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Anna Letitia Waring

Short Name: Anna Letitia Waring
Full Name: Waring, Anna Letitia, 1823-1910
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1910

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Waring, Anna Laetitia, daughter of Elijah Waring, and niece of Samuel Miller Waring, was born at Neath, Glamorganshire, in 1820. In 1850 she published her Hymns and Meditations, by A. L. W., a small book of 19 hymns. The 4th edition was published in 1854. The 10th edition, 1863, is enlarged to 38 hymns. She also published Additional Hymns, 1858, and contributed some pieces to the Sunday Magazine, 1871. Her most widely known hymns are: "Father, I know that all my life," "Go not far from me, O my Strength," and "My heart is resting, O my God." The rest in common use include:—
1. Dear Saviour of a dying world. Resurrection. (1854.)
2. In heavenly love abiding. Safety in God. (1850.)
3. Jesus, Lord of heaven above. Love to Jesus desired. (1854.)
4. Lord, a happy child of Thine. Evening. (1850.)
5. My Saviour, on the [Thy] words of truth. Hope in the Word of God. (1850.) Sometimes stanza iv., "It is not as Thou wilt with me," is given separately.
6. O this is blessing, this is rest. Rest in the Love of Jesus. (1854.)
7. O Thou Lord of heaven above. The Resurrection.
8. Source of my life's refreshing springs. Rest in God. (1850.)
9. Sunlight of the heavenly day. New Year (1854.)
10. Sweet is the solace of Thy love. Safety and Comfort in God. (1850.)
11. Tender mercies on my way. Praise of Divine Mercies. (1850.)
12. Thanksgiving and the voice of melody. New Year (1854).
13. Though some good things of lower worth. Love of God in Christ, (1860.)
These hymns are marked by great simplicity, concentration of thought, and elegance of diction. They are popular, and deserve to be so. [George Arthur Crawford, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Waring, Anna L., p. 1233, ii. Of her hymns we have found the following in Lovell Squire's Selection of Scriptural Poetry, 3rd ed., 1848:
1. Father, I know that all my life, p. 367, ii.
2. Sweet is the solace of Thy love, p. 1233, ii. 10.
3. Though some good things of, &c., p. 1233, ii. 13.
The statement in J. Telford's The Methodist Hymn Book Illustrated, 1906, p. 271, that Miss Waring contributed to her uncle's (S. M. Waring's) Sacred Melodies, 182G, cannot be correct, as she was then only six years old. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Anna Letitia Waring (or Anna Laetitia Waring) (19 April 1823 – 10 May 1910) was a Welsh poet and hymn-writer.

Texts by Anna Letitia Waring (58)sort descendingAsInstances
我常居住天愛中 (Wǒ cháng jūzhù tiān ài zhōng)Anna L. Waring (Author)2
父,我知道我的一生你已替我分好 (Fù, wǒ zhīdào wǒ de yīshēng nǐ yǐ tì wǒ fēn hǎo)Anna L. Waring (Author)2
我神,我心充滿安寧 (Wǒ shén, wǒ xīn chōngmǎn ānníng)Anna L. Waring (Author)2
في حب ربي راسخAnna L. Waring (Author)1
A living, loving, lasting wordA. L. Waring (Author)4
Be not far from me, O my strengthA. L. Waring (Author)2
Beam on us brightly, blessed dayA. L. Waring (Author)2
Bowed with a burden none can weigh save TheeA. L. Waring (Author)3
Come to the clear, deep riverAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)5
Compassed about with songs, my soul was stillA. L. Waring (Author)2
Dear Savior of a dying worldA. L. Waring (Author)4
Ere another step I takeA. L. Waring (Author)2
Far from mortal cares retreatingAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)1
Father, I ask the daily strengthAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)2
Father, I know that all my lifeA. L. Waring (Author)185
Flow on, Thou Fountain of my joyA. L. Waring (Author)3
Go not far from me, O my GodMiss A. L. Waring (Author)16
Happy are they who learn in theeAnna Letitia Waring (Author)1
Heavenly things my soul hath seenA. L. Waring (Author)2
I ask thee for the daily strengthA. L. Waring (Author)11
I have a heritage of joyAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)5
I know O Father, all my lifeAnna L. Waring (Author)2
I know that justly all my lifeAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)2
I will love Thee, O Lord, my strengthA. L. Waring (Author)2
In Heavenly Love abidingA. L.Waring (Author)473
Into thy silent place of prayerAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)2
It is enough that I am ThineAnna L. Waring (Author)1
O thou Lord of heaven aboveA. L. Waring (Author)2
Leaning on thy tender careAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)4
Lord, a happy child of ThineAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)9
Mine be the reverent, listening loveAnna L. Waring (Author)7
My heart is fixed, O God, my strengthAnna L. Waring (Author)4
My heart is resting, O my GodA. L. Waring (Author)75
My prayer to the promise shall clingA. L. Waring (Author)4
My Savior, on the word of truthA. L. Waring (Author)14
My Savior whose infinite graceA. L. Waring (Author)2
Now, hushing every adverse soundAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)2
O blessed are the eyes that seeMiss Anna L. Waring, 1820- (Author)3
O herr auf dein wahrhaftig wort vertrau' ich ganz alleinAnna L. Waring (Author)3
O my Father! never moreAnna Laetitia Waring (Author)4
O! there is more than ear hath heardA. L. Waring (Author)2
O, this is blessing, this is restA. L. Waring (Author)3
Source of my life's refreshing springsA. L. Waring (Author)3
Source of my spirit's deep desireA. L.Waring (Author)2
Strength of the still secluded thoughtA. L. Waring (Author)2
Sunlight of the heavenly dayA. L. Waring (Author)9
Sweet be Thy words of sternest truthA. L. Waring (Author)2
Sweet is the solace of Thy loveA. L. Waring (Author)7
Tender mercies, on my wayA. L.Waring (Author)7
Thanksgiving and the voice of melodyA. L. Waring (Author)3
The heart that ministers for theeMiss Waring (Author)2
Though some good things of lower worthA. L. Waring (Author)3
Beneath thy wing, O God, I restA. L. Waring (Author)6
Wherever he may guide me, No wantAnna L. Waring (Author)3
Wherever in the world I amAnna L. Waring (Author)9
While toil and warfare urge us on our wayA. L. Waring (Author)3
With a heart full of anxious requestA. L. Waring (Author)3
Would that I were more closely boundA. L. Waring (Author)2

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