James Relly

James Relly
Short Name: James Relly
Full Name: Relly, James, 1722?-1778
Birth Year (est.): 1722
Death Year: 1778

James Relly was born about 1722 at Jeffreston, Pembrokeshire, Wales, and died in 1778. He was converted to Christianity during the Great Awakening ushered in by George Whitefield. He worked under George Whitefield as a Calvinistic Methodist preacher and missionary. However, Whitefield and Relly separated ways over Relly's seemingly universalist teaching that all humanity was elect (i.e. saved) when Christ took the punishment for all sin when he died. He also departed from both the Calvinists and Methodists by taking the doctrine of Justification further, in teaching that believers no longer sin and the Law's sole purpose is to condemn humanity and point them to Christ.

He was the mentor of John Murray, the founder of the Universalist Church of America. Relly along with his brother John wrote Christian Hymns, Poems and Spiritual Songs in 1758, which John Murray had republished in America in 1776.

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Wikipedia Biography

James Relly (c.1722 – 25 April 1778) was a Welshman, Methodist minister and mentor of John Murray who spread Universalism in the United States. Relly was born at Jeffreston (seventy miles west north west of Cardiff), Pembrokeshire, Wales. He attended the Pembroke Grammar School, came under the influence of George Whitefield, probably in the latter's first tour of Wales in 1741, and became one of his preachers. His first station was at Rhyddlangwraig near Narbeth; and in 1747 he made a report of a missionary tour to Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire, and Birmingham. He broke, however, with Whitefield on doctrinal grounds - his views on the certainty of salvation being regarded as antinomian - and is known to have been in controversy with John Wesley in 1756. In that year, at Carrickfergus, he

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All fulness in the Lamb we viewJames Relly (Author)2
All is hush, the Battle's o'erJames Relly (Author)3
All things delivered areJames Relly (Author)3
All you who make the Law your choiceJames Relly (Author)1
Blest are the eyes that seeJames Relly (Author)7
By grace we know, to us it's clearJames Relly (Author)2
Canaan promised is beforeJames Relly (Author)5
Christ our head's gone up on high, And we his body areJames Relly (Author)2
Christ's birth and circumcision tooJames Relly (Author)4
Come, join with angel hosts to cryJames Relly (Author)2
Come, ye lovers of the LambJames Relly (Author)1
Comfort ye my, comfort ye myJames Relly (Author)2
Could I of all perfection boastJames Relly (Author)6
Cry aloud, is the commandJames Relly (Author)2
Daughters of Jerusalem, If you find my well-belovedJames Relly (Author)1
Dear Lamb! thy humble state we singJames Relly (Author)3
Dear Shepherd, see thy flock here metJames Relly (Author)4
Dearest Jesus though unseenJames Relly (Author)8
Delivered from painJames Relly (Author)1
Eternal ExcellenceJames Relly (Author)3
Farewell, vain world, from thee I ceaseJames Relly (Author)1
From precept and demandJames Relly (Author)3
Glorious Jesus, glorious JesusJames Relly (Author)3
Glory be to God on high, Glory to the bleeding LambJames Relly (Author)1
Great God, thy judgments, all are filledJames Relly (Author)1
Greatly belovedJames Relly (Author)1
Hail, high, exalted, righteous ManJames Relly (Author)4
Hail, Jesus, perfect God and ManJames Relly (Author)3
How charmingly soundsJames Relly (Author)3
How deep was that which Christ sustainedJames Relly (Author)1
How powerful is the glorious WordJames Relly (Author)4
How rich the love, my Lord, my GodJames Relly (Author)2
How strange the tidings, how profoundJames Relly (Author)2
Immanuel is God with meJames Relly (Author)3
In mine own flesh I seeJames Relly (Author)2
Jesus and him crucifiedJames Relly (Author)2
Jesus, how glorious is thy graceJames Relly (Author)4
Jesus, Master, in thine handJames Relly (Author)2
Jesus only will we singJames Relly (Author)3
Jesus, the Father's richest graceJames Relly (Author)3
Jesus the grace revealedJames Relly (Author)4
Jesus, the Savior, from aboveJames Relly (Author)1
Jesus thou highest, loveliest nameJames Relly (Author)3
Jesus, thy beauties I exploreJames Relly (Author)3
Jesus, thy name we praiseJames Relly (Author)1
Let all the nations of the earthJames Relly (Author)2
Let heaven and earth united singJames Relly (Author)1
Let us our hearts and voices raiseJames Relly (Author)2
Lord, every knee to thee shall bowJames Relly (Author)3
Mortals, behold your dying GodJames Relly (Author)1
Moses, he gave the fiery lawJames Relly (Author)1
Most precious in our Savior's sightJames Relly (Author)3
My Beloved, haste awayJames Relly (Author)1
My dear Master, Jesus ChristJames Relly (Author)2
My dearest Lamb, who bearest my griefJames Relly (Author)2
My Redeemer, let me beJames Relly (Author)2
My Savior for me bledJames Relly (Author)1
My song shall be of him who diedJames Relly (Author)2
Nor reason, nor senseJames Relly (Author)1
Now are we sons of GodJames Relly (Author)3
Now doth the truth appearJames Relly (Author)2
Now is Jesus, now is JesusJames Relly (Author)1
Now shall our tongues with rapture tellJames Relly (Author)3
O Christ, O Love divineJames Relly (Author)4
O holy Emmanuel thy mystery divineJames Relly (Author)1
O holy Immanuel thy mystery divineJames Relly (Author)3
O how doth God our souls surpriseJames Relly (Author)1
O Lamb, my Lord, my God, my KingJames Relly (Author)2
O love, what a secret to mortals thou artJames Relly (Author)3
O my Jesus, O my JesusJames Relly (Author)1
O the tidings how profoundJames Relly (Author)1
Our glorious Lord is risen indeedJames Relly (Author)3
See, O my soul, with wonder seeJames Relly (Author)3
Show me the reason, O my GodJames Relly (Author)1
Sing the triumphs of your conquering Head, and crucified KingJames Relly (Author)4
Solemnly we now confessJames Relly (Author)1
The builder, whom true wisdom swaysJames Relly (Author)3
The Father's great decreeJames Relly (Author)3
The Father's holy eyeJames Relly (Author)1
The Father's love to man so freeJames Relly (Author)4
The man who works not, but believesJames Relly (Author)3
The unutterable Word thou artJames Relly (Author)3
The victory's wonJames Relly (Author)3
This is the fast, which I will chooseJames Relly (Author)3
Though mothers kind, forgetful proveJames Relly (Author)3
Thy conflicts, Christ, in agonyJames Relly (Author)2
Thy Gospel, dear LambJames Relly (Author)1
Thy Gospel, dear LambJames Relly (Author)1
Thy mystery, O Christ, how greatJames Relly (Author)1
Time flies, Man diesJames Relly (Author)2
'Tis finished, cried the Lamb of GodJames Relly (Author)4
'Tis not of him who weeps and praysJames Relly (Author)3
To Jesus, lifted up on highJames Relly (Author)4
To redeem our souls he comesJames Relly (Author)1
True conscious honor is to feel no sinJames Relly (Author)1
Truest lover of thy peopleJames Relly (Author)1
Various the objects man desiresJames Relly (Author)1
We celebrate the praise todayJames Relly (Author)3
We now arise, the light is comeJames Relly (Author)4
We now with gladness tellJames Relly (Author)2
We the joyful sound have heardJames Relly (Author)3
We're certainly sureJames Relly (Author)1
What beauties divineJames Relly (Author)2
What blessings in the Lamb aboundJames Relly (Author)3
What dazzling glories strike mine eyeJames Relly (Author)2
What glories surrounding my Savior I seeJames Relly (Author)5
When all the virtues of the woodJames Relly (Author)3
When blinded with prideJames Relly (Author)1
When elements and time will fadeJames Relly (Author)4
When favored John beheldJames Relly (Author)3
When God our Father's pleasedJames Relly (Author)3
When God would manifest his graceJames Relly (Author)3
When I behold my bleeding GodJames Relly (Author)3
Whilst I celestial themes pursueJames Relly (Author)2
Whilst I shall track the depth of loveJames Relly (Author)2
Whilst we are marching throughJames Relly (Author)5
Who can say what glories lieJames Relly (Author)1
With solemn shout we sing thy praiseJames Relly (Author)3
Wonderful thy name we callJames Relly (Author)4
Wondrous the grace which now we proveJames Relly (Author)1
Wondrous voice, which cries with powerJames Relly (Author)2
Ye are God's building, is the wordJames Relly (Author)2

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