David Willcocks

Short Name: David Willcocks
Full Name: Willcocks, David, 1919-2015
Birth Year: 1919
Death Year: 2015
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Tunes by David Willcocks (14)sort descendingAsInstances
ADESTE FIDELESDavid Willcocks (Composer (desc) and Harmonizer)16
CHERRY TREE CAROL (51765)David Willcocks, b. 1919 (Arranger)1
DIVINUM MYSTERIUMDavid Willcocks (born 1919) (Arranger)2
CRADLE SONGDavid Willcocks, b. 1919 (Arranger)6
DOMINUS REGIT ME (Dykes)David Willcocks, b. 1919 (Composer (desc.))2
GOD REST YOU MERRYDavid Willcocks (born 1919) (Arranger)1
IRBYDavid Willcocks (Arranger and Composer (desc.))6
MENDELSSOHNDavid Willcocks (Composer (desc) and Harmonizer)11
NICAEA (Dykes)David Willcocks (Arranger)1
[Now that the sun hath veiled his light]David Willcocks, 1919- (Figured bass realised by)2
REPTONDavid Willcocks (born 1919) (Arranger)1
RICHMOND (Haweis)David Willcocks (born 1919) (Arranger)1
THE FIRST NOWELLDavid Willcocks, b. 1919 (Harmonizer)4
VENI EMMANUEL (Chant)David Willcocks (1919-) (Harmonizer (alternate refrain))1
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