Global Praise 2: songs for worship and witness

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1Hallelujah, hallelujah[Hallelujah, hallelujah]
2Be silent, be silent[Be silent, be silent, a whisper is heard]TextPage Scan
3Enter into Jerusalem[Enter into Jerusalem]
4Dzunzani; Jehova (O praise God Jehovah)[Dzunzani Jehova]
5Nzamuranza nzamuranza (I worship Christ! I worship Christ)[Nzamuranza nzamuranza]
6Aso, aso, aso ngane (O come, O come, all you people)[Aso, aso, aso ngane]
7Ameni, ameni[Ameni, ameni]Text
8Amina lele (Amina amen)[Amina lele]
9Bani ngyeti Ba Yawe [Bani ngyeti Ba Yawe]
10O bless the Lord my soul[O bless the Lord my soul]
11O for a thousand tongues to sing[O for a thousand tongues to sing]TextPage Scan
12Laudate Dominum[Laudate Dominum]
13Nyanyikanlah nyanjian baru bagi Allah (Sing the Lord a new song and praise his whole creation)NYANYIKANLAH
14Se Guds lamm, som bär bort hela världens skuld (Lamb of God who takes our guilt away)[Se Guds lamm, som bär bort hela världens skuld]
15Gospodi pomilui[Gospodi pomilui]Text
16Gospodi pomilui[Gospodi pomilui]Text
17Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy)[Kyrie eleison]Text
18Ouve, Deus de amor [Ouve, Deus de amor]
19Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy)[Kyrie eleison]Text
20¡Gracias, Señor! (We give you thanks!)[¡Gracias, Señor!]
21God of heaven, God of earth[God of heaven, God of earth]
22Holy, holy, holy Lord[Holy, holy, holy Lord]Text
23Bari sot, bari sot, bari sot (Holy, holy, holy Lord)[Bari sot, bari sot, bari sot]
24Le lo le lo lay lo[Le lo le lo lay lo]
25Slava vovyeki Tsaryu nyebyesnomu![Slava vovyeki Tsaryu]Text
26Glory to the God of creation. Gloria[Glory to the God of creation. Gloria]
27Our Father, who art in heaven[Our Father, who art in heaven]
28El cielo canta alegría ¡aleluya! (Heaven is singing for joy, alleluia)[El cielo canta alegría ¡aleluya!]
29E toru nga mea (Believe in God's Word)[E toru nga mea]
30Na Ioane Bapetiso (There was a man named John the Baptist)[Na Ioane Bapetiso]
31There was a man named Jonah[There was a man named Jonah]
32Your Word will be a lamp to guide our feetKUTHU VILLEKU
33Tua Palavra é lâmpada para os meus pés[Tua Palavra é lâmpada para os meus pés]
34For everyone born, a place at the table[For everyone born, a place at the table]Text
35In the singing, in the silence[In the singing, in the silence]TextPage Scan
36Hoy me levanto muy temprano (I will rise in the early morning)[Hoy me levanto muy temprano]
37We gather 'round your table, God[We gather 'round your table God]
38I love the Lord because he has heard my voice and my supplications[I love the Lord because he has heard my voice and my supllications]Text
39Happy the one, to whom 'tis given[Happy the one to whom 'tis given]Text
40The loaf of bread he broke[The loaf of bread he broke]
41A ti acudimos sedientos ¡Ven Señor! (We come with thirst to your table)[A ti acudimos sedientos ¡Ven Señor!]
42Jeder braucht Brot, das ihn sättigt (Lord, we need bread that feeds us)[Jeder braucht Brot, das ihn sättigt]
43Whose child is this? I ask[Whose child is this? I ask]
44Mä silmät luon ylös taivaaseen (I lift my eyes to you, God on high)[Mä silmät luon ylös taivaaseen]
45I lift up my eyes to the hills on highAIR TENANG
46Proclaim with me the greatness of the Lord[Proclaim with me the greatness of the Lord]Text
47Eu te exaltarei ó Deus[Eu te exaltarei ó Deus]
48I will praise you, O my God[I will praise you, O my God]
49Se och smaka Herrens godhet (Taste and see how good God is)[Se och smaka Herrens godhet]
50Chú Sióngtè kiû Lì kàmchhat góa (Search me, O God, and know my heart!)[Chú Sióngtè kiû Lì kàmchhat góa]
51Khaw hai kham pha wa na (Let my prayer rise)[Khaw hai kham pha wa na]
52Halleluja! Prisa Herren, min själ! (Halleluja! Praise the Lord, O my soul!)[Halleluja! Prisa Herren, min själ]
53Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in the morning[Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in the morning]TextPage Scan
54Nú hverfur sol i haf (The sun sets in the sea)[Nú hverfur sol i haf]
55Jesus Christ, the Gladdening Light of the deathless Father's holy glory[Jesus Christ, the Gladdening Light of the deathless Father's holy glory]
56Darkness now enfolds us daylight is at end[Darkness now enfolds us daylight is at end]
57The food we now partake[The food we now partake]
58Be om fred, tala om fred (Pray for peace, speak of peace)[Be om fred, tala om fred]
59Dievo Tėvo meilė (May God's love now bless us)[Dievo Tėvo meilė]
60Me yaco mai (Your kingdom come)[Me yaco mai]
61May the love of the Lord (Wei yuan Shen di ai)[Wei yuan Shen di ai]
62Shalom, shalom, shalom, shalom[Shalom, shalom, shalom shalom]Text
63I wish God's love to be with you[Yuan Zhu di ai yu ni tong zai]
64Dieve, prašome Tavȩs (Help us, God, we humbly plead!)[Dieve, prašome Tavȩs]
65О Господи, Склонись ко мне [О Господи, Склонись ко мне]Text
66O Gospodi, sklonis ka mne[O Gospodi, sklonis ka mne]TextPage Scan
67Almighty God, O hear my prayer[Almighty God, O hear my prayer]
68О, Боже праведный, я каюсь (O God, I come to you repenting)[О, Боже праведный, я каюсь]
69Благодарю Тебя, Христос [Благодарю Тебя, Христос ]Text
70For all whom you have saved on earth[For all whom you have saved on earth]
71Ma na a e kai o Kalaupapa (On the blue waters of Kalaupapa)[Ma na a e kai o Kalaupapa]
72Vai com Deus! (Go with God!)[Vai com Deus]
73Que Deus nos abençoe (May God bless and keep us)[Que Deus nos abençoe]Text
74E ke Akua ola (O Lord of life, hear us)[E ke Akua ola]
75Faafetai i le Agua (Thanks to God, author of living)[Faafetai i le Agua]
76Amen. Holy God, Holy Mighty[Amen. Holy God, Holy Mighty]Text
77Neeg nplajteb tau txais tshaav ntujXAA NYOO LANG
78God, our God, sends the rain XAA NYOO LANG
79Na o e ha ma ni tei e nei ao (O our God, you created this world)[Na o e ha ma ni tei e nei ao]
80Tian shang de fu qin da ci bei ya (Great are your mercies, heavenly Father)[Tian shang de fu qin da ci bei ya]Page Scan
81Come, thou everlasting spiritWAINWRIGHT
82O Great Spirit, how I long to hear your voice[O Great Spirit, how I long to hear your voice]
83Nevan, nevana vetapiwa (The children given us live in hope)[Nevana, nevana vetapiwa]
84All praise to our redeeming Lord[All praise to our redeeming Lord]Text
85Jesus, Lord, we look to thee[Jesus, Lord, we look to thee]Text
86In the morning when I rise[In the morning when I rise]Text
87Sveikas, Jėzau gimusis (Jesus Child, we greet you now)[Sveikas, Jėzau gimusis]
88Come, Lord Jesus, come, as foretold[Come, Lord Jesus, come, as foretold]
89Child of wonder, Christ of kindness[Child of wonder, Christ of kindness]
90Gloire à Dieu au plus haut des cieux (Glory to God in the highest heaven)[Gloire à Dieu au plus haut des cieux]
91Sekim angelais visi [Sekim angelais visi]
92Let us join the angel's song[Let us join the angel's song]
93As on the cross the Savior hungTHE CONVERTED THIEF
94Este momento en punto es el momento (This is the moment now, this is the moment)[Este momento en punto es el momento]
95Courage, my soul, and let us journey on[Courage, my soul, and let us journey on]TextPage Scan
96What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soul!WONDROUS LOVETextPage Scan
97Kom i sorgen, kom i gråten (Come, O God, into my sorrow)[Kom i sorgen, kom i gråten]
98Yo quiero ser, Señor amante (I want to be, my loving Savior)[Yo quiero ser, Señor amante]
99Come, ye sinners, poor and needyRESTORATION
100Ae kau tau a e 'otua (Christians join the cause of Jesus!)[Ae kau tau a e 'otua]

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