Honor Mary Thwaites

Short Name: Honor Mary Thwaites
Full Name: Thwaites, Honor Mary, 1914-1993
Birth Year: 1914
Death Year: 1993

Honor Mary Thwaites was born in Australia in 1914. She attended the University of Melbourne. She went to England in the 1930s and worked with a group from the Society of Friends assisting Jewish people and others to escape from Nazi Germany.

She married the Australian poet and intelligence officer Michael Thwaites in 1939 and they returned to Australia. There she wrote several hymns that appear in Australian hymnbooks.

N Naber, Hymnary

Texts by Honor Mary Thwaites (8)sort descendingAsInstances
A mighty stronghold is our God, a sure defence and weaponHonor Mary Thwaites 1914- (Translator)2
God himself is presentHonor Mary Thwaites, 1914-93 (Translator)3
Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord JesusHonor Mary Thwaites (Translator)4
How long, thou faithful God, shall IThwaite (Author)1
Lord God, to you our hearts we raise to give you thanks and worthy praiseHonor Mary Thwaites 1914- (Translator)2
Lord of earth and all creationHonor Mary Thwaites, 1914-93 (Author)3
Sing praise to God who reigns aboveHonor Mary Thwaits, 1914-93 (Translator (vv. 2, 5))1
Sing praise to God who reigns aboveHonor Mary Thwaites 1914- (Translator)2
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