. Thomas (Author)2
Hear ye the story, hear it again (Thomas)Alexcenah Thomas (Author)2
Хоньчины дуугаа сонсогтун (Khonichiny duugaa sonsogtun)Alexcenah Thomas (Author)Mongolian2
Horch, Jesu Hirten-Stimme ruftAlexcenah Thomas (Author)German3
Horch, wie des Hirten Ruf erschalltAlexcenah Thomas (Author)German3
Hört ihr des Hirten Stimm' so bangAlexcenah Thomas (Author)German1
Hört ihr des Hirten Stimme dortAlexcenah Thomas (Author)German1
How precious the promise Of Jesus from heavenAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
I am so glad that my SaviorA. Thomas (Author)2
I heard of a Savior whose love was so great, That He laid down His life on the treeAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
If temptations trouble youA. Thomas (Author)2
Jesus is the Star of guidanceAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English6
Jesus loves the little ones, Innocent and pureAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English1
Jesus needs the little childrenAlex. Thomas (Author)English3
Jesus, the Shepherd, is calling, wanderer, calling for theeAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
Joy, joy, joy; He lives, our risen KingAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English5
Kìa, Người chăn bầy cất tiếng đau thươngAlexcenah Thomas (Author)Vietnamese2
Like sheep we have strayedAlexcenah Thomas (Author)2
Llama Jesüs, el Buen PastorAlexcenah Thomas (Author)Spanish2
Llama la voz del Buen PastorAlexcenah Thomas (Author)Spanish2
Look not on the clouds that gatherAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
My Shepherd, my Shepherd, I know it is HeAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
O God, who doth Thy grace impartAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English1
O listen! from GethsemaneAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
O. swift to the "Ark of my faith" I will fly!Alexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
O Christ, Thou art my sun and shieldAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
Ouço o clamor do bom PastorAlexcenah Thomas (Author)Portuguese2
Ring, ring out, ye bells, for EasterAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
Take your harps on willows hungA. Thomas (Author)English3
Tell it out with a shout, hallelujahAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
Tell the whole world the storyAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
The grandest songs, the sweetest strainsAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
The Savior is waiting, No harm can betideAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
The Savior now is calling theeAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
'Tis a story full of wonderAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
'Tis the harvest time, 'tis the harvest timeAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English17
To the Master we are goingAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English1
We are coming, we are coming, hear the merry, glad refrainAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English4
We will little jewels beAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English3
We would love Thee, blessed SaviorAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
What shall we do with the SaviorAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
When on the wild tumultuous seaAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
Who in the kingdom greatAlexcenah Thomas (Author)2
With loving hearts rejoicingAlexcenah Thomas (Author)English2
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