John M. Whyte

Short Name: John M. Whyte
Full Name: Whyte, John M. (John Marchant), 1850-1927
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1927

John M. (Marchant) Whyte. Evangelist, hymn writer, singer, b Paris, Canada West (Ontario), 8 Jun 1850, d Toronto 17 Mar 1927. He studied at the University of Toronto and devoted himself to evangelistic and temperance work. Typical of several hundred songs for which he wrote the words or the music, or both, are 'Canada Shall Yet Be Free,' 'Toronto the Good,' and 'Song of Trust.' Many songs appeared in separate editions published by Toronto News Co or Briggs. With his brother David Albert Whyte he edited Sing Out the Glad News (Briggs 1885) and Songs of Calvary (Briggs 1889). The Great Redemption (Briggs 1894), Nuggets of Gold (Briggs 1898) and Battle Songs of the Cross (1901) contain many of his own melodies. Eight of his hymns are reprinted in CMH vol 5. The editor of the reprint, John Beckwith, has concluded that 'Come Away to Jesus Now' and 'Jesus Is Calling You Now' may have enjoyed a measure of popularity.

Author Helmut Kallmann
Bibliography: Beckwith, John. 'Tunebooks and hymnals in Canada, 1801-1939,'. American Music, summer 1988.


Texts by John M. Whyte (123)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
هل كل ذا عني أناJohn M. Whyte (Author)Arabic1
A song, a song for CanadaJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
A warning cry, like a trumpet blastJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
All glory to Him who died on the treeJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
And my Lord they crucifiedJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
Bár Jézusról sokszor hallottálJohn M. Whyte (Author)Hungarian2
Be strong in the Lord though surrounded by foesJohn M. Whyte (Author)English1
Boundless mercy and love unto me hath been shownJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
Break these chains that bind my soulJ. M. Whyte (Author)English4
Break this chain that binds us downJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
Brightly beaming forth from out that heart of thineJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Carefully, tearfully, sinner draw nighJ. M. Whyte (Arranger)English2
Christ Jesus the Savior of sinners I seeJ. M. W. (Author)English4
Come, sinner, behold what Jesus hath doneJohn M. Whyte (Author)English26
Do you hear that cry pealing forth todayJ. M. W. (Author)English2
Do you hear that wail from sea to oceanJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
Far o'er the wold white rests the snowJohn M. Whyte (Author)4
Following Jesus wherever He goesJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Friends of temperance, a dollar bill's a very useful thingJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
From realms of glory Jesus cameJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
From the dazzling seats of gloryJohn M. Whyte (Author)English5
Goodbye, goodbye till we meet again (Whyte)John M. Whyte (Author)2
Har, broder, du bekjendtJohn M. Whyte (Author)Norwegian2
Have you ever noticed thisJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
He stood within the crowded hallJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
He was one of those strong-minded menJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
Hear the voice of Jesus calling, calling, sinner, unto theeJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
Ho, my brothers, who have heard the blessed newsJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
How far away are the gates of deathJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
I had wandered far away In the land of mighty foesJohn M. Whyte (Author)English9
I have heard the voice of Jesus, soft and lowJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
I love to sing of Christ, my SaviorJ. M. Whyte (Author)English2
I once knowed a brudder who had gone and jined the ChurchJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
I sing of Him whose love I knowJ. M. W. (Author)English4
I soon shall die, 'tis but a spanJ. M. Whyte (Author)English3
I try to get a glimpse of that fair landJ. M. W. (Author)English3
I will give my heart to Jesus, Spend my lifeJohn M. Whyte (Author)3
If ever my name is inscribed in the bookJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
In this bright and happy land, is it sin, or is it fate?John M. Whyte (Author)English2
Is there some precious soul who is weary todayJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
It was a song of Jesus, Soft and sweet and lowJohn M. Whyte (Author)4
I've reached the land of BeulahJohn M. Whyte (Author)3
Jesus Christ, Thou art the wayJ. M. Whyte (Author)English3
Jesus died for little childrenJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
Jesus, fairest of the fairJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
Jesus, hear my humble cryJ. M. W. (Author)English3
Jesus, my Savior, came down to this earthJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
Jesus, Thou art mighty and great is Thy nameJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Jesus, Thou art still the sameJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Let me sing to you in a glad refrainJohn M. Whyte (Author)English5
Let the children come to Jesus, He will take themJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
Let the children sing the songJohn M. Whyte (Author)3
Like the music of a fountainJohn M. Whyte (Author)English8
Lord, gather in the lost onesJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
Low at thy feet, O Lord, we bowJohn M. Whyte (Author)English5
Many the conflict through which my Lord passedJ. M. W. (Arranger)English3
My blessed Lord, 'tis my delightJ. M. W. (Author)English3
My Savior I'll praise, while he lendeth me breathJ. M. Whyte (Author)English4
My soul doth sing of my heavenly KingJ. M. W. (Author)English3
None but Jesus ever knew All thy woe and sadnessJ. M. Whyte (Author)English3
O brother, have you told how the Lord forgaveJ. M. W. (Author)English16
O Bruder, bist du froh, dass dir Gott vorziehnJ. M. W. (Author)German3
O guilty sinner, come and findJohn M. Whyte (Author)English1
O I love to sing of JesusJohn M. Whyte (Author)3
O Jesus, since that dreadful dayJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
O the drinking, sinful drinkingJ. M. W. (Author)English2
O where shall rest for the soul be foundJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
O, where will you stand when the Judge shall descend?John M. Whyte (Author)English3
O who, who could help meJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
O why should I weep from day to dayJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
O Canada, wake, for thy dear children's sakeJ. M. W. (Author)English2
O tolling bells, O tolling bellsJ. M. W. (Author)English5
O wanderer lost in the darkness, entangled by many a snareJ. M. W. (Author)English5
O why thus stand with reluctant feetJ. M. W. (Author)English23
O wonderful ransom, His own precious bloodJ. M. W. (Author)English4
On Calvary's mount a crimson streamJ. M. W. (Author)English4
Once there was held a big picnicJ. M. W. (Author)English2
Past the bright portals are angels tonightJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
See the temperance host advancingJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
See this great abominationJ. M. W. (Author)English2
Sinner, are you here todayJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Sinner, will you choose the God you should obeyJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Sinner, you're breaking thy dear Savior's heartJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Someone knocking, someone pleadingJohn M. Whyte (Author)3
Somewhere, ah, yes, somewhere, in anguish and tearsJ. M. Whyte (Author)English7
The bright eternal day is breakingJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
The call is clear, sinner, will you not hear?John M. Whyte (Author)English3
The loving Savior pleads todayJ. M. W. (Author)English3
The precious blood of Jesus (Whyte)John M. Whyte (Author)2
The road is so broad that is leading to deathJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
The tempter comes with guileful artJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
The truth is everlasting God's word can never failJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
The years, the years drop from our lifeJ. M. W. (Author)English3
There's a business in our country holding large and rich estatesJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
There's a lowly birth and the angels singJohn M. Whyte (Author)3
They are coming to the Lord, They are turning from the wrongJohn M. Whyte (Author)English4
They are dying, O so fastJ. M. W. (Author)English2
They tell of a nation, a land of the goodJ. M. Whyte (Author)English2
Thou Shepherd of Isr'l, a wanderer beholdJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
Though down in the paths of dishonor and shameJohn M. Whyte (Author)English7
Though I seem to slip and falterJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
To whom can you go for the pardon of sinJ. M. Whyte (Author)English4
Toiler after worldly gainJ. M. W. (Author)English3
Walking alone in the midst of my foesJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Was it for me, for me aloneJ. M. W. (Author)English17
We are on the way to gloryJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
We love to go to meetin' where de Lord is suah to beJ. M. W. (Author)English3
We see the youth from every climeJ. M. W. (Author)English2
We shall hear a voice, an immortal voiceJ. M. W. (Author)English14
We're going to have a plebisciteJ. M. W. (Author)English2
What is thy life, as the morning mistJohn M. Whyte (Author)English1
When a sinner cries for mercyJ. M. Whyte (Author)English3
When Jesus calls, shall I not hearJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
When Jesus came to earth he was a baby fairJohn M. Whyte (Author)2
When times of temptation bring sadnessJohn M. Whyte (Author)English16
Who are the ones that wait and weepJ. M. W. (Author)English3
Who killed this man? was drink his foe?J. M. W. (Author)English2
Why do you wait a convenient day?J. M. W. (Author)English14
Would it mean anything to youJ. M. W. (Author)English2
Ye friends of temperance, rejoiceJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
Ye people of Canada, listenJohn M. Whyte (Author)English2
Ye ransomed of the Lord, sing onJohn M. Whyte (Author)English3
Ye who are weary and longing for restJohn M. Whyte (Author)English1
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