Christian Hymns, Poems, and Spiritual Songs: sacred to the praise of God our Saviour

Editor: James Relly, John Relly
Publisher: Isaac Collins, Burlington, N.J., 1776
Denomination: Universalist Church
Language: English
Notes: Hymns in Part I and Part II are numbered separately.
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I.IAll Things deliver'd areTextPage Scan
I.IIAll Fulness in the Lamb we viewTextPage Scan
I.IIICanaan promis'd is beforeTextPage Scan
I.IVDear Lamb! thy humbled State we singTextPage Scan
I.VGreatly belov'dTextPage Scan
I.VIHail, Jesus, perfect God and ManTextPage Scan
I.VIIHail! high, exalted, righteous ManTextPage Scan
I.VIIITh' unutterable Word Thou artTextPage Scan
I.IXJesus, the Grace reveal'dTextPage Scan
I.XJesus, the Father's richest GraceTextPage Scan
I.XIJesus, the Saviour, from aboveTextPage Scan
I.XIILet Heav'n and Earth united singTextPage Scan
I.XIIINow are we Sons of God!TextPage Scan
I.XIVNow is Jesus, now is JesusTextPage Scan
I.XVO! how doth God our Souls surpriseTextPage Scan
I.XVIO Love! what a Secret to Mortals thou art!TextPage Scan
I.XVIIO my Jesus! O my Jesus!TextPage Scan
I.XVIIIO holy Emman'el! thy Myst'ry divineTextPage Scan
I.XIXSee, O my Soul, with Wonder seeTextPage Scan
I.XXShew me the Reason, O my GodTextPage Scan
I.XXISolemnly we now confessTextPage Scan
I.XXIIThe Victory's wonTextPage Scan
I.XXIIIThy Gospel, dear LambTextPage Scan
I.XXIVThe Father's Love to Man so freeTextPage Scan
I.XXVWhilst I celestial Themes pursueTextPage Scan
I.XXVIWith solemn Shout we sing thy PraiseTextPage Scan
I.XXVIIWhen God would manifest his GraceTextPage Scan
I.XXVIIIWhen God our Father's pleas'dTextPage Scan
I.XXIXWhen blinded with PrideTextPage Scan
I.XXXWe're certainly sureTextPage Scan
I.XXXIDeliver'd from PainTextPage Scan
I.XXXIIWond'rous Voice, whic cries with Pow'rTextPage Scan
I.XXXIIIWhat dazzling Glories strike mine Eye!TextPage Scan
I.XXXIVChrist's Birth and Circumcision tooTextPage Scan
I.XXXVWond'rous the Grace which now we prove!TextPage Scan
I.XXXVIHow deep was that which Christ sustain'dTextPage Scan
I.XXXVIIWhat Glories surrounding my Saviour I see!TextPage Scan
I.XXXVIIIWho can say what Glories lieTextPage Scan
I.XXXIXTo redeem our Souls he comesTextPage Scan
I.XLAll is hush, the Battle's o'er!TextPage Scan
I.XLIWhen favour'd John beheldTextPage Scan
I.XLIIWonderful thy Name we callTextPage Scan
I.XLIIIWhat Beauties divineTextPage Scan
I.XLIVNor Reason, nor SenseTextPage Scan
I.XLVWhilst I shall track the Depth of LoveTextPage Scan
I.XLVIWe now arise, the Light is comeTextPage Scan
I.XLVIIHere shall no Trouble or DismayTextPage Scan
I.XLVIIIWe now with Gladness tellTextPage Scan
I.XLIXThe Father's holy Eye TextPage Scan
I.LJesus, how glorious is thy Grace!TextPage Scan
I.LIJesus, thy Beauties I explore!TextPage Scan
I.LIIComfort ye my, comfort ye myTextPage Scan
I.LIIIMy dearest Lamb, who bear'st my GriefTextPage Scan
I.LIVDearest Jesus, tho' unseenTextPage Scan
I.LVMy Beloved! haste awayTextPage Scan
I.LVIWhen I behold my bleeding GodTextPage Scan
I.LVIIFarewel, vain World, from thee I ceaseTextPage Scan
I.LVIIIWe celebrate the praise to Day TextPage Scan
I.LIXBy Grace we know, to us it's clearTextPage Scan
I.LXJesus thou highest, loveliest NameTextPage Scan
I.LXIMost precious in our Saviour's SightTextPage Scan
I.LXIIOur glorious Lord is ris'n indeed!TextPage Scan
I.LXIIIMoses, he gave the fi'ry LawTextPage Scan
I.LXIVO Christ! O Love divine!TextPage Scan
I.LXVWhilst we are marching thro'TextPage Scan
I.LXVIWhen all the Virtues of the WoodTextPage Scan
I.LXVIIEternal Excellence!TextPage Scan
I.LXVIIIJesus, thy Name we praise!TextPage Scan
I.LXIXAll you who make the Law your ChoiceTextPage Scan
I.LXXNow doth the Truth appearTextPage Scan
I.LXXIDaughters of JerusalemTextPage Scan
I.LXXIIVarious the Objects Man desiresTextPage Scan
I.LXXIIICry aloud, is the CommandTextPage Scan
I.LXXIVThis is the Fast, which I will chooseTextPage Scan
I.LXXVGreat God! thy Judgments, all are fill'dTextPage Scan
I.LXXVIYe are God's Building, (is the Word)TextPage Scan
I.LXXVIIThe Builder, whom true Wisdom swaysTextPage Scan
I.LXXVIIIWhen Elements and Time will fadeTextPage Scan
I.LXXIXO the Tidings how profoundTextPage Scan
I.LXXXWe the joyful Sound have heardTextPage Scan
I.LXXXIThy Mystery, O Christ, how great!TextPage Scan
I.LXXXIITo Jesus, lifted up on HighTextPage Scan
I.LXXXIIIChrist, our Head's gone up on highTextPage Scan
I.LXXXIVGlor'ous Jesus! glor'ous Jesus!TextPage Scan
I.LXXXVTime fliesTextPage Scan
I.LXXXVITrue conscious Honour is to feel no SinTextPage Scan
I.LXXXVIIHow charmingly soundsTextPage Scan
I.LXXXVIIIWhat Blessings in the Lamb abound!TextPage Scan
I.LXXXIXCould I of all Perfection boastTextPage Scan
I.XCJesus only will we singTextPage Scan
I.XCIGlory be to God on HighTextPage Scan
I.XCIIHow pow'rful is the glor'ous WordTextPage Scan
I.XCIIIBless'd are the Eyes that seeTextPage Scan
I.XCIVSing the Triumphs of your conqu'ring TextPage Scan
II.IMy Song shall be of him who dy'dTextPage Scan
II.IIO Lamb, my Lord, my God, my KingTextPage Scan
II.IIIDear Shepherd, see thy Flock here metTextPage Scan
II.IVO Thou, dear Sov'reign of my BreastTextPage Scan
II.VMy Saviour for me bledTextPage Scan
II.VIIn mine own Flesh I seeTextPage Scan

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