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D. B. Towner
Moody Bible Institute
Short Name: D. B. Towner
Full Name: Towner, D. B. (Daniel Brink), 1850-1919
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1919

Towner, Daniel B. (Rome, Pennsylvania, 1850--1919). Attended grade school in Rome, Penn. when P.P. Bliss was teacher. Later majored in music, joined D.L. Moody, and in 1893 became head of the music department at Moody Bible Institute. Author of more than 2,000 songs.

--Paul Milburn, DNAH Archives

Wikipedia Biography

Daniel Brink Towner (March 5, 1850 – October 3, 1919) was an American composer who held a Doctorate of music, and used his abilities to develop the music to several Christian hymns which are still popular today.

Hymnals by D. B. Towner (29)sort descendingAsPublication Year
Bible Study Songs: for junior societies, junior and primary Sunday schoolsD. B. Towner (Editor)1899
Famous Gospel HymnsD. B. Towner (Editor)1907
Famous HymnsD. B. Towner (Editor)1907
Glorious PraiseDaniel Brink Towner (Editor)1910
Hymns New and Old: for use in Gospel meetings and other religious servicesD. B. Towner (Editor)1887
Hymns New and Old, No. 2: for use in gospel meetings and other religious servicesD. B. Towner (Author)1890
Hymns New and Old, Revised: for use in all religious servicesD. B. Towner (Editor)1891
Hymns Tried and TrueDaniel Brink Towner (Editor)1911
Neue Zions-LiederD. B. Towner (Editor)1919
One Hundred Gospel Hymns: for male voicesD. B. Towner (Editor)1902
Popular Selections from Hymns New and OldDaniel Brink Towner (Editor)1891
Revival Hymns: a Collection of New and Standard Hymns for Gospel and social meetings, Sunday schools and Young People's SocietiesDaniel B. Towner (Editor)1905
Select Revival Hymns : a collection of new and old hymns suitable for every department of church work, Bible school, young people's societies, prayer meetings, evangelistic services, Y.M.C.A...D. B. Towner, Mus. Doc. (Editor)1915
Song and Study for God's Little Ones: collection of songs, studies and services for primary classes and junior societies.D. B. Towner (Editor)1894
Songs for Men: A Collection of Gospel Songs for Male Quartets and ChorusesDr. D. B. Towner (Editor)1913
Songs of Free GraceD. B. Towner (Author)1883
Songs of Saving GraceD. B. Towner (Editor)1914
Songs of the Great Salvation: for Evangelistic Meetings, Sunday School and General Church UseD. B. Towner, Mus. Doc. (Editor)1918
Sons of Praise: a collection of Gospel songs for men's voicesD. B. Towner, Mus. Doc. (Editor)1906
Tabernacle HymnsDaniel Brink Towner (Editor)1915
The Gospel Hymn Book: a collection of new and standard hymns for Sunday Schools, Young People's Societies, Gospel and Social MeetingsD. B. Towner, Mus. Doc. (Editor)1903
The Gospel Pilot Hymnal: a collection of new and standard hymns for Sunday schools, young peoples' societies, gospel and social meetingsD. B. Towner (Editor)1899
The Ideal Song and Hymn BookD. B. Towner (Editor)1909
The King of GloryD. B. Towner, Mus. Doc. (Editor)1918
The Tabernacle HymnsD. B. Towner (Editor)1918
The Voice of ThanksgivingD. B. Towner, Mus. Doc. (Editor)1913
The Voice of Thanksgiving No. 2D. B. Towner, Mus. Doc. (Editor)1916
Towner's Male Choir Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 CombinedD. B. Towner (Editor)1894
Zions-KlängeDr. D. B. Towner (Editor)1914

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