Hymns for Luke 22

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
According to Thy Gracious WordLuke 22:19-2026
'Tis Midnight; and on Olive's BrowLuke 22:3912
I Stand Amazed in the PresenceLuke 22:41-4410
In the Hour of TrialLuke 22:31-327
Hymn 6Luke 22:197
Go to Dark GethsemaneLuke 22:39-466
Thy Way, Not Mine, O LordLuke 22:39-465
'Twas on that dark, that solemn nightLuke 22:19-215
Bread of the World in Mercy BrokenLuke 22:19-205
Here, O My Lord, I See YouLuke 22:185
Come, Risen Lord, as Guest among Your OwnLuke 22:125
For the Bread Which You Have BrokenLuke 22:14-205
You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and ShepherdLuke 22:695
Let Us Talents and Tongues EmployLuke 22:17-204
An Upper Room Did Our Lord PrepareLuke 22:124
Come, Share the LordLuke 22:174
Stay HereLuke 22:40-464
Have Thine Own Way, LordLuke 22:423
Praise to the Holiest in the HeightLuke 22:39-463
Prepare a Room for MeLuke 22:203