Global Praise 3: more songs for worship and witness

Editor: S T Kimbrough, Jr.
Music Editor: Carlton R. Young
Publisher: The General Board of Global Ministries, New York, 2004
Denomination: United Methodist Church
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1Haleluya! Haleluya! (Hallelujah! Hallelujah!)[Haleluya! Haleluya]
2Yo sé que estás aquí, mi Señor (I know that you are here, my God)[Yo sé que estás aquí, mi Señor]
3Mi pela i bung (God of all the world)[Mi pela i bung]Text
4Lo, God is here, let us adore![Lo, God is here, let us adore]Text
5How shall we find you[How shall we find you]Text
6Ven, te invito a canta al Señor (Come and join our song of praise to the Lord)[Ven, te invito a canta al Señor]
7Jesus A, Nahetotaetonome (Jesus Lord, how joyful you have made us)[Jesus A, Nahetotaetanome]
8Hvala Tebi moj nebeski Oče! (Thanks and praise to you, O God of heaven)[Hvala Tebi moj nebeski Oče]
9Shiwana yambuka (Rise up, all you nations)[Shiwana yambuka]
10Everyone's rejoicingM'MWIMBIRE CHIUTATextPage Scan
11Te alabaré, Señor (I give you thanks, O God)[Te alabaré, Señor]
12Rendons gloire à Dieu notre Père[Rendons gloire à Dieu notre Père]
13To our God we bring adoration[To our God we bring adoration]
14O praise the Lord within the Assembly![O praise the Lord within the Assembly!]
15Ded-deen dedd (Lord of lords)[Ded-deen dedd]
16Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, amen![Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, amen!]
17Du allein bist Gott und Herr[Du allein bist Gott und Herr]
18You alone are God who rules[You alone are God who rules]
19Cordero de Dios (O Lamb of God)[Cordero de Dios]Text
20Aliluia, aliluia, aliluia[Aliluia, aliluia, aliluia]Text
21Halle, hallelujah[Halle, hallelujah]Text
22Ngarikudzwe zuva iro anomuka (Rejoice in the day when he rose from the dead)[Ngarikudzwe zuvairo anomuka]
23Alleluia! Praise the Lord[Alleluia! Praise the Lord]
24Alleluia, amen, alleluia[Alleluia, amen, alleluia]
25Alleluya Y'in Oluwa (Alleluia, praise the Lord)[Alleluya Y'in Oluwa]
26Halleluja, halleluja[Halleluja, halleluja]Text
27Alleluia Yehovah[Alleluia Yehovah]
28Los cielos cuentan de Dios[Los cielos cuentan de Dios]
29Heavens tell of God's glory[Heavens tell of God's glory]
30Eer aan God, eer aan God (Glory to our God)[Eer aan God, eer aan God]
31Karthave, kirubaiyayirum (Gracious Lord, have mercy)[Karthave, kirubaiyayirum]
32Ya, tuhanku (O Lord, our God)[Ya, tuhanku]Text
33Zhu a! qui ni lian min wo (Lord, have mercy on us)[Zhu a! qui ni lian min wo]
34Kyrie, eleison (Gracious lord, have mercy)[Kyrie, eleison]
35Kyrie, eleison (Lord, have mercy on us)[Kyrie, eleison]Text
36Hosanna en las alturas (Hosanna in the highest)[Hosanna en las alturas]
37Thooyaa, thooyaa, thooyare! (Holy, holy, holy Lord)[Thooyaa, thooyaa, thooyare]
38Aandavar thaam (Christ has died)[Aandavar thaam]
39Amen, amen, amen[Amen, amen, amen]Text
40Du är helig, Du är hel (You are holy, you are whole)[Du är helig, Du är hel]
41Holy, holy, holy Lord[Holy, holy, holy Lord]Text
42Amen, amen, amen.[Amen, amen, amen. Amen, amen, amen]Text
43Woman live a Moab lan'[Woman live a Moab lan']
44En la Escritura encontramos (God Holy Word has provided)[En la Escritura en contramos]
45Au preah vo bey da nei yeung kyom [Au preah vo bey da nei yeung kyom]
46Our Father, who is in heav'n[Our Father, who is in heaven]
47Temesgean Eyesus (Thank you, thank you, Jesus)[Temesgean Eyesus]
48Come to the Supper, come[Come to the Supper, come]
49Hindi ko maisip [Hindi ko maisip]
50Far beyond our mind's grasp[Far beyond mind's grasp]
51A va de laa mioo, diioo[A va de laa mioo, diioo]
52Come, one and all, to the table[Come, one and all, to the table]
53Viešpatie, tu atpirkai (Through your holy blood, dear Lord)[Viešpatie, tu atpirkai]
54Khwaam suk yeun yong khong maa suu phuu tham chopSRI LAMPANGText
55Happy the ones who walk in God's wise waySRI LAMPANG
56I love the Lord, he heard my cry[I love the Lord, he heard my cry]Text
57Cantai ao Senhor um cântico novo (Rejoice in the Lord and sing God a new song)[Cantai ao Senhor um cântico novo]
58K go ram vozvozhu vzory mahyee[K go ram vozvozhu vzory mahyee]
59I lift up my eyes to the hills above[I lift up my eyes to the hills above]
60Lord, I will lift mine eyes to the hills[Lord, I will lift mine eyes to the hills]
61O God, you search me and you know me[O God, you search me and you know me]
62Naega sanŭl hyanghayŏ nunŭl dŭne (To the high and kindly hills I lift my eyes)[Naega sanŭl hyanghayŏ nunŭl dŭne]
63Have mercy upon me, O God[Have mercy upon me, O God]
64Mikoron Dávid nagy búsultában [Mikoron Dávid nagy búsultában]Text
65David, the king, was once so frustrated[David, the king, was once so frustrated]
66Bueno es alabarte, Señor (God, how wondrous to give you our praise)[Bueno es alabarte, Señor]
67V tvojte ochi gledam radost (When you waken in the morning)[V tvojte ochi gledam radost]
68Al despuntar en la loma el día[Al despuntar en la loma el día]
69When o'er the hills morning light is breaking[When o'er the hills morning light is breaking]
70Burung murai tela bernyanyi riang[Burung murai tela bernyanyi riang]Text
71Bird calls announce the morning with joyful song[Bird calls announce the morning with joyful song]
72Kiedy ranne wstają zorze [Kiedy ranne wstają zorze]Text
73In the distance day is breaking[In the distance day is breaking]
74Por la mañana yo dirijo mi alabanza (I waken each new day with joy and jubilation)[Por la mañana yo dirijo mi alabanza]
75Kaugel väljal helisevad kellad (Can't you hear the distant bells are ringing?)[Kaugel väljal helisevad kellad]
76Maye komm na mehwe Onyame (I will quietly wait on the Lord)[Maye komm na mehwe Onyame]Text
77Pasibaigė diena (The day is at an end)[Pasibaigė diena]
78Oseh shalom bim'romav (May the Source of Peace up above)[Oseh shalom bim'romav]Text
79Pokea moyo wangu e Mungu wangu (Receive my soul, I pray, O God, receive my soul)[Pokea moyo wangu e Mungu wangu]
80'Eiki mafimafi tali 'emau hu (Lord God Almighty, hear us now, we pray)VESPERSText
81Na Jijoho, jijoho ni tin (May the God of peace and of all good)[Na Jijoho, jijoho ni tin]
82Gospodi pomilui (Lord have mercy)[Gospodi pomilui]Text
83Salamun Salamun Salamun Kullaheen! (May peace be with you; may God's peace be now with you!)[Salamun Salamun Salamun Kullaheen]
84Lord of life, we come to youERISKAY LOVE LILT
85We pray to you, O God[We pray to you, O God]Text
86Lajahle htaora Hp'ya htaora Hp'ya (Come, O come, let us praise Parent God)[Lajahle htaora Hp'ya htaora Hp'ya]
87Sara shristika malik tapaimlain (You are author and Lord of creation)[Sara shristika malik tapaimlain]
88Perëndi plot madhështi [Perëndi plot madhështi]
89God of all the universe[God of all the universe]
90Boh náš je láska od večnosti[Boh náš je láska od večnosti]TextPage Scan
91Love is eternal, for God is love[Boh náš je láska od večnosti]
92O Ségne, nou pòte rémesiman [O Ségne, nou pòte rémesiman]
93Loving God, we come with thanks[Loving God, we come with thanks]
94Sithi bonga bonga bonga bonga (We sing praise, O God, we sing your praise)[Sithi bonga bonga bonga bonga]
95More than we know, God works within us[More than we know, God works within us]Text
96Christus ist unser Friede (Jesus Christ is our freedom)[Christus ist unser Friede]
97Jesus, Savior, Spirit, Sun!SOON EEText
98Koi au na salana dina na bula ("I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"[Koi au na salana dina na bula]
99Hinge hinge [Hinge hinge]
100Let us enter into covenant with Christ[Let us enter into covenant with Christ]

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