Bible Songs: consisting of selections from the Psalms set to music suitable for Sabbath Schools, prayer meetings, etc.

Publisher: United Presbyterian Board of Publication, Pittsburgh, Penn., 1891
Denomination: Presbyterian hymnals (general)
Language: English
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1How blest the man that doth not strayPage Scan
2Why do heathen nations ragePage Scan
3Lord, how my foes increasePage Scan
4God of my righteousness, replyPage Scan
5O Jehovah, hear my words, and my meditationPage Scan
6But let all in thee who trustPage Scan
7Lord, in anger do not chastenPage Scan
8O Lord my God, in thee do IPage Scan
9Lord, our Lord, o'er earth's vast framePage Scan
10Lord, thee I'll praise with all my heartPage Scan
11The wicked in his pridePage Scan
12My trust is in the Lord, How to my soul say yePage Scan
13Jehovah help the godly ceasePage Scan
14How long wilt thou forget me, Lord, Shall it forever bePage Scan
15The God who sits enthroned on highPage Scan
16O Jehovah who shall dwell in the temple of Thy grace?Page Scan
17To thee, O Lord, I fly, and on thy help dependPage Scan
18O Lord, do thou the right regardPage Scan
19Thee will I love, O Lord, my strength, my rock, my tower, my high defencePage Scan
20Thee will I love, O Lord, my mightPage Scan
21As I in life have righteous been
22The glory of the Lord, The heavens declare abroadPage Scan
23Jehovah hear thee in the dayPage Scan
24Now the king in thy strength shall be joyfulPage Scan
25Now the King in Thy strength shall be joyfulPage Scan
26My God, my God, why me forsakePage Scan
27I will to brethren show thy namePage Scan
28The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not wantPage Scan
29My Shepherd is the Lord Most High, And all my wantsPage Scan
30The Lord, my Shepherd, feeds mePage Scan
31The earth and the fulness with which it is storedPage Scan
32To thee I lift my soul, O Lord, I trust in theePage Scan
33To thee I lift my soulPage Scan
34O my soul, bless thou JehovahPage Scan
35Judge me, O Lord, for I have walkedPage Scan
36O Lord, give ear when with my voicePage Scan
37Jehovah is my light and my salvation nearPage Scan
38O Lord, to thee I cry, Thou art my rock and trustPage Scan
39Ye sons of the mighty, give ye to JehovahPage Scan
40Ye sons of the mightyPage Scan
41Sing unto the LordPage Scan
42Defend me, Lord, from shamePage Scan
43How great the goodness thou hast storedPage Scan
44How blest the man whose trespassPage Scan
45Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoicePage Scan
46The Lord I will at all times blessPage Scan
47O children, hither do ye comePage Scan
48Lord, plead my cause against my foesPage Scan
49The wicked's sin doth cause this thoughtPage Scan
50For evil doers, fret thou not thyself unquietlyPage Scan
51The footsteps of the righteous manPage Scan
52Lord, do not in hot displeasure, Lay thy heavy handPage Scan
53I said, I'll walk with carePage Scan
54I waited for the Lord my GodPage Scan
55Thy tender mercies, Lord, from mePage Scan
56Blest he who wisely helps the poorPage Scan
57Far as east from west is distantPage Scan
58Righteous Judge, from foes defend mePage Scan
59O God, we have heard and our fathersPage Scan
60My heart is bringing forthPage Scan
61O daughter, take good heedPage Scan
62God is our strength and refuge highPage Scan
63All nations clap your handsPage Scan
64Within thy temple, LordPage Scan
65Hear this all ye people, hear, earth's inhabitantsPage Scan
66The mighty God, the Lord, hath spoken unto allPage Scan
68In thy great loving kindness, LordPage Scan
69Lord, to me compassion showPage Scan
70O mighty man, why boast in sinPage Scan
71That there is not a GodPage Scan
72Save by thy name, O LordPage Scan
73Unto my earnest prayer give earPage Scan
74Be merciful to me, O God, for manPage Scan
75Be merciful to me, O GodPage Scan
77O congregation, is it soPage Scan
78My God, deliver me from those that are mine enemiesPage Scan
79O Lord, Thou hast cast offPage Scan
80Lord, hear my voice, my prayer attendPage Scan
81My soul with expectation doth depend on GodPage Scan
82Thou art my God, O God most highPage Scan
83When I to thee my prayer makePage Scan
84Praise waits for thee in ZionPage Scan
85Thy visit brings the showersPage Scan
86All lands to God in joyful soundsPage Scan
87Lord, bless and pity us, Shine on us withPage Scan
88O God, to us show mercyPage Scan
89Let God arise, and scatteredPage Scan
91Thou hast, O Lord, with glory ascended upPage Scan
92Save me O God the floodsPage Scan
93Thou my reproach dost knowPage Scan
94Make haste, O my God, to deliverPage Scan
95O Lord, my hope and confidencePage Scan
96But I in thee with confidencePage Scan
97O Lord, thy judgments give the kingPage Scan
98Now blessed be Jehovah, GodPage Scan
99All kings before him down shall fallPage Scan
100Yet God is good to Isr'lPage Scan
101I verily have sought in vainPage Scan
102O God, why hast thou cast us offPage Scan
103Because my king is God alonePage Scan

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