Lord, on earth I dwell in pain

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Lord, on earth I dwell in pain;
Here in anguish I must lie;
Wherefore leav'st Thou me again,
Why ascendest Thou on high?
Take me, take me hence with Thee,
Or abide, Lord, still in me;
Let Thy love and gifts be left,
That I be not all bereft.

Leave Thy heart with me behind,
Take mine hence with Thee away;
Let my sighs an entrance find
To Thy heaven whene'er I pray.
When I cannot pray, oh plead
With Thy Father in my stead;
Seated now at God's right hand,
Help us here Thy faithful band.

Help me earthly toys to spurn,
Raise my thoughts from things below;
Mortal am I, yet I yearn
Heavenly like my Lord to grow,
That my time through faith may be
Ordered for eternity;
Till we meet, all perils o'er,
Whither Thou hast gone before.

In due season come again,
As was promised us of old;
Raise the members that have lain
Gnawed of death beneath the mould,
Judge the evil world that deems
Thy sure words but empty dreams;
Then for all our sorrows past,
Let us know Thy joy at last.

Source: Lyra Germanica: The Christian Year #46

Author: Caspar Neumann

Neumann, Caspar, son of Martin Neumann, city tax-collector at Breslau, was born at Breslau, Sept. 14,1648. He entered the Unversity of Jena in Sept. 1667, graduated M.A. in August 1670, and was for some time one of the University lecturers. On Nov. 30, 1673, he was ordained at the request of Duke Ernst of Gotha as travelling chaplain to his son, Prince Christian, whom he accompanied through Western Germany, Switzerland, Northern Italy, and Southern France; returning to Gotha in 1675. In 1676 he became court preacher at Altenburg, but in Dec. 1678 was appointed diaconus of the St. Mary Magdalene Church at Breslau, and pastor there in 1689. Finally, in Feb. 1697 he became pastor of St. Elizabeth's at Breslau, inspector of the churches and sch… Go to person page >

Translator: Catherine Winkworth

Catherine Winkworth is "the most gifted translator of any foreign sacred lyrics into our tongue, after Dr. Neale and John Wesley; and in practical services rendered, taking quality with quantity, the first of those who have laboured upon German hymns. Our knowledge of them is due to her more largely than to any or all other translators; and by her two series of Lyra Germanica, her Chorale Book, and her Christian Singers of Germany, she has laid all English-speaking Christians under lasting obligation." --Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872… Go to person page >

Text Information

First Line: Lord, on earth I dwell in pain
German Title: Herr auf Erden muss ich leiden
Author: Caspar Neumann (1700)
Translator: Catherine Winkworth (1855)
Language: English


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