Dear Lamb! thy humble state we sing

Dear Lamb! thy humble state we sing

Author: James Relly
Published in 4 hymnals

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1 Dear Lamb! thy humbled State we sing,
Thy name, thy Wounds and Blood we praise;
We own thee, Infant God, our King,
And to thy Throne our Hearts we raise.

2 Dear holy Child, we sing the Birth
Of him conceiv'd in Holiness;
Where God our Maker took our Earth,
Our Curse and all our Helplessness.

3 Thy first Blood-shedding hath us seal'd,
In Peace and Covenant with God,
From fleshly Filth and Shame, now heal'd
By holy Circumcision-Blood.

4 Thou God of Love, yet growing Youth,
Subject to Creature-Parents Thou;
Thy humble Steps, eternal Truth,
Make us admire, and, wond'ring, bow.

5 Poor Man, despised Nazarene,
With sweating Brow thou earn'dst thy Bread;
Great God! thy Glories were unseen,
And from the Eyes of Mortals hid.

6 Humbled in Poverty and Pain,
Temptation sore, Contempt and Scorn,
That Curse of ours for to sustain,
Was the eternal Father born.

7 Empty'd of all, but tort'ring Smart;
His Honour and his Judgment lost:
Deep, unknown Sorrows fill'd his Heart,
His Soul with fierce Temptations tost.

8 By this, the everlasting Grace,
And Nature-Love of God appears;
By this we see the Father's Face,
Where lost are all our Sins and Fears.

Source: Christian Hymns, Poems, and Spiritual Songs: sacred to the praise of God our Saviour #I.IV

Author: James Relly

James Relly was born about 1722 at Jeffreston, Pembrokeshire, Wales, and died in 1778. He was converted to Christianity during the Great Awakening ushered in by George Whitefield. He worked under George Whitefield as a Calvinistic Methodist preacher and missionary. However, Whitefield and Relly separated ways over Relly's seemingly universalist teaching that all humanity was elect (i.e. saved) when Christ took the punishment for all sin when he died. He also departed from both the Calvinists and Methodists by taking the doctrine of Justification further, in teaching that believers no longer sin and the Law's sole purpose is to condemn humanity and point them to Christ. He was the mentor of John Murray, the founder of the Universalist Ch… Go to person page >

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First Line: Dear Lamb! thy humble state we sing
Author: James Relly


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