A Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion (15th ed.)




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1848,
In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

Publisher: Ticknor and Fields, Boston, 1866
Denomination: American Unitarian Association
Language: English
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301Hast thou, 'midst life's empty noisesText
302Teach me, my God and KingText
303Thou, Lord, who rear'st the mountain's heightText
304If on our daily course our mindText
305The uplifted eye and bended kneeText
306All around us, fair with flowersText
307Scorn not the slightest word or deedText
308O'er the mount and through the moorText
309Nay, tell us not of dangers direText
310Tell me not, in mournful numbersText
311Am I a soldier of the crossText
312Press on, press on! ye sons of lightText
313Onward, Christian, though the regionText
314Sleep not, soldier of the cross!Text
315Awake, my soul! stretch every nerveText
316O, Speed thee, Christian, on thy way!Text
317Breast the wave, Christian! when it is strongestText
318Awake, my soul! lift up thine eyesText
319There's a strife we all must wageText
320Cheek grow pale, but heart be vigorous!Text
321Go, suffering pilgrim of the earthText
322Faint not, poor traveller, though the wayText
323Be still, my heart! these anxious caresText
324We would leave, O God, to TheeText
325How little of ourselves we knowText
326Deem not that they are blest aloneText
327My God, I thank Thee! may no thoughtText
328The darkened sky, how thick it lowers!Text
329Affliction's faded form draws nighText
330Thou that art strong to comfort, look on me!Text
331Our pathway oft is wet with tearsText
332Thy way is on the deep, O Lord!Text
333Thou, infinite in love!Text
334In trouble and in grief, O GodText
335Gently fall the dews of eveText
336Though lonely be thy path, fear not, for HeText
337My Father, when around me spreadText
338Let me not wander comfortlessText
339We love this outward worldText
340Weep thou, O mourner! but in lamentationText
341Father! who in the olive shadeText
342With silence only as their benedictionText
343O, NOT when the death-prayer is saidText
344Lowly and solemn beText
345Thanks, thanks unto God! who in mercy hath spokenText
346O, Stay thy tears! for they are blestText
347The mourners came, at break of dayText
348Blessed, blessed are the deadText
349Where is thy sting, O death?Text
350How blest the righteous when he dies!Text
351O spirit, freed from earthText
352"No more, on earth no moreText
353The dead are like the stars by dayText
354The spirits of the loved and the departedText
355How dear is the thought, that the angels of GodText
356It is a faith sublime and sureText
357There is a state unknown, unseenText
358Brother, the angels sayText
359When, on devotion's seraph wingText
360Come to the land of peace!Text
361O, Heaven is where no secret dreadText
362Sweet morn! from countless cups of goldText
363Now the shades of night are goneText
364In the morning I will prayText
365Now that the sun is beaming brightText
366O God! I thank Thee that the nightText
367God that madest earth and heavenText
368Source of light and life divine!Text
369Up to the throne of God is borneText
370Fading, still fading, the last beam is shiningText
371Slowly, by God's hand unfurledText
372Another day its course hath runText
373LORD of the Sabbath, hear our vowsText
374How sweet, how calm, this Sabbath morn!Text
375Within Thy courts have millions metText
376When from the Jordan's gleaming waveText
377This child we dedicate to TheeText
378To Thee, O God in heavenText
379To Him who children blestText
380We join to pray, with wishes kindText
381Father, in Thy presence nowText
382Where ancient forests widely spreadText
383O Thou, whose own vast temple standsText
384O God! Thy children, gathered hereText
385Go, preach the gospel in my nameText
386Thy servant's sandals, Lord, are wetText
387"Is this a fast for me?"Text
388O Thou, whose power stupendousText
389Joy! joy! a year is bornText
390Our Father! through the coming yearText
391Praise and thanks and cheerful loveText
392There cometh o'er the spiritText
393Praise the Lord, when blushing morningText
394How glad the tone when summer's sunText
395The earth, all light and lovelinessText
396Fountain of life, and God of love!Text
397House of our God, with cheerful anthems ringText
398God of the year! with songs of praiseText
399The heavenly spheres to Thee, O GodText
400God of the changing year, whose arm of powerText

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