Samuel Webbe

Short Name: Samuel Webbe
Full Name: Webbe, Samuel, approximately 1770-1843
Birth Year: 1770
Death Year: 1843

Samuel Webbe, Jr. (1770-1843), adapted the tune RICHMOND. He was organist at Paradise Street Unitarian Church, Liverpool (1798). Later he succeeded his father as organist at the Spanish Ambassador’s Chapel, London (1817), and then St. Nicholas’ Church and St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Chapel, Liverpool.

--The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion, 1993

Tunes by Samuel Webbe (10)sort descendingAsInstances
BELMONT (Gardiner)Samuel Webbe, jun. ? (1770-1843) (Composer)5
ROCKINGHAM (Miller)Samuel Webbe (Harmonizer)2
ST. THOMAS (Wade)Samuel Webbe, 1740-1816 (Composer)2
LAMBETH (Schulthes)Samuel Webbe, 1740-1816 (Composer)1
COME, LET US ANEW (Webbe)Samuel Webbe, 1740-1824 (Composer)1
RICHMOND (Haweis)Samuel Webbe (Adapter)47
MELCOMBE (Webbe)Samuel Webbe (Composer)23
STABAT MATER (Mainz)Samuel Webbe, the younger (c. 1770-1843) (Adapter)1
DULCE CARMENSamuel Webbe (Arranged)6
VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS (Webbe)Samuel Webbe (Composer)4
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