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Hymns for the Children of the Church: with accompanying tunes

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Jesus, Thou art comingJESU, THOU ART COMINGPage Scan
2Jesu! Jesu! Thou art comingST. CECILIAPage Scan
3Light is breaking! dead are waking!ST. HILARYPage Scan
4Hosanna, they were singingAUTUMNPage Scan
5He is coming, He is comingWOOFFERTONPage Scan
6Oh! how wondrous seemed the tidingsS. JUDEPage Scan
7Prince of Peace, we bow before TheeSTELLA IN ORIENTEPage Scan
8O come, all ye faithfulADESTE FIDELESPage Scan
9To the sleepless shepherds watchingCOME, YE ANGELSPage Scan
10Sing, O sing, this Christmas mornSING, O SINGPage Scan
11Hark! the herald-angels singCHRISTMAS HYMNPage Scan
12aWhile shepherds watched their flocks by nightWHILE SHEPHERDS WATCHEDPage Scan
12bWhile shepherds watched their flocks by nightWINCHESTER OLDPage Scan
13See, amid the winter's snowSEE, AMID THE WINTER'S SNOWPage Scan
14Once in Bethlehem of JudahONCE IN BETHLEHEMPage Scan
15Sleep, Holy BabeSLEEP, HOLY BABEPage Scan
16No courtiers great His birth awaitTHE CHILDREN'S KINGPage Scan
17O Jesus Lord, thy BirthdayBEDWYNPage Scan
18Bright was the morn, with many a sunlit gemBRIGHT WAS THE MORNPage Scan
19O Jesus Christ most dearSWABIAPage Scan
20Another year has now begunHEARTS AND VOICESPage Scan
21Give heed, my heart, lift up thine eyes!GIVE HEED, MY HEARTPage Scan
22aHail, the Star of Jesus!UPTON PYNEPage Scan
22bHail, the Star of Jesus!HAIL THE STARPage Scan
23All across the sandy desertALL ACROSS THE SANDY DESERTPage Scan
24Brightest and best of the sons of the morningEPIPHANY HYMNPage Scan
25Throughout Thy Holy Church, O LordECCLESIAPage Scan
26Lo, the Pilgrim MagiST. ALBAN (132)Page Scan
27The heavens declare Thy glory, LordSURREYPage Scan
28Within a manger bare He layWITHIN A MANGERPage Scan
29The Only Son came down from HeavenEPIPHANYPage Scan
30At Thy cradle, blessed SaviourCHILDREN'S OFFERINGSPage Scan
31The Holy Season comes againTHE HOLY SEASONPage Scan
32Once more the Church our MotherS. MARY MAGDALENEPage Scan
33O come to the merciful Saviour that calls youO COME TO THE MERCIFUL SAVIOURPage Scan
34Light and comfort of my soulZURICHPage Scan
35God of mercy and compassionAUGSBERGPage Scan
36The Saviour's love to man we blessMANCHESTERPage Scan
37God the Father, Who didst make meS. AUSTINPage Scan
38All glory, laud and honourS. THEODULPHPage Scan
39When to the Holy CityS. SIMONPage Scan
40Sing joyously ye girls and boysSING JOYOUSLYPage Scan
41I lift my heart to TheeHERMONPage Scan
42O Christ my RedeemerS. MARGARETPage Scan
43Soul of Jesus, once for meTITCHFIELDPage Scan
44To the Cross of Christ the SaviourALBERTAPage Scan
45Holy Jesus, I have crowned TheeS. ALBAN (276)Page Scan
46Hear Thy children, gentle JesusS. MABYNPage Scan
47Jesus, Name all names aboveSCHOPPage Scan
48Dread hours that slowly rolled[Dread hours that slowly rolled]Page Scan
49All last night while men were sleepingALL LAST NIGHTPage Scan
50O Christ, the eternal Son of GodCOVENTRYPage Scan
51Shall Jesus tread the path aloneCROSS OF CALVARYPage Scan
52For thirty-three sad yearsHOLY CROSSPage Scan
53Upon the Hill of CalvaryS. MATTHEWPage Scan
54The Holy One of GodHAMILTONPage Scan
55Beside the cross of JesusBESIDE THE CROSSPage Scan
56On the Cross the Saviour seeON THE CROSSPage Scan
57Upon this day—the saddest dayUPON THIS DAYPage Scan
58In His own raiment cladSTORY OF THE CROSSPage Scan
59Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia![Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!]Page Scan
60Now all the bells of Easter ringEASTER BELLSPage Scan
61Let us sing Alleluia today!LET US SING ALLELUIAPage Scan
62The Angels' songs this joyful dayTHE ANGELS' SONGSPage Scan
63On wings of living lightDARWALL'S 148THPage Scan
64Sing we Alleluia, On this joyful dayNEUENAHRPage Scan
65O come on this bright Easter-dayO COME ON THIS BRIGHT EASTER-DAYPage Scan
66Why need the Lord's disciples fearKEBLEPage Scan
67Three women went forth at the breaking of dayTHREE WOMEN WENT FORTHPage Scan
68Joy-bells ringing, children singingJOY-BELLSPage Scan
69Christ is risen! Oh wondrous tidingsEDSTASTONPage Scan
70Angels, shout your AlleluiasS. ALBAN'S (268)Page Scan
71This is the feast-day of our KingSTEVENSONPage Scan
72Come, join the kingly banquet, freeGILLINGHAMPage Scan
73All hail! dear Conqueror, all hail!DARWALL'S 150THPage Scan
74Praise Him, praise Him, Jesus our RedeemerPRAISE HIM, PRAISE HIMPage Scan
75Wake happy souls, awake to songs of gladnessWAKE, HAPPY SOULSPage Scan
76aOn the Resurrection morningFINCHINGFIELDPage Scan
76bOn the Resurrection morningMANSFIELDPage Scan
77O Welcome, happy DayEASTER CAROLPage Scan
78Early with blush of dawn[Early with blush of dawn]Page Scan
79Golden harps are soundingHERMASPage Scan
80The Child of Mary passedOLIVETPage Scan
81Rise, glorious Victor, riseRISE, GLORIOUS VICTORPage Scan
82Christ led them unto BethanyST. OSWINPage Scan
83Lift up, ye everlasting DoorsS. EDWARDPage Scan
84Hark, ten thousand harps and voicesHARPS AND VOICESPage Scan
85Welcome to us is Christmas mornWELCOME TO USPage Scan
86Jesus treads the floor of HeavenTHE ANGELS' KINGPage Scan
87Up in Heaven, up in HeavenUP IN HEAVENPage Scan
88The golden gates are lifted upCREDITONPage Scan
89The Apostles watched their LordS. CYRESPage Scan
90On Ascension Day we raiseWEIMERPage Scan
91Jesus Christ had gone awayRIBYPage Scan
92He comes! He comes! the Holy OneBERLINPage Scan
93Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireVENI CREATORPage Scan
94Holy Spirit, bless Thy childrenVESPERPage Scan
95For all within us good and holyS. BATHOLOMEWPage Scan
96Come, Holy Spirit, come!CARLISLEPage Scan
97Holy Spirit, Heavenly DoveBENEVENTOPage Scan

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