Ancient and Modern: hymns and songs for refreshing worship

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549The heavens declare thy glory, LordCHURCH TRIUMPHANTText
550The spacious firmament on highADDISON'SText
551The works of the Lord are created in wisdomSTREETS OF LAREDO (THE BARD OF ARMAGH)Text
552Think of a world without any flowersGENESISTextPage Scan
553aTouch the earth lightlyTENDERNESSText
553bTouch the earth lightly[Touch the earth lightly]Text
554With wonder, Lord, we see your worksES IST KEIN TAG
555Cry 'Freedom!' in the name of God, and let the cry resoundFREE INDEED
556Blessed those whose hearts are gentle[Blessed those whose hearts are gentle]
557Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair[Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair]
558Extol the God of justiceKING'S LYNN
559God of freedom, God of justiceRHUDDLANText
560aHow good it is, what pleasure comesHARESFIELD
560bHow good it is, what pleasure comesST BOTOLPH (Slater)
561How shall we sing salvation's songLLANGARRONText
562Inspired by love and angerSALLEY GARDENS
563Jesus Christ is waiting, waiting in the streetsNOEL NOUVELET
564Our Saviour's infant cries were heardSOLL 'S SEIN
565Pray for the church afflicted and oppressedUNDE ET MEMORES
566Put peace into each other's handsST COLUMBA (ERIN)Text
567Sing the gospel of salvationPLEADING SAVIOUR
568Take up the song, and sing the praise of GodWOODLANDS
569aThe kingdom of God is justice and joyPADERBORN
596bThe kingdom of God is justice and joyTETHERDOWN
570To you, O Christ, the Prince of PeaceBUGEILIO'R GWENITH GWYNText
571aWe bring you, Lord, our prayer and praiseWILTSHIREText
571bWe bring you, Lord, our prayer and praiseLIVERPOOLText
572We do not hope to ease our mindsST PATRICK'S BREASTPLATE
573We pray for peaceHERSTMONCEUX
574We sing your praise, eternal GodTHIS ENDRIS NYGHTText
575When I needed a neighbour, were you there, were you there?NEIGHBOURText
576And did those feet in ancient timeJERUSALEMText
577Eternal God, before whose face we standUNDE ET MEMORESText
578God save our gracious QueenNATIONAL ANTHEMText
579I vow to thee, my country, all earthly things aboveTHAXTEDText
580Judge eternal, throned in splendourRHUDDLANText
581Lord of lords and King eternalST HELEN
582O God of earth and altarKING'S LYNNText
583Rejoice, O land, in God thy mightWAREHAMText
584All my hope on God is foundedMICHAELText
585All I once held dearKNOWING YOU
586All praise to Christ, our Lord and king divineENGELBERG
587Amazing grace (how sweet the sound)AMAZING GRACEText
588And can it be that I should gainSAGINATextAudio
589Angel-voices ever singingANGEL VOICESText
590As Jacob with travel was weary one dayJACOB'S LADDERText
591As pants the hart for cooling streamsMARTYRDOMText
592As the deer pants for the water[As the deer pants for the water]
593aAt the name of JesusCAMBERWELLText
593bAt the name of JesusEVELYNSText
594Be still, my soul: the Lord is on your sideFINLANDIAText
595Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heartSLANEText
596Because the Lord is my shepherd[Because the Lord is my shepherd]
597Before Jehovah's aweful throneOLD HUNDREDTHText
598Before the throne of God aboveBEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD ABOVEText
599Beyond all mortal praiseMARLBOROUGH GATEText
600Forget not my soul all God's good deeds[Bless the Lord, my soul]
601Blessèd assurance, Jesus is mineBLESSED ASSURANCETextAudio
602Blest are the pure in heartFRANCONIATextAudio
603Bright the vision that delightedLAUS DEO (REDHEAD NO. 46)Text
604Brother, sister, let me serve youSERVANT SONG
605By gracious powers so wonderfully shelteredFINLANDIA
606Christ be in my waking[Christ be in my waking]
607Christ be the Lord of all our daysCLOTH FAIRText
608Christ is our corner-stoneHAREWOODText
609Christ is the world's light, he and none otherCHRISTE SANCTORUMText
610Christ is the world's true lightNUN DANKET
611Christ the Way of life possess meEAST STREETText
612Christ triumphant, ever reigningGUITING POWERText
613City of God, how broad and farRICHMONDText
614Come with newly written anthemsST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL
615aCome, living God, when least expectedSPIRITUS VITREText
615bCome, living God, when least expectedSUNSETText
616Come, O thou Traveller unknownDAVID'S HARPText
617Come, sing the praise of JesusBATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC
618Come, thou fount of every blessingNETTLETONText
619Come, ye faithful, raise the anthemUNSER HERRSCHER (NEANDER)Text
620aDear Christ, uplifted from the earthSAN ROCCOText
620bDear Christ, uplifted from the earthST BOTOLPH (Slater)Text
621aDear Lord and Father of mankindREPTONText
621bDear Lord and Father of mankindREPTONText
622Dear Lord, we long to see your faceSURREY
623Eternal Father, strong to saveMELITAText
624Faith overcomes! The light of Christ is shiningHIGHWOOD
625Faithful One, so unchanging[Faithful One, so unchanging]
626Father in whom we liveDIADEMATAText
627Father most holy, merciful and lovingISTE CONFESSORTextPage Scan
628Father of heaven, whose love profoundRIEVAULXText
629aFather, hear the prayer we offerSUSSEXText
629bFather, hear the prayer we offerCYPRESS COURTText
629cFather, hear the prayer we offerMARCHINGText
630Father, Lord of all creationABBOT'S LEIGH
631aFight the good fight with all thy mightDUKE STREETText
631bFight the good fight with all thy mightRUSHFORDText
632Fill thou my life, O Lord my GodRICHMONDText
633aFilled with the Spirit's power, with one accordMALVERN HILLS
633bFilled with the Spirit's power, with one accordFARLEY CASTLE
634aFirmly I believe and trulyHALTON HOLGATEText
634bFirmly I believe and trulySHIPSTONText
635For the healing of the nationsALLELUIA DULCE CARMENText

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