Herbert G. Tovey

Short Name: Herbert G. Tovey
Full Name: Tovey, Herbert G. (Herbert George), 1888-1972
Birth Year: 1888
Death Year: 1972
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A savior I have, 'tis JesusHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Be prepared with gospel armor shiningHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Be still before the LordHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Calvary's grace transformsHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Christ calls, Christ calls, calling with a voice so wondrous fairHerbert G. Tovey (Author)1
Every hour and momentHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Give me a passion for souls, dear LordHerbert G. Tovey, 1888- (Author)23
Go tell he is risenHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
God's book will change, no, neverHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
God's word is wonderful, perfect and trueH. G. T. (Author)2
He lives victoriousHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Hear the call of the Master, ComeHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
Hear the voice of the Master callingHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Hear ye hear the challenge of ChristH. G. T. (Author)2
I can see a band of soldiersH. G. T. (Author)2
I have found a friend on whom I can dependHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
I hear the master calling meHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
In my need I cried unto GodHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
In the common round of dutyHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
In the rock of ages I am there secureHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
In the war that is now raging, there's a place for every one Herbert G. Tovey (Author)3
Isn't it grand to be a ChristianHerbert G. Tovey (Author)8
I've been lifted from the mire of sin and shameHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
I've heard the King's command, who calls a faithful bandHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
Jesus calls the boys and girls to himHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Jesus came right down to meHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
Jesus I long, I longHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Jesus needs you, Christian, every day and hourHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Jesu, still lead onH. G. T. (Author)1
Just follow the vision that the Savior givesHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Let the world sing praise and a glad cry raiseHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
Let us hear the story of God's love and careHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Life, life, abundantlyHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Listen to the wondrous gospel storyH. G. T. (Author)2
Live Christ throughout the dayHerbert G. Tovey (Author)4
My Lord has promised my Savior to beHerbert G. Tovey (Author)1
My Lord may come on SundayHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
My risen Lord is calling me to serve HimH. G. T. (Author)2
Not by values told such as gems or goldHerbert G. Tovey (Author)7
O what a wonderful day that will be When Jesus descendsHerbert G. Tovey (Author)7
O wonderful message, God's grace is for meHerbert G. Tovey (Author)5
O wondrous day when I was savedH. G. T. (Author (vs. 4))1
Open the door of your heart tonightHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Soon the day shall comeHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Take the Savior into your heartH. G. T. (Author)2
The bells of salvation are soundingHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
The death bells tolled, and sorrow's pallH. G. T. (Author)3
The sin that was heavily pressing on meHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
There is a Savior who waitsHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
There's a longing in my heartHerbert G. Tovey (Author)1
There's a place of quiet restingHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
They crucified my Lord, They crucified my LordH. G. T. (Author)2
Though all things this world holds as preciousH. G. T. (Author)10
Though the storm-clouds gather and the thunders crash and roarHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Thou art my treasure deep in my heartHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Time with its tempests is passing away (Tovey)Herbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Walking in the promises, the Word of GodH. G. T. (Author)2
We are called, a band of witnesses for GodHerbert G. Tovey (Author)3
We raise our prayer to theeHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, allHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
What a Savior I have found in Christ my LordHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
When Jesus came to me in all my needHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
When the day seems long and the clouds hang lowHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
Whosoever will, the invitation hearH. G. T. (Author)3
You are saved to be a winner of soulsH. G. T. (Author)3
Your doubt builds a gulf between GodHerbert G. Tovey (Author)2
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