G. B. Timms

Short Name: G. B. Timms
Full Name: Timms, G. B.
Birth Year: 1910
Death Year: 1997

Full name George Boorne Timms

Texts by G. B. Timms (16)sort descendingAsInstances
A heavenly splendour from on highG. B. Timms, b. 1910 (Author)3
A mighty sound from heavenGeorge B. Timms, b. 1910 (Author)2
Blessed Jesus, Mary’s SonG. B. Timms, 1910-1997 (Author)2
Blessed Thomas, doubt no longerG. B. Timms, 1910-1997 (Author)2
Father eternal, Lord of the agesGeorge B. Timms (Author)4
Father, in whom thy saints are oneG. B. Timms, 1910-1997 (Author)3
Go forth, go forth with ChristGeorge Boorne Timms (Author)2
O Son of God, eternal LoveG. B. Timms, 1910-1997 (Author)2
O vision blest of heavenly lightG. B. Timms, b. 1910 (Author)3
Silent night! Holy night! Heaven is near, earth is brightG. B. Timms, 1910-1997 (Paraphraser)2
Sing alleluia forth ye saints on highG. B. Timms, 1910-1997 (Author)4
Sing we of the blessed MotherGeorge B. Timms, b. 1910 (Author)11
The growing limbs of God the SonG. B. Timms (Paraphraser)2
The sinless one to Jordan cameGeorge B. Timms (1910--1997) (Author)4
Where the appointed sacrificeG. B. Timms, 1910-1997 (Alterer (vs. 1-2))4
Word of the Father, source of all things livingG. B. Timms, 1910-1997 (Author)2

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