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D. B. Towner
Moody Bible Institute
Short Name: D. B. Towner
Full Name: Towner, D. B. (Daniel Brink), 1850-1919
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1919

Towner, Daniel B. (Rome, Pennsylvania, 1850--1919). Attended grade school in Rome, Penn. when P.P. Bliss was teacher. Later majored in music, joined D.L. Moody, and in 1893 became head of the music department at Moody Bible Institute. Author of more than 2,000 songs.

--Paul Milburn, DNAH Archives

Wikipedia Biography

Daniel Brink Towner (March 5, 1850 – October 3, 1919) was an American composer who held a Doctorate of music, and used his abilities to develop the music to several Christian hymns which are still popular today.

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[A feast is preparing, the King will preside]D. B. Towner (Composer)213333 21216 55133
[A few more years shall roll] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)213332 15322 32113
[A great rock stands in a weary land] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)451765 54432 21766
[A little talk with Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)455172 21123 33323
[A little while, a little while] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[A little while, be brave, be strong]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[A mother dear is weeping]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)655566 51176 72171
[A wedding feast at Galilee]D. B. Towner (Composer)255134 32222 53211
[A wondrous boon to man is given]D. B. Towner (Composer)413332 12334 41233
[Abounding grace I sing today]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[According to Thy gracious word]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Afar from home, beset by fear]D. B. Towner (Composer)1253722 16551 11671
[After the last good night I say]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[After the toil and the burden]D. B. Towner (Composer)154321 75523 43235
[All along life's dreary way]D. B. Towner (Composer)255556 53517 52155
[All around you men are dying, while the precious moments fly]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[All lands to God, in joyful sounds] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251232 34563 34213
[Alone with God] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)413334 55556 66716
[Chant] (Towner 34332)D. B. Towner (Composer)234332 25235 65354
[Along the rugged paths I tread]D. B. Towner (Composer)253334 32154 44325
[Am I a soldier of the cross] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251117 12314 32125
AMAZONDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)355465 35177 7121
[Anywhere with Jesus, I can safely go]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)16655665 31234 54323
[Are you bending 'neath some burden]D. B. Towner (Composer)234556 51534 55643
[Are you building your house on the rock or the sand]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)313555 35666 55566
[Are you discouraged and burdened with care]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Are you following Jesus, your Master]D. B. Towner (Composer)254335 17126 1777
[Are you laying up your treasure]D. B. Towner (Composer)333443 21522 22123
[Are you living for today]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Are you living in the sunshine]D. B. Towner (Composer)234555 65321 11123
[Are you looking to Jesus for pardon?]D. B. Towner (Composer)513555 65453 12333
[Are you waiting for the coming of the King?]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)312333 35321 31234
[Are you weary, heavy laden] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)434313 43257 24321
[Are you working, are you working]D. B. Towner (Composer)751333 34321 12161
[Arise and shine! Thy light is come]D. B. Towner (Composer)1455511 21765 14444
[Art thou weary or forsaken?] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[As far as the East is removed from the West]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[As panteth the hart for the water brooks]D. B. Towner (Composer)255671 21765 55724
[As the Master spake in days of old]D. B. Towner (Composer)251334 33255 52223
[As your eyes behold the light of opening day]D. B. Towner (Composer)212333 34321 22344
[As your journey through life to the grave you pursue]D. B. Towner (Composer)1212333 54111 11112
[Asked of God, and lent unto Him]D. B. Towner (Composer)232172 16531 1171
[At even, ere the sun was set] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255516 53133 36653
[At the cross, our sins confessing]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[At the feet of Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)233443 11123 23344
[Go work today! the Lord commands]D. B. Towner (Composer)513453 23112 32234
[Awake, and sing the song] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)211113 55671 65571
[Awake, awake, no longer dwell]D. B. Towner (Composer)251117 76662 22321
[Awake, O church of God, awake]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
AYERDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)334556 71666 67121
[Baptize me with the Spirit]D. B. Towner (Composer)312334 23112 43213
BAYAMÓNDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)332172 17651 6
[Be honest, Jesus watches]D. B. Towner (Composer)253153 54476 54353
[Be merciful to me, O God] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)453215 56715 54321
[Be not deceived; each soul shall reap]D. B. Towner (Composer)4
[Be strong in the Lord, all ye who know His name]D. B. Towner (Composer)253221 57666 66433
[Be thou faithful in the vineyard]D. B. Towner (Composer)232176 71651 12312
[Be up, my soul, and doing]D. B. Towner (Composer)551544 33214 44523
[Be ye kind to one another]D. B. Towner (Composer)254345 65352 23453
[Before the Savior's judgment seat]D. B. Towner (Composer)255363 54444 27665
[Behold, a stranger, wondrous fair]D. B. Towner (Composer)355565 32156 61117
[Behold me standing at the door] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)453221 65671 54332
[Behold on yonder mountain]D. B. Towner (Composer)255567 15356 54355
[Behold the Lamb of God] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)353323 11231 53323
[Behold the Lamb of God on Calvary’s tree]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Behold the Man of Sorrows]D. B. Towner (Composer)213333 43355 64557
[Behold the Savior at the door]D. B. Towner (Composer)255513 23435 66217
[Beneath the sprinkled blood]D. B. Towner (Composer)213243 54324 71132
[Beyond the smiling and the weeping] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255565 45137 65555
[Beyond the veil that lies between]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Beyond this life of hope and fears] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)551115 65512 22321
[Blackened and hardened I come unto Thee]D. B. Towner (Composer)332121 65121 43253
[Bless us, Father, as we read]D. B. Towner (Composer)231435 42317 13231
[Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven]D. B. Towner (Composer)236317 65345 1765
[Boatman, my spirit is yearning]D. B. Towner (Composer)333332 14356 53213
BOLIVIADaniel Brink Towner (Composer)355653 21351 72
[Bright visions that lured our longing eyes]D. B. Towner (Composer)235556 35533 35555
[Chime the bells! lift high your voices]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)332135 17653 12352
[By and by we shall meet on the bright, golden shore]D. B. Towner (Composer)234567 17121 65551
[By Jordan's strand we joyful stand]D. B. Towner (Composer)251112 36665 35556
[By thine eye, O God, all seeing]D. B. Towner (Composer)333212 16156 51312
[By Thy blood and by Thy merit]D. B. Towner (Composer)256532 16176 51712
CALVARY (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)11055543 45657 77654
[Under the stars, one holy night] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)251233 31233 53252
[Can I forget my dear Savior's great love]D. B. Towner (Composer)232121 65613 32121
[Can you now, my brother, say Victory]D. B. Towner (Composer)634517 65634 27111
[Carry thy sorrow to Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)251234 32657 12535
[Cast in the net and gather them in]D. B. Towner (Composer)233332 17652 22234
[Children of the heavenly King] (O'Kane)D. B. Towner (Arranger)555121 72712 565
CHILE (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)353453 21765 36715
[Christ died for me when far away]D. B. Towner (Composer)233344 31312 12342
[Christ is mine! oh, truest treasure]D. B. Towner (Composer)232123 56516 53532
[Christ is thy Light, O wanderer, tempest-tossed]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Christ Jesus hath the power]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)1355112 33324 71172
[Christian soldier, rally, in the fight be brave!]D. B. Towner (Composer)234565 12266 27777
CLOONEYDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)355431 76665 32343
COHANSEYD. B. Towner (Composer)233343 32123 35434
[Man the life-boat! quick, my brother]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)655531 65351 77651
COLUMBIA (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)353321 76535 162
[Come, for all is ready, and the feast is spread]D. B. Towner (Composer)556543 51217 62321
[Come home! The Shepherd’s eager call]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Come, oh, come with singing]D. B. Towner (Composer)253635 44234 53536
[Come, said Jesus, come apart]D. B. Towner (Composer)335654 32234 25431
[Come, Spirit, come, with light divine!]D. B. Towner (Composer)332153 51743 26765
[Come, thou apart and rest awhile]D. B. Towner (Composer)313342 64533 24711
[Come unto Me, ye weary] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Come, ye saints, look here and wonder] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)215312 17651 22
[Comrades in battle, Soldiers of Jesus!]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Courage, brother, light is breaking]D. B. Towner (Composer)232117 65111 22753
[Courage, soldiers, courage! Forward, march away!]D. B. Towner (Composer)255345 31716 57777
[My life was once so very drear] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)356532 21517 47221
[Will you follow the lead of the glorified One]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)312333 54332 22234
[Dark the shadows creeping near]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Dear friends, we have a mission, too]D. B. Towner (Composer)355435 16517 1221
[Deep in the depths of the Savior's love]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Dein Wort, o Herr, mein Gott, ist mir]D. B. Towner (Composer)233333 44432 34433
[Do not be discouraged though the way is drear]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Do not say nay to the Savior]D. B. Towner (Composer)232343 45335 43234
[Do you dream of the joys of the life to come]D. B. Towner (Composer)251333 32116 51233
[Does your signal-light shine?]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
DOWNEYDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)351111 71225 22221
[Drifting Away]D. B. Towner (Composer)755534 56653 53342
[Dwell deep, O my soul; in the love-depths divine]D. B. Towner (Composer)313333 33432 13344
EL SEGUNDODaniel Brink Towner (Composer)353417 21712
[Chant] (Towner 34432)D. B. Towner (Composer)534432 14323
[Yet there is room] (Sankey)D. B. Towner (Composer)254531 33212 45243
[Es ist Raum an dem Herzen Jesu]D. B. Towner (Composer)255111 71231 34555
[Eternal God, celestial King]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Every little step I take] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Every moment, every moment]D. B. Towner (Composer)232123 65343 23457
[Faith has overcome temptation]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Fall into line for Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Far from my home I’ve wandered]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Father, heavenly Father]D. B. Towner (Composer)332157 65171 23215
[Father in Thy love draw near us]D. B. Towner (Composer)255534 65434 44246
[Father, lead me day by day] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)253231 61543 42533
[Father, my feeble faith takes hold]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Father of mercies, I come to thee]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Father, when billows round me roll]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Fierce raged the tempest over the deep] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[O Savior, let me not forget]Daniel Brink Towner (Arranger)253432 17662 32176
[First a gleam, and then a glowing]D. B. Towner (Composer)234535 11767 15722
[Fling out the banner all crimson dyed]D. B. Towner (Composer)351232 11655 22217
[For air and sunshine pure and sweet] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)513342 34513 34221
[For our pleasant birthdays]D. B. Towner (Composer)454353 12277 15435
[For salvation full and free]Daniel B. Towner (Composer)1032433 21172 13223
[Forward, forward on the heavenly way]D. B. Towner (Composer)215151 71232 52521
["Forward!" is the order]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Draw me nearer, Jesus, nearer] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)353654 35442 54323
[Fret not, He loves thee, Jesus is thy friend]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Fret not thyself, my heart]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)433212 35543 21367
[From the holy city's gateway]D. B. Towner (Composer)233334 44532 11223
[Fully redeemed! my joy is unbounded]D. B. Towner (Composer)234453 34465 54342
[Gather the fairest rosebuds]Daniel B. Towner (Composer)732343 26765 765
[Gently, Lord, O, gently lead us] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)234352 32176 51232
[Gerettet, gerettet! Singt ewig Jesu Ruhm]D. B. Towner (Composer)251351 23457 66557
[Gird thy sword and make thine armor strong]D. B. Towner (Composer)855543 45156 66545
[Give and forgive at Christmas time]D. B. Towner (Composer)356531 23112 15325
[Give me a heart like thine]D. B. T. (Arranger)254333 34432 22354
[Give me the Bible, God's message divine]D. B. Towner (Composer)256712 32161 22223
GIVE ME THY HEARTD. B. Towner (Composer)1513332 34535 55653
[Glorious things of thee are spoken] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)551334 43113 24323
[Go and tell Jesus how weary thou art]D. B. Towner (Composer)232153 13121 51767
[Go forward, Christian soldier] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Go tell it to Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)333216 53321 32332
[Go when the morning shineth] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[God bless you till we meet again]D. B. Towner (Composer)312333 43212 34444
[God calling yet; shall I not hear] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)651233 41232 34572
[God has given you His promise]D. B. Towner (Composer)813556 55352 55653
[God sets a still, small voice] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)233321 57712 51333
["God's Book:"—a deathless song of love]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[God's Judgment bar! Justice complete]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Gone from my heart the world and all its charms]Daniel B. Towner (Arranger)1113455 56176 51345
GRAND RAPIDSDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)331435 52424 66535
[Great and wonderful art Thou]D. B. Towner (Composer)255654 34511 21655
[Great things the Lord has done for me]D. B. Towner (Composer)413321 76551 11625
JUANITA (54332)D. B. T. (Arranger)154332 23443 65543
[Hallelujah, praise Jehovah] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)451334 33271 22321
[Happy is the man that giveth]D. B. Towner (Composer)211117 12522 22123
HARARE (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)813453 23114 61655
[Hark! a gentle whisper only thou canst hear]D. B. Towner (Composer)355555 17656 57777
[Hark, hark, hark!]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Hark! hark, my soul! angelic songs are swelling] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)231355 67133 24427
[Hark! my soul! it is the Lord] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)354651 23456 53245
[Hark! the good Shepherd is calling His sheep]D. B. Towner (Composer)211117 13321 22344
[Hark! the song of jubilee] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255151 23345 65355
[Hark! the voice of Jesus, calling from on high]D. B. Towner (Composer)255671 23343 22123
[Hark! there's a message from over the sea]D. B. Towner (Composer)354515 35423 22343
[Have I burdens hard to bear?]D. B. Towner (Composer)213317 22221 72211
[Have the millions been told of the banquet]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Have you ever built an altar in your home]D. B. Towner (Composer)612333 21761 51233
[Have you heard the good news of redemption?]D. B. Towner (Composer)255555 65453 57655
[Have you wandered far from Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)4
[He arose, the Lord, victorious]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[He brought me up from the miry clay]D. B. Towner (Composer)251117 12176 51721
[He came from the bosom of God]D. B. Towner (Composer)4
[He died, He died, in love Christ died]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[He hath conquered Death and Sin]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[He knows the bitter, weary way] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)1055565 45234 32345
[He never disappoints, the Savior]D. B. Towner (Composer)251111 74655 11117
[He saves me! He saves me]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[He who once in Galilee]D. B. Towner (Composer)255517 65355 55443
[He who said, Suffer the children]D. B. Towner (Composer)232143 25322 34323
[He will come the Lord of Glory] (Towner)D.B. Towner (Composer)655334 25311 76432
[Hear, O sinner, mercy hails you] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)233311 21651 35312
[Hear the royal summons] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)233231 56712 32271
[Hear the word the Savior speaks]D. B. Towner (Composer)251315 67724 21233
[Herald the tidings to every soul]D. B. Towner (Composer)433332 11653 33212
[Herr, ich komm zum Kreuze hin]D. B. Towner (Composer)251332 12724 45231
[His grace was sufficient for me!]D. B. Towner (Composer)712333 34211 35565
[Hitherto the Lord has helped us]D. B. Towner (Composer)255456 53111 17165
[Ho, ye thirsty, Jesus calls you] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)211117 66555 55511
[Hear the vaulted arches ringing]D. B. Towner (Composer)754345 13121 71251
[Holy Savior, we adore Thee] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Holy Spirit, bending lowly]D. B. Towner (Composer)634231 27655 12343
[Holy Spirit, Teacher Thou] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)531433 21112 34323
[Hope for the weary, the promise of God]D. B. Towner (Composer)355433 45645 54325
[Hosanna! be the children’s song] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251176 65517 12515
[How are you sowing, through the passing years?]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[How blest the thought that Jesus knows]D. B. Towner (Composer)753432 16554 44444
[How can a value be put on a soul?]D. B. Towner (Composer)211177 76665 17617
[How far to the Savior of men can it be] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[How it thrills our hearts with rapture]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)334555 56512 31165
[How sweet to trust in Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)253344 32112 21235
[I am going home in the good old way]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I am longing for the day]D. B. Towner (Composer)234555 55556 66666
[I am only a toiler of humble estate]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)255555 65551 23326
[I am passing down the valley that they say is so lone] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)234517 65335 42653
[I am satisfied with Jesus every day] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)712355 65321 12343
[I am standing on the Word of God]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)1134532 16717 65112
[I am thinking just now of that wonderful clime]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[I am traveling toward the sunset gate]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)1112342 54312 33421
[I am trusting in the Lord, Hallelujah]D. B. Towner (Composer)312343 21165 31235
[I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)234511 21771 27134
[I believe the blessed Savior came down from heaven for me]D. B. Towner (Composer)812333 33215 55355
[I can tell it all to Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)412331 77667 11642
[I cannot keep from singing] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)253323 15561 17655
[I cannot see beyond the moment]D. B. Towner (Composer)656532 47211 43654
[I do love Jesus with all my heart]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)351111 23433 55653
[I do not fear to tread the path that darkly lies before]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I fear no night however dark]D. B. Towner (Composer)455365 54432 55553
[I have a Father who is wise]D. B. Towner (Composer)255134 32557 23215
[I have a Savior who's pleading above]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)1533451 56715 12213
[I have cast all my care on Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)234555 65547 12223
[I have heard of a land] (Jones)D. B. T. (Arranger)112333 13344 43112
[I have heard Thy voice, Lord Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I have no gift of eloquence]D. B. Towner (Composer)355112 17655 22315
[I have plunged beneath the flood] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)451316 15712 512
[I have read of a song so wondrous sweet]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[I have tossed upon the billows]D. B. Towner (Composer)312332 32113 55312
[I have work enough to do] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)212333 34333 21712
[I heard it first at mother's knee]D. B. Towner (Composer)233455 63444 27646
[I heard the voice of Jesus say] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I journey along mid the trials of life]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I know I love Thee better, Lord] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)451177 16517 76555
[I know that my Father is caring]D. B. Towner (Composer)855316 51755 76426
[I know that my Savior is caring for me]D. B. Towner (Composer)255653 21216 16651
[I look beyond the rolling years]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I love to tell in song and story]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[I need not ask what time will bring]D. B. Towner (Composer)1113343 32222 23221
[I once was a stranger to grace and to God] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251766 53542 33245
[I saw one hanging on the tree] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)613217 12334 43233
[I sing of the love of my Father]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[I sing of the mercy of Jesus, my Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)213332 11566 51334
[I sometimes feel the thread of life is slender]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I sought the blessed Redeemer]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I stand before the cross of Christ] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[I stand beside the crimson stream] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I thirst for Thee, the living God]D. B. Towner (Composer)253455 64552 34654
[I walked in the woodland meadows] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)233333 21433 34254
[I was drifting away on life's pitiless sea]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)1334555 56711 11512
[I was found by the One who sought me]D. B. Towner (Composer)455111 12175 52222
[I was praying for the peace of the sinner reconciled]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[I weep no more with sadness]D. B. Towner (Composer)351122 35565 31251
[I will cling to the cross every hour]D. B. Towner (Composer)412321 61217 1275
[I would give all in all to my Savior]D. B. Towner (Composer)251333 42231 11276
[I would not choose, dear Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)232351 74342 53545
[I would not have Thee come, dear Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[If any man thirst, let him come unto Me]D. B. Towner (Composer)755651 34565 35177
[If it be true that the Father so loved]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)256711 17765 35654
[If raindrops fall when most you wish for sunshine]D. B. Towner (Composer)555435 17217 65643
[If singing His praises is sweet to us here]Daniel B. Towner (Composer)1151111 76565 35557
[If we brightly shine, if we sweetly smile]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)234511 55622 11776
[If you could see Christ standing here tonight]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)3753334 32171 12227
[I'm a-thirst for the fountain of mercy]D. B. Towner (Composer)451333 21766 53543
[I'm but a stranger here] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)232321 35712 13232
[I'm pleading for you at the throne of grace] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)313332 11355 13335
[I'm thinking of the good old days]D. B. Towner (Composer)355323 16556 11215
[I'm weary of earth and its toil]D. B. Towner (Composer)355456 54535 52345
[Immanuel came as a child to the earth]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[In all the gospel of God's grace]D. B. Towner (Composer)851331 62217 4765
[In ancient days, when Israel's host]D. B. Towner (Composer)851112 35123 2171
[In pain, on couch of weakness]D. B. Towner (Composer)355671 17654 44333
[In the evening of life when the shadows fall]D. B. Towner (Composer)251332 11761 51233
[In the hands of Jesus I will trust my soul]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[In the hour when grief assails me] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)256517 66555 11232
[In the paths of sin and darkness]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[In the silent, midnight watches] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)233324 36543 21233
[In the wear and tear of life]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Is thy cruse of comfort failing] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)254351 65355 52543
[It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[It is written in the Book, Hallelujah]D. B. Towner (Composer)955151 23565 33345
[It’s all of Grace; though marred by sin]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[I've found him, O, I've found him]D. B. Towner (Composer)4
RAPHAEL (Oratory)D. B. Towner (Arranger)153347 21176 54565
[I've parted at last from the world and its store]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[I've seen the face of Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)635555 65123 44335
[Jesus, and shall it ever be] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)355565 45112 17676
[Jesus came to seek His lost ones]D. B. Towner (Composer)432123 45343 2543
[Jesus cometh! Jesus cometh]D. B. Towner (Composer)234531 65351 53243
[Jesus dear, we bring thee]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Jesus graciously is calling]D. B. Towner (Composer)355176 15317 622
[Jesus, I will follow Thee] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Jesus is coming again, by and by]D. B. Towner (Composer)255553 45123 22176
[Jesus is mine and I am His] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)253332 21112 21235
[Jesus is our Shepherd] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)233261 74422 3332
[Jesus is tenderly calling for thee] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)553456 71765 54445
[Jesus! Jesus! Jesus, King of glory!]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Sing aloud the Name]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Jesus knows all, all your sorrow]D. B. Towner (Composer)334453 21354 42347
[Jesus’ love in fulness]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Jesus loves me, I'm His child]D. B. Towner (Composer)433311 65345 33223
[Jesus loves me, this I know] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)253635 42234 43465
[Jesus loves the children] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)233221 35544 33322
[Jesus, my King]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Jesus, my Lord, Thou art my life] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Jesus said, “I am not come to call the righteous”]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Jesus, Thine all victorious love] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Jesus, thou Star of the Morning]D. B. Towner (Composer)253515 13152 25443
JOYFUL SOUND (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner, 1850-1919 (Composer)515512 34565 54354
[Just across the jasper sea]D. B. Towner (Composer)232135 16555 65323
[Just as I am, without one plea] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251234 32117 12234
[Just as thou art, without one trace] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)351117 12225 22212
[Just as Thou wilt, no more I pray]D. B. Towner (Composer)212334 33211 11443
[Just to be faithful in things that are small]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Just why He saved me I don't know]D. B. Towner (Composer)453343 32252 23221
[Keep rank, keep rank, make Jesus King]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[King of all kingdoms, God alone]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
KNOB LICKDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)356532 15655 65321
[Knocking, knocking, who is there?] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255551 65444 4765
[Løft dit blik, gjenløste, skønt din vei er lang]D. B. Towner (Composer)254565 35117 5
LA MIRADADaniel Brink Towner (Composer)353515 32111 61655
[Let all the lost hear of Jesus]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)317121 23122 21223
[Let earth with hallelujahs ring]D. B. Towner (Composer)251112 34565 52256
[Let those who trust in God the Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)255112 17752 12533
[Let us exalt the name of God together]D. B. Towner (Composer)413453 45671 56554
[You have light received from Jesus]B. D. Towner (Composer)334516 15334 51712
[Life is mine, yes, mine through the blood of the Lamb]D. B. Towner (Composer)416535 65312 13324
[Life may bring sorrow and weariness now]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Lift me higher, blessed Savior] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)533311 65122 23233
[Lift the royal banner, sing the triumph song]D. B. Towner (Composer)234565 12171 65671
[Lift up the cross! tell the word over and over]D. B. Towner (Composer)253515 57656 42347
[Lift up the trumpet, O loud let it ring] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)211232 11615 32132
[Lift up your eyes to the fields that are whitening]D. B. Towner (Composer)956712 34325 31655
[Lift up your heads, O eternal gates]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Lift up your heads, ye gates eternal]D. B. Towner (Composer)955511 27155 66267
[Lift your hearts, redeemed ones, though the way be long]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Light in the eastern sky, Jesus returning] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)353166 57671 54347
[Like a river glorious] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)434565 43234 53617
[Like Christ as one that serveth]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Like sweet music softly breaking]D. B. Towner (Composer)4
[List to the beautiful story]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)333332 34143 22223
[List to the message plain and clear]D. B. Towner (Composer)333331 21714 44423
[Little stars are shining]D. B. Towner (Composer)254565 33267 11176
[Live for others, day by day]D. B. Towner (Composer)355653 51112 16155
[Lo! a Stranger at the portal stands]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Lonely pilgrim, art thou weary]D. B. Towner (Composer)254533 23121 24321
[Savior who died for me]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)832117 74322 11543
LONGWOOD (Towner)Daniel Towner (Composer)254515 76676 46554
[Look to Jesus, burdened pilgrim]D. B. Towner (Composer)255532 32111 22343
[Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Lord, for tomorrow and its needs] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)232143 25643 25667
[Lord, I am Listening! Guide by Thy Spirit!]D. B. Towner (Composer)233343 55565 44332
[Lord, I want to be a Christian]D. B. Towner (Arranger)111335 32111 35653
[Lord, Thou hast work for little hands]D. B. Towner (Composer)254515 76617 12765
[Loudly roar the storms of sin]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
LOURDESDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)555134 23117 12512
[Love for all! and can it be?] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Love, love on earth appears]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Love's redeeming work is done] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)233433 25223 22113
[Loving word that's nightly whispered]D. B. Towner (Composer)734313 21567 13232
MAHARASHTRADaniel Brink Towner (Composer)335565 34535 54243
[Make us ready when the Lord descends!]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Many have wandered from Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)511112 31533 33423
[Many little children never heard of Jesus' love]D. B. Towner (Composer)255345 32122 16557
[Many years ago a mother fond and true]D. B. Towner (Composer)434555 56543 22344
[Marching, marching, forward to the battle field]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Marching, marching, hear the marching feet]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Missing the lost, O Shepherd true]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
MOODY (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)9817121 23217 71271
[More faith in thee, O Christ]D. B. Towner (Composer)256712 32671 5567
[More precious than the ruby]D. B. Towner (Composer)253321 43355 43243
[Move forward! valiant men and strong]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)3253323 11556 11712
[Though the angry surges roll]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)8255153 45556 66655
[My boy, the wide world is before you]D. B. Towner (Composer)335556 53213 44435
[My faith beholds the jewel walls]D. B. Towner (Composer)253323 16511 11712
[My heart recalls the days of yore]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[My "other" lost sheep I am seeking]D. B. Towner (Composer)253332 32151 44433
[My own darling boy, I so tenderly loved]D. B. Towner (Composer)255451 55565 44434
MY SHEPHERD IS THE LORDD. B. Towner (Composer)353217 65671 14332
[My sin it was that laid the rod]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
My sins were laid on JesusD. B. Towner (Composer)251161 51122 3321
[My song shall evermore record]D. B. Towner (Composer)653517 61517 12217
[My weary soul for rest and shelter]D. B. Towner (Composer)253517 76765 43523
MYRTLE BEACHDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)451535 32111 61
INNOCENTS (Parish Choir)Daniel Brink Towner (Arranger)234517 65123 54323
[Nearer to that happy home]D. B. Towner (Composer)233311 66511 33223
[Neglect not the grace of thy Master and King]D. B. Towner (Composer)255555 67216 55517
NEWPORT BEACHDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)311111 23222 22343
[Night had fallen on the city]D. B. Towner (Composer)811176 51156 65577
[No hope had I, no light within]D. B. Towner (Composer)433334 31335 55653
[No more I fear the longest night]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[No one can help you but Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)633213 65335 23454
[No pain nor sorrow]D. B. Towner (Composer)232165 32132 32165
[No room, no room for idlers]D. B. Towner (Composer)255315 76674 76551
[Nor silver nor gold hath obtained my redemption]Daniel B. Towner (Composer)4855351 53544 42442
[Nothing to pay! Ah! nothing to pay!] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255533 55524 44766
[Now be the gospel banner] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Now I know what makes me happy]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)355556 65111 11615
[Now to the Lord our God upraise]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[It is just a step to Jesus, won't you take it, friend, tonight?]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)334556 35555 43453
[O, blessed ever be the Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)555567 11517 12715
[O changeless Word of life and light]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)313556 53536 54332
[O Christ! He is my Savior, Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[O Christ, Thy precious self hath borne]D. B. Towner (Composer)353323 43111 14133
[O Christ, what matchless beauty crowns Thy brow!]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[O, die Liebe meines Heilands]D. B. Towner (Composer)213563 21311 13532
[O eyes that are weary, and hearts that are sore] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[O for a shout of sacred joy]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[O for a thousand tongues to sing] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)213432 16512 35322
[O for that flame of living fire] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)1312333 21111 35553
[O golden day, when light shall break]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)2732355 64332 67711
[O land of rest! for thee I sigh] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)351113 45651 71271
[O Israel, return, return]D. B. Towner (Composer)255465 31554 23125
[O Jesus, Savior, Master]D. B. Towner (Composer)255351 17126 76555
[O joyful bells, ring out, ring out!]D. B. Towner (Composer)255131 21655 13533
[O Lamb of God for sinners slain]D. B. Towner (Composer)213451 32151 65324
[O land of the purified, home of the blest]D. B. Towner (Composer)255345 67176 55523
[O Light of light shine in] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[O Lord be merciful to me]D. B. Towner (Composer)251234 23112 21235
[O Lord, send a revival!] (Chorus)D. B. Towner (Composer)1135565 11223 43535
[O Lord, to Thee I cry] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)213342 54312 21133
[O may I join that company]D. B. Towner (Composer)251234 32132 23434
[O pilgrim, as you journey] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)535543 32234 57655
[O shout the song of victory]D. B. Towner (Composer)251212 15351 71232
O SING A NEW SONGD. B. Towner (Composer)351715 67156 54325
[O sing a new song to the Lord] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251115 67132 71625
[O soldiers of Jesus, arm, arm and away]D. B. Towner (Composer)255351 51275 33464
[O soul on worldly pleasures bent]D. B. Towner (Composer)336711 76334 23363
[O Sun of Righteousness so fair]D. B. Towner (Composer)253343 32252 23221
[O, the blood of Jesus!] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)433312 15551 32333
[O the joy, tell it out]D. B. Towner (Composer)355565 15545 35556
[O the wonderful love of Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)434545 16533 56453
[O Thou God of my salvation] (Towner)Daniel B. Towner (Composer)813517 65312 35653
[O thou Light of my soul, blessed Savior]D. B. Towner (Composer)512333 34332 71222
[O Thou, my Jesus, Thou didst me]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[O Thou, whose bounty fills my cup]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[O 'tis sweet to talk of Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)212332 21512 35312
[O wanderer, come]D. B. Towner (Composer)233432 22321 11443
[O wanderer, rejoice, rejoice]D. B. Towner (Composer)355651 31514 43125
[O weary, sin-sick soul]D. B. Towner (Composer)251117 67123 33
[O who is this Jesus who doeth so much]D. B. Towner (Composer)251165 35666 55744
[O, wo wirst du sein, liebe Seele, sag' an]D. B. Towner (Composer)235553 55712 11111
[O wonderful, wonderful grace!]D. B. Towner (Composer)451111 76556 66567
[O wonderful, wonderful story] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)351332 11755 72217
[Over all the hills of homeland]D. B. Towner (Composer)553143 26117 67535
[Over my heart there steals a memory]D. B. Towner (Composer)256776 53556 72756
[Of all the woes recorded]D. B. Towner (Composer)255172 15356 54355
[Of self I am weary]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Often our hearts are sad and sore]D. B. Towner (Composer)255553 54324 44426
[O carry thy burden no longer]D. B. Towner (Composer)235556 54531 22223
[O come to the bright crystal fountain]D. B. Towner (Composer)455333 21261 77776
[O for a heart to praise my God] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)351112 33312 21715
[O glad whosoever, the deed is done]D. B. Towner (Composer)2055553 45665 55523
[O hear the voice of Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)253432 15144 12332
[O how blest is the man unto whom He hath said]D. B. Towner (Composer)254334 55564 65321
[O the Lamb, the bleeding Lamb]D. B. Towner (Composer)553653 11153 65322
[O what a meeting that will be] (Towner)D B. Towner (Composer)413332 21112 22231
[O what shall we bring to the Savior] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)355456 71535 56523
[O where will you be when eternity dawns]D. B. Towner (Composer)313331 13555 35666
[O who are these so near the throne]D. B. Towner (Composer)451333 21111 22221
[On God alone my soul relies]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[On Jordan's stormy banks I stand] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)212333 54322 22342
[On my willing lips is a hymn of praise]D. B. Towner (Composer)356517 67653 56542
[On Olivet the Victor stands]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[On that great day of judgment, what will you say?]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)355111 11566 55777
[On the cross He bled and died]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[On the shore of life's wide ocean]D. B. Towner (Composer)412334 33223 44423
[On wings of living light]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Once it was the blessing]D. B. Towner (Composer)212345 13432 51234
[Once more we meet, O Lord before Thy throne]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Once more we've met in Jesus name]D. B. Towner (Composer)251117 65111 12314
[Once my eyes were blinded by the world]D. B. Towner (Composer)312333 21712 34433
[Once the downward path of sin I trod]D. B. Towner (Composer)4
[One life reclaimed from death and sin]D. B. Towner (Composer)455654 36557 77655
[One little hour for watching with the Master] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[One sweetly solemn thought] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)333343 22113 22333
[One with the Lord, and bound to one another]D. B. Towner (Composer)511231 12166 51123
[Only a few more fleeting years] (Benner)D. B. T. (Arranger)155567 12312 21235
[Only a little while] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)254565 33544 34535
[Only a parting word]D. B. Towner (Composer)453451 56172 153
[Naught have I gotten but what I received]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)6953451 76165 42347
[Only a sinner, humble and low]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Only a step removed]D. B. Towner (Composer)236455 32112 23364
[Our King completely satisfies]D. B. Towner (Composer)251117 12176 51
[Out in the world where so many are sad]D. B. Towner (Composer)432132 12161 32153
[Over where the ransomed gather]D. B. Towner (Composer)212334 33271 24323
PACIFIC PALISADESDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)354515 35424 32345
PASADENADaniel Brink Towner (Composer)353157 65351 16712
[Pass the Gospel torch along]D. B. Towner (Composer)233323 45113 21323
[Passing away like the dew of the morning]D. B. Towner (Composer)253456 71766 54234
[Passing through this world, a stranger]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Past the toil, the pain, the conflict]D. B. Towner (Composer)312321 65171 23431
[Plant blossoms, rare blossoms your pathway along]D. B. Towner (Composer)334532 17653 65511
PRAISE HIM (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)353427 17123 42312
[Praise, my soul, the King of heaven] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)234513 21567 12312
[Praise the Lord Jehovah with a joyful song]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Praise the Lord! ye heavens adore Him] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)234556 51565 43265
[Praise to His name! the Father, high and holy]D. B. Towner (Composer)231233 43211 72712
[Praise to our great Commander]D. B. Towner (Composer)256712 31531 32223
[Praise ye His Holy Name]D. B. Towner (Composer)855432 11436 54433
[Precious promise from my Savior]D. B. Towner (Composer)234536 35423 42653
PUERTO RICO (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)317213 24356 53322
[Rapture my bosom is swelling]D. B. Towner (Composer)211117 12222 22123
[Reckon on God to do His part]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Redemption! O wonderful story]D. B. Towner (Composer)255345 67155 66617
[Rejoice, my soul, be not cast down]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Rent is the curtain, all sin stained and faded]D. B. Towner (Composer)232343 21766 56711
[Repeat the glad story that never grows old]D. B. Towner (Composer)255651 71266 21777
[Rest for the weary feet]D. B. Towner (Composer)232347 12345 23543
[Rest of the weary, and hope of the soul]D. B. Towner (Composer)351233 34123 22325
[Ride on, ride on, in majesty] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)1151534 56556 71217
[Ring the bells! the Savior reigns]D. B. Towner (Composer)351334 33257 22321
[Rise, glorious Conqueror, rise] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)253567 12321 23522
[Rouse from your slumbers! Day is at hand]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Safe in Jehovah's keeping] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)717656 33176 56421
[Sailor, though the darkness gather] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)234513 21517 61765
[Saith Christ unto His own]D. B. Towner (Composer)255123 21323 43222
[Saved by grace alone]D. B. Towner (Composer)1312351 12356 56153
[Saved by the blood of the Crucified One] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)5755565 35431 12344
[Savior, 'tis a full surrender]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)3756531 65367 11765
[Say, sinner, hath a voice within] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251174 76512 21716
[Search the scriptures! search them daily]D. B. Towner (Composer)212354 33271 25321
[Praise ye the Lord, and give Him thanks] (Towner)Towner (Composer)411113 45671 23234
[Send me a message from heaven, I pray]D. B. Towner (Composer)4
[Send out a light as you go your way]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)351232 16111 17621
[Sheltered in the Rock of Ages] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Shout the tidings of salvation] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255456 71566 56712
[Since I have opened wide the door]D. B. Towner (Composer)213343 32135 25435
[Sing a new song to Jehovah] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)234535 11723 42765
[Sing Alleluia, salvation and glory]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Slowly the web of life unrolls]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[So weak thou art and rugged is life's way]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
SOFIADaniel Brink Towner (Composer)435546 55335 54533
[Softly the light of the beautiful morning]D. B. Towner (Composer)355565 32123 55556
[Soldiers, marching onward]D. B. Towner (Composer)253157 66664 27665
[Soldiers of Christ, arise] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)813451 32121 65765
[Soldiers of Jesus, His cross we bear]D. B. Towner (Composer)453211 76221 77124
[Soldiers of the Living God]D. B. Towner (Composer)255556 55525 43555
[Some day, sometime, the boatman gray]D. B. Towner (Composer)532355 64333 22671
[Some day the clouds of earthly life will pass]D. B. Towner (Composer)513332 34562 34345
[Some fair tomorrow we shall know]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Some go away from the house tonight] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)454565 55433 24715
[Some golden daybreak, some resplendent morn]D. B. Towner (Composer)356451 65643 54561
[Some people are asking for silver and gold]D. B. Towner (Composer)213333 21331 33555
[Someone stands behind the shadow]D. B. Towner (Composer)1032176 16511 71322
[Sometime our hearts will be lighter]D. B. Towner (Composer)253213 45342 34543
[Soul, on sin's wild ocean going]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Sow flowers, and flowers will blossom]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)1053213 21176 54443
SPALDING (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)451134 55671 27511
[Speak just a word for Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2133343 27117 64333
[Resplendent sun, your brilliant beams]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)353213 51765 25436
[Stand still, my soul, and murmur not]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Star of beauty, Bethlehem's star]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)556531 54651 72676
[Stay thou upon Jehovah]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
STUDIO CITYDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)355311 71323 43465
[Surrendered to Jesus, forever and ever]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Take my hand, O loving Savior]D. B. Towner (Composer)217657 65365 42543
DORRANCED. B. T. (Arranger)133312 23356 53132
[Teach us, oh, teach us the lesson of loving]D. B. Towner (Composer)232143 25433 22345
[Tell it again! let me hear the strange story]D. B. Towner (Composer)253515 12171 56711
[Tell me the old, old story] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)351233 43321 22171
[Tell the glad story of Christ and his love]D. B. Towner (Composer)255565 32121 22347
[Tell the joyful news to the wanderer]D. B. Towner (Composer)255555 67157 77121
[Tell the story! wondrous story!]D. B. Towner (Composer)255117 66555 15112
[Tempted just as we are was our blessed Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[The Angel who redeemed me]D. B. Towner (Composer)255456 51112 16554
[The angels watch till early morning]D. B. Towner (Composer)355434 56531 23456
THE ASCENDED LORDD. B. Towner (Composer)251111 76555 23453
[The beautiful streams in that wonderful land]D. B. Towner (Composer)253211 76653 55671
[The blood that flowed on Calvary]D. B. Towner (Composer)455121 76513 122
[The burden of my fear and sin]Daniel B. Towner (Composer)1653322 33156 71233
[The buttercups tell us that June is here]D. B. Towner (Composer)251712 16531 35323
[The cross, the cross! the Christian's only glory]D. B. Towner (Composer)251513 45671 55112
[The day is breaking, Christian!]D. B. Towner (Composer)255563 55555 63557
[The gospel comes like cloudless morn]D. B. Towner (Composer)213546 53172 34252
[The gospel trump is sounding]D. B. Towner (Composer)255672 16111 76556
[The hand that was nailed to the cross of woe]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)3455345 63544 44234
[The heavy clouds obscure the sky]D. B. Towner (Composer)233456 53123 45543
[The King bids you come and partake of the feast]D. B. Towner (Composer)755345 65543 44423
[The little lambs are frisking]D. B. Towner (Composer)355335 54442 24355
[The Lord hath risen, sing hallelujah]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)351112 17671 51222
[The Lord is King forever]D. B. Towner (Composer)251525 32176 71233
[The Lord is my Shepherd, then why should I fear]D. B. Towner (Composer)255556 55323 17666
[The Lord Jehovah reigns]D. B. Towner (Composer)451122 34332 21232
[The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251112 34321 11616
[The morning is dawning, behold!]D. B. Towner (Composer)535556 53556 66611
[The night is dark, the waves run high]D. B. Towner (Composer)533333 44444 44455
[The night is far spent, and the day is at hand] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)213333 21444 43222
[The One who suffered on the tree]D. B. Towner (Composer)251215 67112 33433
[The precious Savior's by my side]D. B. Towner (Composer)255117 76566 71332
[The promised land! by faith I see] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)1151115 61517 122
[The Refiner sat by the seven-fold fire]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[The Savior and Satan, my brother]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)255453 15766 57125
[The Savior is summoned to trial again]D. B. Towner (Composer)455556 53542 45765
[The sea of life on which we sail]D. B. Towner (Composer)233355 63555 31233
[The Spirit saith "today!"]D. B. Towner (Composer)255123 11144 13332
[The tempests of life sweep over the soul]D. B. Towner (Composer)235553 12343 11223
[The tide of Jesus' mighty love]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[The trusting heart goes singing]D. B. Towner (Composer)355112 17654 44355
[The way is dark, O Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)213243 65353 23431
[The whole wide world for Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[The words my mother taught me]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[There are friends beloved in glory]D. B. Towner (Composer)351333 33211 17655
[There is a blessed harbor]D. B. Towner (Composer)213321 65112 52311
[There is a Book of Life above]D. B. Towner (Composer)353532 13517 12512
[There is a gate! O bless the Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[There is a land mine eye hath seen] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)2851354 32114 36544
[There is a song so sweet to me]D. B. Towner (Composer)313332 34443 22234
[There is an eye that never sleeps] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[There is joy, great joy, we are told]D. B. Towner (Composer)212333 53223 44446
[There is no friend like Jesus, in weakness]D. B. Towner (Composer)355513 32172 57244
[There is room in the heart of Jesus] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)434555 56715 12333
[There is warfare all around us]D. B. Towner (Composer)411176 71356 54323
[There stands a Rock, on shores of time] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255654 36557 77121
[There was never a prince so royal]D. B. Towner (Composer)433333 33444 44443
[There's a beautiful home over the river]D. B. Towner (Composer)234555 56715 55666
[There's a brother out in darkness]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[There's a door that leads to a future goal]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[There's a glad and shining shore]D. B. Towner (Composer)213556 51176 17651
[There's a home beyond the Jordan]D. B. Towner (Composer)212332 16512 35565
[There's a home that is waiting, is waiting for me]D. B. Towner (Composer)234531 23211 23456
[There's a message coming clear]D. B. Towner (Composer)212345 65313 21515
[There's a picture fair and bright]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)912333 33211 21651
[There's a question you must answer]D. B. Towner (Composer)233221 57657 24443
[There's a wonderful Savior, the Lord is His name]D. B. Towner (Composer)212333 32121 23344
[There's an old fashioned story]D. B. Towner (Composer)555112 17652 23112
[There’s an old-fashioned home over yonder]D. B. Towner (Composer)512334 56715 12335
[There's joy in the thought of a raiment of white]D. B. Towner (Composer)313333 21211 13555
[There's peace in my heart tonight]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)335432 32112 34532
[They walked and talked with Jesus]D. B. Towner (Arranger)156712 34531 12535
[This day belongs to God alone] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)253217 65351 71251
[This day comes not again]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Thou blessed Lord Jesus, my Treasure divine]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Thou didst leave thy throne and thy kingly crown] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)212333 23444 34556
[Thou glorious risen Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)251313 57112 23322
[Thou, O sinner! art delaying]D. B. Towner (Composer)211112 23555 52543
[Though a mighty foe assail thee]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Though the fig tree shall not blossom] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)332112 23556 53322
[Though today a weary road thy feet have trod]D. B. Towner (Composer)254333 23456 22344
[Thy Father's house! thine own bright home!]D. B. Towner (Composer)251747 65356 52543
[Thy life live out in me, O Christ]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Thy will, O Lord, be done fully in me]D. B. Towner (Composer)434326 67176 53343
[Till He come! O let the words] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Till the blessed Savior found me]D. B. Towner (Composer)233321 35566 46544
['Tis a great religion that our fathers knew]D. B. Towner (Composer)234555 56711 15522
['Tis good to have the peace of God]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
['Tis settled at last, and Jesus is mine]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)251111 12123 34444
['Tis sweet to read the promise]D. B. Towner (Composer)213334 56545 33234
[To sit upon the left or right]D. B. Towner (Composer)213344 33112 23431
[Today, today the Father waits]D. B. Towner (Composer)251217 67152 32171
[Arise, my soul, arise] (51712)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)1851712 32344 35321
BRINKDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)2634323 12217 13432
[Carry the message of Jesus our King] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)533431 35545 44543
[Triumphant Zion, lift thy head] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255511 25333 34326
[Trust and obey] (Chorus)D. B. Towner (Composer)252533 36354 44432
TRUST AND OBEYDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)29312332 11355 43334
[Trusting in my Savior, evermore believing]D. B. Towner (Composer)433333 55444 42222
['Twas all they did! the blood-washed throng]D. B. Towner (Composer)251112 17652 22321
TWENTYNINE PALMSDaniel Brink Towner (Composer)333321 56513 53323
[Ueber den Sternen, dort winkt die Rast]D. B. Towner (Composer)253451 12142 23474
[Uncounted years may not suffice]D. B. Towner (Composer)412343 13565 35117
[Under an eastern sky] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Under the beautiful Syrian sky]D. B. Towner (Composer)415315 31232 22275
[Under the standard of Christ, the king]D. B. Towner (Composer)556456 45133 21232
[Unto my earnest prayer give ear]D. B. Towner (Composer)811115 66532 34711
VENTURA (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)255327 13234 3476
[Victory through the Christ of God]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Voices to us are calling]D. B. Towner (Composer)254563 54434 65354
[Onward, onward! press to glory]D. B. Towner (Composer)453153 21543 21712
[Wait on the Lord, ye who would have His blessing]D. B. Towner (Composer)256711 74766 54347
[Waiting for the coming of our Lord from Heav’n]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)351121 76567 16223
[Walking as my Savior leadeth, heavenward I go]D. B. Towner (Composer)234321 57654 32334
[Wanderer over life's restless ocean] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)255654 34444 65223
[Wandering afar from the love that bought]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Wartet auf die Kraft, die der Herr verheißt]D. B. Towner (Composer)212331 55611 12331
[Wayward feet are homeward turning]D. B. Towner (Composer)234532 17623 42523
[We all like sheep have gone astray]D. B. Towner (Composer)656711 21356 71121
[We are marching hand in hand]D. B. Towner (Composer)233221 15611 72233
[We are marching onward, soldiers of the Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[We are one with the Son, reckoned holy as He]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[We are out upon an ocean]D. B. Towner (Composer)251334 33257 22321
[We are waiting, blessèd Jesus]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)334556 45433 35254
[We are Willing Workers for our Lord and King]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[We cannot count our blessings]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[We come, we come with singing] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)353121 65117 123
[We give you loving welcome]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[We know not yet what we shall be]D. B. Towner (Composer)353321 17754 43235
[We must say farewell, for our paths divide]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[We must wait in this shadowy land]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)312214 32512 31211
[We shall meet our friends departed]D. B. Towner (Composer)313555 56532 11232
[We shall reach the river side] (Towner)Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)2912312 31135 31212
[We, who follow Christ the Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)254653 17234 27654
[Weak and humble, Lord, am I]D. B. Towner (Composer)212351 23555 53132
[Weighed in the balance, and wanting]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Weit über den schäumenden Wogen]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Welcome, welcome, holy Sabbath]D. B. Towner (Composer)253312 17653 51
[Wenn der Sturm im Innern haust]D. B. Towner (Composer)234354 33444 4323
[Wenn vorbei des Tages Mühen]D. B. Towner (Composer)256535 43344 35555
[Jesus shall reign – rejoice ye nations]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)256715 35116 7127
[We're bound for the mansions of glory]D. B. Towner (Composer)355556 66511 22221
[What a change that will be]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[What a friend I have in Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[What can sweetly fill my soul?]D. B. Towner (Composer)651316 15567 12321
[What do the Easter lilies say]D. B. Towner (Composer)256712 33215 25253
[What do the flowers whisper low]D. B. Towner (Composer)234451 21766 55643
[What joy and what peace I shall know]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[When dark the way instead of bright]D. B. Towner (Composer)256711 21667 12232
[When darkest night surrounds you]D. B. Towner (Composer)213333 43355 53555
[When dreary shadows veil my skies]D. B. Towner (Composer)255112 17755 22321
[When He gathers His beloved, shall we meet Him?]D. B. Towner (Composer)355511 11171 25555
[When I shall wake in that fair morn of morns] (Neal)D. B. Towner (Arranger)133215 71234 44275
[When I stand at last in the golden light]D. B. Towner (Composer)655111 21177 65556
[When I survey the wondrous cross] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)251233 23112 34432
[When Jesus comes in His glory]D. B. Towner (Composer)232117 65112 31232
[When love is in the heart]D. B. Towner (Composer)355112 32112 16655
[When tempted and tried and discouraged]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[When the clouds gather thickly]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[When the judgment day shall dawn]D. B. Towner (Composer)255111 11123 33331
[When the night comes on and the work is done] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)256512 31767 15565
[When the prophet Daniel prayed to God on bended knee]Daniel Brink Towner (Composer)634511 11171 26222
[When the sinner turns from sin]D. B. Towner (Composer)713565 35123 12113
[When the toils of life are ended] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)232155 17666 55543
[When the toilsome march is over]D. B. Towner (Composer)234556 51512 35652
[When this passing world is done] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)634556 54234 4543
[When we number up the treasures]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[When weary with my burdens]D. B. Towner (Composer)213323 63211 44334
[When will you come to the Savior?]D. B. Towner (Composer)233343 25344 42253
[When you come to Christ, believing]D. B. Towner (Composer)255556 53512 35321
[Where are Thou, O my Master?]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Where the earth faded flowers shall freshen] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)234555 56515 12333
[Whereas I once was blind, but now I see]D. B. Towner (Composer)351112 32345 66247
[While hosts celestial sing Thy worthy praise]D. B. Towner (Composer)251217 65111 52321
[Who is like the Lord our God]D. B. Towner (Composer)3
[Who is like unto Jehovah?]D. B. Towner (Composer)212333 33213 55535
[Who is on the Lord's side] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Who'll be the next to follow Jesus] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)451231 21615 17712
[Why dost thou wander away from thy Lord]D. B. Towner (Composer)654517 12165 76556
[Why should I charge my soul with care?]D. B. Towner (Composer)2855635 56432 34535
[Will Jesus now save a poor sinner like me]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Will you go with me where His precious blood]D. B. Towner (Composer)255111 12333 43222
[With tearful eyes I look around] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Within the perfect will of God]D. B. Towner (Composer)213343 32234 45433
[Wondrous life that came from heaven]D. B. Towner (Composer)256531 65356 53543
[Would you claim the sweet promise of Jesus]D. B. Towner (Composer)355111 76653 55654
[Would you know why I am glad?]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Ye gates, lift up your heads]D. B. Towner (Composer)451111 11217 65222
[Ye saints, your music bring]D. B. Towner (Composer)251536 55671 2321
[Ye sons of God be strong!]D. B. Towner (Composer)2
[Ye sons of men, to you we bring]D. B. Towner (Composer)455651 17671 56651
[Yet there is room! the Lamb's bright hall of song] (Towner)D. B. Towner (Composer)252317 67123 23452

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