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As drowsy earth is dreaming still

Author: R. F. Cottrell Hymnal: The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book #789 (1886) Lyrics: 1 As drowsy earth is dreaming still Of coming good and golden days, An angel voice the heavens thrill: Fear God, ye people, give him praise; 2 The long-appointed Judgment hour Is come at last; worship ye him Who by his own almighty power Made heaven, earth, sea, and gushing stream. 3 Another cry the earth doth greet, The second angel's voice divine: Great Babel's fall is now complete; Nations are drunken with her wine. 4 Now the third angel's voice resounds, A final, fearful, warning voice Against false worship; and propounds God's word and worship for men's choice. 5 Here saints in patience waiting stand, Through faith obedient to God's will, Fulfilling each divine command Till called to stand on Zion's hill. Topics: Waiting for Christ Closing Work Tune Title: HARTEL

As drowsy earth is dreaming still

Author: Roswell F. Cottrell Hymnal: Hymns for Use in Divine Worship ... Seventh-Day Adventists #d60 (1886) Languages: English

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