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Text authorities

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Author: Henry W. Longfellow Appears in 101 hymnals Lyrics: ... I heard the bells on Christmas day Their old familiar carols ... Topics: Christ Advent and Birth; Christ Advent and Birth Scripture: Zechariah 9:10 Used With Tune: [I heard the bells on Christmas day]

Sing We Now of Christmas

Meter: Appears in 14 hymnals First Line: Sing we now of Christmas, Noel sing we here Refrain First Line: Sing we Noel, the King is born, Noel Lyrics: 1 Sing we now of Christmas, Noel, sing we here! Hear ... , Noel! Sing we now of Christmas, sing we now Noel! 2 ... Topics: liturgical Songs of Response Text Sources: Traditional French carol

Love Came Down at Christmas

Author: Christina G. Rossetti Meter: Appears in 58 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, Love divine; ... Love was born at Christmas; star and angels gave the ... Topics: Christian Year Christmas; Christian Year Christmas Used With Tune: GARTAN


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Tune authorities


Composer: G. F. Handel Meter: Appears in 246 hymnals Tune Sources: Harmonia Sacra, 1812 Tune Key: D Major Incipit: 34517 65123 34555 Used With Text: While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks


Composer: Martin Shaw Meter: Appears in 74 hymnals Tune Sources: Traditional French carol Tune Key: f minor Incipit: 15645 34453 21156 Used With Text: Sing We Now of Christmas


Composer: William Farley Smith Meter: Irregular with refrain Appears in 75 hymnals Tune Sources: Afro-American spiritual Tune Key: G Major Incipit: 33216 51222 12323 Used With Text: Go, Tell It on the Mountain


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Published hymn books and other collections

A Book of Christmas Carols

Publication Date: 1963 Publisher: Harper & Row Publishers Publication Place: New York, Evanston and London Editors: Robert De Cormier; Haig Shekerjian; Regina Shekerjian

Uncommon Christmas Carols

Publication Date: 1941 Publisher: Schmitt, Hall & McCreary Company Publication Place: Minneapolis Editors: John Cozens

Christmas Customs and Carols

Publication Date: 1941 Publisher: The Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Co. Publication Place: Winona Lake, Indiana Editors: Ruthella Rodeheaver


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Published text-tune combinations (hymns) from specific hymnals

Christmas Comes Again

Hymnal: Christmas Carols and Hymns #76 (1910) Lyrics: ... , merry church bells ring, Christmas comes again, Loud the happy ... , merry church bells ring, Christmas comes again, Loud the happy ... little children sing. 2 Christmas comes again! See the ... Tree with lighted tapers shine! Christmas comes again! All its ... Languages: English Tune Title: [Christmas comes again]

Merry Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Author: Mrs. S. K. Bourne Hymnal: Gloria Deo #695 (1901) Refrain First Line: Yes, the Christmas bells are ringing Lyrics: ... sons of men, be joyful, Christmas day has come again.” Refrain ... : Yes, the Christmas bells are ringing, Ringing out ... . Oh! how sweet the Christmas message With its gift of ... world again; Live the blessed Christmas story! “Peace on earth, ... Topics: Christmas Tune Title: [Merry Christmas bells are ringing]

Message of Christmas Time

Author: J. L. H. Hymnal: The Service of Praise #166 (1900) First Line: Sweetly chime the merry Christmas bells Refrain First Line: Sweetly chime the merry Christmas bells Lyrics: ... Sweetly chime the merry Christmas bells, Merry Christmas bells, Blithe and ... ring a song of Christmas cheer, Sounding sweetly in ... Sweetly chime the merry Christmas bells, Merry Christmas bells, Blithe and ... the chorus, The message of Christmas time. [Refrain] 3 ... Tune Title: [Sweetly chime the merry Christmas bells]


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Authors, composers, editors, etc.

George Frideric Handel

1685 - 1759 Person Name: G. F. Handel Composer of "[While shepherds watched their flocks by night]" in Triumphant Songs No.3 George Frederick Handel; b. 1685, Halle, Germany; d. 1759, London, England Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal, 1908

Ralph Vaughan Williams

1872 - 1958 Arranger of "SUSSEX CAROL" in Trinity Hymnal (Rev. ed.)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

1807 - 1882 Person Name: Henry W. Longfellow Author of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" in Baptist Hymnal 1991 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth , D.C.L. was born at Portland, Maine, Feb. 27, 1807, and graduated at Bowdoin College, 1825. After residing in Europe for four years to qualify for the Chair of Modern Languages in that College, he entered upon the duties of the same. In 1835 he removed to Harvard, on his election as Professor of Modern Languages and Belles-Lettres. He retained that Professorship to 1854. His literary reputation is great, and his writings are numerous and well known. His poems, many of which are as household words in all English-speaking countries, display much learning and great poetic power. A few of these poems and portions of others have come into common use as hymns, but a hymn-writer in the strict sense of that term he was not and never claimed to be. His pieces in common use as hymns include:— 1. Alas, how poor and little worth. Life a Race. Translated from the Spanish of Don Jorge Manrique (d. 1479), in Longfellow's Poetry of Spain, 1833. 2. All is of God; if He but wave His hand. God All and in All. From his poem "The Two Angels," published in his Birds of Passage, 1858. It is in the Boston Hymns of the Spirit, 1864, &c. 3. Blind Bartimeus at the gate. Bartimeus. From his Miscellaneous Poems, 1841, into G. W. Conder's 1874 Appendix to the Leeds Hymn Book. 4. Christ to the young man said, "Yet one thing more." Ordination. Written for his brother's (S. Longfellow) ordination in 1848, and published in Seaside and Fireside, 1851. It was given in an altered form as "The Saviour said, yet one thing more," in H. W. Beecher's Plymouth Collection, 1855. 5. Sown the dark future through long generations. Peace. This, the closing part of his poem on "The Arsenal at Springfield," published in his Belfrey of Bruges, &c, 1845, was given in A Book of Hymns, 1848, and repeated in several collections. 6. Into the silent land. The Hereafter. A translation from the German. 7. Tell me not in mournful numbers. Psalm of Life. Published in his Voices of the Night, 1839, as "A Psalm of Life: What the heart of the Young Man said to the Psalmist." It is given in several hymnals in Great Britain and America. In some collections it begins with st. ii., "Life is real! Life is earnest." The universal esteem in which Longfellow was held as a poet and a man was marked in a special manner by his bust being placed in that temple of honour, Westminster Abbey. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907), p. 685 =======================


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