The Eureka Song Climax

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d101Rouse ye, Christian soldiers, to the battle go
d102Savior, hear our humble songs
d103Seeking the lost, yes, kindly entreating
d104Shall we know our dear grandmother
d105Shout, shout for joy and wake the sleeping nations
d106Since the mighty Savior took away my sin
d107Since the Savior sought and found me, joy bells
d108Sing today to Jesus the King
d109Some day the Lord will come again
d110Some day the Lord will come from heaven
d111Some day the silver cord will break, and I
d112Sometime somewhere I can not tell
d113Standing on the promises of Christ our King
d114Steadily marching on in the name of Christ our King
d115Stop at the cross, my brother
d116That home beyond death's chilly tide
d117That home beyond I long lto see
d118The battle cry is sounding, We hear the sounds afar
d119The harvest is ready, the reapers are few
d120The Master is calling, dear brother, for thee
d121The precious Savior shed his blood
d122The Savior came from heaven to earth
d123The Savior is tenderly calling today, O hear him, dear sinner
d124There are many mansions bright
d125There flows a fountain full of light
d126There I saw Him robed in royalty
d127There is a calm for those who [that] weep
d128There is a home for all I know
d129There is a home, sweet home above
d130There will be a great rejoicing in the day
d131There will be a happy meeting over on the other shore
d132There's a bright eternal day
d133There's a call that is sounding
d134There's a conflict on and my Lord commands
d135There's a dark and a troubled side of life
d136There's a great day coming, a great day coming
d137There's a home prepared for me o'er the dark and silent sea
d138There's a homeland of joy for the soul
d139There's a mansion somewhere in a faraway land
d140There's a place to fill in the harvest field
d141There's a work for every Christian in the Master's field today
d142Think of the One who died for us
d143Those beautiful, beautiful fields of grain
d144'Tis Jesus' grace that makes me glad and free
d145To the sunlit clime I am on my way
d146Tramp, tramp, tramp, to battlefields we're going
d147Trying to take the world for Christ
d148'Twas Jesus, the Savior, the crucified King
d149'Twas on the day of Pentecost
d150Up in the morning and away to the field
d151We are marching on to fair Canaan's shore Marching home to God
d152We are marching onward to that land of love
d153We are on our way to heaven To that bright and happy
d154We are on our way to that home on high
d155We are sailing o'er the dark and stormy sea
d156We will sing the story as we go
d157Weary sinner, bowed down with sin
d158We'll follow Jesus every day
d159We're sailing on life's ocean
d160What a friend we have in Jesus
d161What would you give in exchange for your soul
d162When all earthly saints are gathering
d163When I call to Christ, I was all defiled
d164When I get home to that beautiful land
d165When Jesus comes to call
d166When peace, like a river, attendeth my way
d167When the gates of heaven open
d168When the pearly gates unfold and we walk the streets of gold
d169When the trumpet shall sound and the dead
d170When the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall rise
d171When the world my heart is rending
d172When this life is o'er and we reach the shore
d173When we enter the portals of glory Where
d174When we hear the trumpet sound
d175When we meet beyond life's river
d176When we meet beyond the river What a happy thought to me
d177When we were but children playing
d178Who will be a reaper in the field today
d179Will you be ready when Jesus comes again
d180Work, for the night is coming, work through the morning hours
d181Working in the vineyard, in the vineyard ground
d182Would you always cheerful be
d183Would you help others as onward you go Scattering happiness where there is woe

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