Hymns for Revelation 12

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
Give Me the Wings of FaithRevelation 12:117
The Son of God Goes Forth to WarRevelation 12:116
Hymn 58Revelation 12:75
There Is a Fountain Filled with BloodRevelation 12:111
A safe stronghold our God is stillRevelation 12:91
My Soul Will OvercomeRevelation 12:111
Just As I AmRevelation 12:111
Stand Up, Stand Up for JesusRevelation 12:7-121
Jerusalem the goldenRevelation 12:111
Soldiers of Christ, ariseRevelation 12:111
Hark, the song of jubileeRevelation 12:101
There ls Power in the BloodRevelation 12:111
This Is My Father’s WorldRevelation 12:101
Through the Night of Doubt and SorrowRevelation 12:51
"Whosoever Will!"Revelation 12:171
Lord of Our LifeRevelation 12:101
Alleluia, sing to Jesus!Revelation 12:101
For All Your Saints, O LordRevelation 12:111
God of Grace and God of GloryRevelation 12:7-121
Light of the lonely pilgrim's heartRevelation 12:9-101