The Christian Hymnal: for the church, home and bible schools

Editor: Jas. W. Wilson, Prof. F. L. Robertshaw
Publisher: The Restitution, Plymouth, Ind., 1887
Language: English
Notes: Children hymns are numbered by "C" followed by the page number
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1On the mountain's top appearingZIONPage Scan
2O'er the distant mountains breakingZIONPage Scan
3Far on Zion's Mount appearingZIONPage Scan
4Stand up! stand up for JesusWEBBPage Scan
5Hail to the Lord's AnointedWEBBPage Scan
6When shall the voice of singingWEBBPage Scan
7I love thy people, LordLABANPage Scan
8Behold the Prince of PeaceLABANPage Scan
9Ye servants of the LordLABANPage Scan
10Had I the gift of tonguesLABANPage Scan
11Arise! ye saints, arise!SHIRLANDPage Scan
12My times are in thy handSHIRLANDPage Scan
13Behold what wondrous graceSHIRLANDPage Scan
14The day is past and goneSHIRLANDPage Scan
15How gentle God's commands!DENNISPage Scan
16The morn is breaking clearDENNISPage Scan
17Behold! the grace appearsDENNISPage Scan
18Down to sacred waveDENNISPage Scan
19Blest be the tie that bindsST. THOMASPage Scan
20Welcome, sweet day of restST. THOMASPage Scan
21In expectation sweetST. THOMASPage Scan
22How wondrous is the loveST. THOMASPage Scan
23Lord Jesus, come! for hereBOYLSTONPage Scan
24To bless thy chosen raceBOYLSTONPage Scan
25When overwhelmed with griefBOYLSTONPage Scan
26Forever with the Lord!BOYLSTONPage Scan
27"Asleep in Jesus!" blessed sleepZEPHYRPage Scan
28I know that my Redeemer livesZEPHYRPage Scan
29Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb!ZEPHYRPage Scan
30How blest the sacred tie, that bindsZEPHYRPage Scan
31My God, how endless is thy love!MENDONPage Scan
32God, in the gospel of his SonMENDONPage Scan
33I'm not ashamed to own my LordMENDONPage Scan
34Thou God, before whose heavenly stateMENDONPage Scan
35Kingdoms and thrones to God belongMIGDOLPage Scan
36Our Savior lives, no more to dieMIGDOLPage Scan
37The Savior comes, his advent's nighMIGDOLPage Scan
38The Lord is coming! let this beMIGDOLPage Scan
39Joy cometh! O! when shall it comeMIGDOLPage Scan
40Before Jehovah's mighty throneOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
41Great God! in vain man's narrow viewOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
42Be thou, O God, exalted highOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
43Come, O my soul, in sacred laysOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
44Triumphant Zion, lift thy headANVERNPage Scan
45How wonderful thy works, O Lord!ANVERNPage Scan
46The Lord will come; but not the sameANVERNPage Scan
47'Tis by the faith of joys to comeANVERNPage Scan
48Jesus shall reign where'er the sunWARDPage Scan
49Yes, mighty Jesus! thou shalt reignWARDPage Scan
50Almighty Maker of my frameWARDPage Scan
51Jehovah reigns: he dwells in lightWARDPage Scan
52Arrayed in majesty divineUXBRIDGEPage Scan
53Lord, thou hast formed mine every partUXBRIDGEPage Scan
54Jehovah reigns, his throne is highUXBRIDGEPage Scan
55Great God we sing that mighty handUXBRIDGEPage Scan
56My blest Redeemer and my LordRETREATPage Scan
57I know that my Redeemer livesRETREATPage Scan
58So let our lips and lives expressRETREATPage Scan
59And is the gospel peace and love?RETREATPage Scan
60Rock of Ages, cleft for meROCK OF AGESPage Scan
61Now, from labor and from careROCK OF AGESPage Scan
62Oh, disclose thy lovely faceROCK OF AGESPage Scan
63My faith look sup to theeOLIVETPage Scan
64Lord, save thine IsraelOLIVETPage Scan
65Jesus, I my cross have takenAUTUMNPage Scan
66Come, thou long-expected JesusAUTUMNPage Scan
67Gracious Father, guide thy childrenAUTUMNPage Scan
68Tho' troubles assail, and dangers affrightPORTUGUESE HYMNPage Scan
69How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPORTUGUESE HYMNPage Scan
70As pants the hart for cooling streamsNAOMIPage Scan
71God made the earth surpassing fairNAOMIPage Scan
72Oh! for that tenderness of heartNAOMIPage Scan
73When I survey life's varied sceneNAOMIPage Scan
74While shepherds watched their flocks by nightCORONATIONPage Scan
75All hail the power of Jesus name!CORONATIONPage Scan
76Soon all shall hail our Jesus' nameCORONATIONPage Scan
77Joy to mankind, Messiah come!ANTIOCHPage Scan
78Hark, the glad sound, the Savior comesANTIOCHPage Scan
79Joy to the world! the Lord is come!ANTIOCHPage Scan
80Hark! ten thousand harps and voicesHARWELLPage Scan
81One there is, above all othersHARWELLPage Scan
82Who is this that comes from EdomHARWELLPage Scan
83Lift your heads, ye friends of JesusSICILIAN HYMNPage Scan
84In thy name, O Lord, assemblingSICILIAN HYMNPage Scan
85Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingSICILIAN HYMNPage Scan
86Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morning!WESLEYPage Scan
87Brightest and best of the sons of the morningWESLEYPage Scan
88Hail! blessed Savior, the Prince of all goodness!WESLEYPage Scan
89Lo, he comes, with clouds descendingHELMSLEYPage Scan
90Lo, he cometh! angel trumpetsHELMSLEYPage Scan
91O'er the distant mountains breakingHELMSLEYPage Scan
92Songs of praise the angels sangCHRIST'S CHAPELPage Scan
93Hallelujah! raise, oh, raiseCHRIST'S CHAPELPage Scan
94Thou who did'st on Calvary bleedCHRIST'S CHAPELPage Scan
95When in silence, o'er the deepBEETHOVENPage Scan
96Glory be to God on high!BEETHOVENPage Scan
97All ye nations, praise the LordBEETHOVENPage Scan
98O for a faith that will not shrinkST. FRANCISPage Scan
99Blest is the man whose softening heartST. FRANCISPage Scan
100By cool Siloam's shady rillST. FRANCISPage Scan

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