Hymns for Numbers 11

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
Breathe on me, Breath of GodNumbers 11:24-301
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls InspireNumbers 11:24-301
We Praise You, O GodNumbers 11:231
Come, Gracious Spirit, Heavenly DoveNumbers 11:24-301
O God, the Holy GhostNumbers 11:24-301
Children of the Heavenly FatherNumbers 11:121
Come, Thou Holy Spirit, ComeNumbers 11:24-301
Forth in the peace of Christ we goNumbers 11:291
O Holy Spirit, By Whose BreathNumbers 11:24-301
Come, O Creator Spirit, ComeNumbers 11:24-301
Fire of God, Thou Sacred FlameNumbers 11:24-301
Be joyful in the Lord, ye landsNumbers 11:291