International Praise: for the Sunday school and church

Editor: E. O. Excell
Publisher: E. O. Excell , Chicago, 1902
Language: English
Notes: The scanned hymnal is missing a couple pages
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1From all that dwell below the skiesPage Scan
2My soul is so happy in JesusPage Scan
3Lord, we feel the show'rs of blessingTextPage Scan
4What though the path be lonely
5I have joy that none can tell
6When troubled my soul and when peace I would findPage Scan
7I am waiting at the portalPage Scan
8When stormy billows try my soulPage Scan
9The Savior calls us to His workPage Scan
10Do you fear the foe will in the conflilct win?Page Scan
11Let me hear it again, that beautiful storyPage Scan
12If ever we enter the glory abovePage Scan
13That beautiful name how it thrills mePage Scan
14On our way rejoicing, As we homeward movePage Scan
15When the storm clouds gather above my headPage Scan
16Since I lost my sins, and I found my SaviorPage Scan
17Jesus, my Savior, look on mePage Scan
18Before I came to Jesus, My heart was full of sinPage ScanAudio
19Oh, dark was the long, weary nightPage Scan
20Oh, sweet is the story of JesusPage Scan
21I have such a wonderful SaviorPage Scan
22My Savior has freed me from sinPage Scan
23Ashamed of Thee! O dearest LordPage Scan
24I shall be satisfied at lastPage Scan
25Closer to Thee, O Christ, I'd clingPage Scan
26There is great rejoicing in my soulPage Scan
27There is a green hill far awayPage Scan
28There's a stranger at the doorPage Scan
29Oh! what a wonderful SaviorPage Scan
30I will not go where I cannot take JesusPage Scan
31Silently the shades of eveningPage Scan
32Onward, ye faithful soldiersPage Scan
33I knew that God in His Word had spokenPage Scan
34I have a song I love to singPage Scan
35"Come closer, closer, child to Me"Page Scan
36No beautiful chamber, No soft cradle bedPage Scan
37Open the door for the childrenPage Scan
38I will evermore repeat the wondrous storyPage Scan
39Draw me nearer, blessed SaviorPage Scan
40All, yes, all I give to JesusPage Scan
41Dear Jesus, ever at Thy sidePage Scan
42Jesus, the Savior, is calling for theePage Scan
43Sing the love of JesusPage Scan
44Closer, Savior, to Thy sidePage Scan
45I do not ask, O Lord, that life may bePage Scan
46I have perfect peace todayPage Scan
47Holy Bible, book divinePage Scan
48There are storms the world o'er sweepingPage Scan
49Somewhere the sun is shiningPage Scan
50Give me a harp on the hills of gloryPage Scan
51In the shadow of His wings Page Scan
52Father, clasp my hand inThinePage Scan
53Hark! there's a call for the brave and true!Page Scan
54In the pathway of my journeyPage Scan
55Come in, Thou Savior dear, come inPage Scan
56Lord, I hear of show'rs of blessingPage Scan
57Such a wonderful Redeemer I have foundPage Scan
58Sing the sweetest song of allPage Scan
59Oh, would you wear a starry crownPage Scan
60I am trusting in my SaviorPage Scan
61What are you doing? what are you doing?Page Scan
62Go forward, O worker for Jesus!Page Scan
63Onward, Christian soldiers!Page Scan
64Hark I hear the Savior sayPage Scan
65Some day I'll reap what I have sownPage Scan
66Savior may Thy gentle handPage Scan
67Shall we gather at the riverPage Scan
68Teach me, O Thou Holy SpiritPage Scan
69One more day's work for JesusPage Scan
70I am saved, but is self buried?Page Scan
71Come, we that love the LordPage Scan
72I met a Stranger fair to seePage Scan
73Behold, I stand at the door and knock, knock, knockPage Scan
74My heart is enraptur'd with JesusPage Scan
75I have a Friend, a precious FriendPage Scan
76I know my heav'nly Father knowsPage Scan
77I need Thee ev'ry hourPage Scan
78How many the blessings around usPage Scan
79Jesus of Nazareth, healer of menPage Scan
80There are mansions in the skiesPage Scan
81I've a message from the Lord, Hallelujah!Page Scan
82My God, my Father, while I strayPage Scan
83Lamp of our feet, whereby we tracePage Scan
84My Father's blessed countryPage Scan
85Over Judea's rugged hillsPage Scan
86While the sun is shining brightly on thy wayPage Scan
87My Savior sought me when astrayPage Scan
88I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers mePage Scan
89Thou art my strength and shieldPage Scan
90I am a stranger here, within a foreign landPage Scan
91Ring, ring, beautiful bellsPage Scan
92When the burden is heavy and courage is faintPage Scan
93Dear child, dear child, we cannot always knowPage Scan
94When all my labors and trials are o'erPage Scan
95I want to be more like JesusPage Scan
96In the haven of blessing I am tenting todayPage Scan
97I came to Jesus with my sinPage Scan
98I love to think of the ransom'd throngPage Scan
99I am coming to the crossPage Scan
100In a world where sorrow Ever will be knownPage Scan

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