The King's Praises Number 2: compiled especially for evangelicalistic meetings, Sunday schools and young people's services

Publisher: Praise Pub. Company, Philadelphia, 1910
Editor: Melvin J. Hill, Milton S. Rees, H. L. Gilmour, Chas H. Marsh, William J. Kirkpatrick, C. P. Curry
Language: English
Notes: Hymns are missing from the page scan.
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1Look ye saints the sight is gloriousPage Scan
2One of God's days every dark cloudPage Scan
3Sing the tidings o'er and o'er, Christ will winPage Scan
4How my longing heart is cheeredPage Scan
5'Twas love alone that moved my LordPage Scan
6You can never be lonely if Christ is your friendPage Scan
7When I have finished my pilgrimage herePage Scan
8Let us be triumphant ChristiansPage Scan
9There's many a sorrow the world may not knowPage Scan
10I have come through sorrow's valleyPage Scan
11Poor and despised, he came seeking for mePage Scan
12Bear the cross for JesusPage Scan
13I am thine, O Lord, I have heard thy voicePage Scan
14Does the tempter seek your soul?Page Scan
15In time of temptation, I hear a sweet voicePage Scan
16Sweet as the dew at mornPage Scan
17Open thou mine eyes, Lord JesusPage Scan
18Whenever by sorrow my spirit is triedPage Scan
19There's sorrow and sadness on every sidePage Scan
20I have an every day SaviorPage Scan
21Though your head be bowed with sorrowPage Scan
22There's a glad song rings throughout the worldPage Scan
23Oh, bless the Lord, my soulPage Scan
24I'm happy in my Lord belowPage Scan
25When I was lost on the sea of sinPage Scan
26Never alone in this earthly wayPage Scan
27Not a sound invades the stillnessPage Scan
28Outside of the fold of the Shepherd so truePage Scan
29Gone from my heart the world and [with] all its charmsPage Scan
30I will sing the wondrous story, of the ChristPage Scan
31Thou my everlasting portionPage Scan
32It matters not how long the wayPage Scan
33Marching on in blessed gospel lightPage Scan
34Dear to the heart of the Shepherd, Dear are the sheepPage Scan
35While Jesus whispers to youPage Scan
36How many in heaven rejoicingly standPage Scan
37When no clouds are in my skyPage Scan
38There is a holy cityPage Scan
39O child of the King, a message I bringPage Scan
40Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou homeland of the blestPage Scan
41My fatherland, my heavenPage Scan
42Ye would not come unto mePage Scan
43I am fully trusting Jesus, even when the sky is darkPage Scan
44Weak and unworthy though I bePage Scan
45Shall I stand all alonePage Scan
46This is our business daily seeking for the lostPage Scan
47Be not dismayed whate'er betidePage Scan
48Far away he saw me in the paths of sinPage Scan
49Jesus only, when the morningPage Scan
50Let those who've never known our Lord and KingPage Scan
51Where are thy sins, o brother, wherePage Scan
52O the glory that the SaviorPage Scan
53Great is the love that brought mePage Scan
54With the cross of Christ going on beforePage Scan
56Though the angry surges roll On my tempest driven soulPage Scan
57Beyond the dangerous sea of lifePage Scan
58We are gathering jewels for the crown of our LordPage Scan
59Once in the thundering breakersPage Scan
60I have tried to count His blessingsPage Scan
61O shipwrecked soul, far out on sin's dark wavePage Scan
62There's a golden ray through the falling rainPage Scan
63A wonderful Savior is Jesus my LordPage Scan
64Revival flames are kindlingPage Scan
65The King of love my shepherd isPage Scan
66Just to trust in the Lord, just to lean on His wordPage Scan
67In the light of truth eternalPage Scan
68My stubborn will at last hath yieldedPage Scan
69There's a Savior who's almightyPage Scan
70Wait on the Lord, O soul be stillPage Scan
71The Shepherd sought his wandering sheepPage Scan
72The face of Jesus, to me most dearPage Scan
73With Jesus, my Lord, all the way I am goingPage Scan
74Is thy heart by sin now burdenedPage Scan
75Precious words to Christians sweetPage Scan
76Once my weary heart peace and comfort soughtPage Scan
77O, come to the Savior, His arms are extendedPage Scan
78Revive thy work, almighty GodPage Scan
79Jesus, I come to thee, kneeling low before theePage Scan
80By faith God's hosts march out to battlePage Scan
81Redeemed, how I love to proclaim itPage Scan
82Out on the mountainway steepPage Scan
83'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take himPage Scan
84Give me thy heart, says the Father abovePage Scan
85Bowed beneath your burden, is there none to sharePage Scan
86Saved to the uttermost I am the Lord'sPage Scan
87Would you be free from the [your] burden of sinPage Scan
88Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingPage Scan
89If you are tired of the load of your sinPage Scan
90Walk ye in the old pathsPage Scan
91When storms of life are round me beatingPage Scan
92Out in the conflict, pressed by temptationPage Scan
93O hear the Savior's voice todayPage Scan
94The battle is on, 'tis the Lord who commands itPage Scan
95I pray thee, I pray thee, O Father almightyPage Scan
96Homeward, I go rejoicing, O lovely promised landPage Scan
97Out of my bondage, sorrow and nightPage Scan
98My heart was distressed neath Jehovah's dread frownPage Scan
99Hear the shouts that rend the airPage Scan
100You may have the joybells ringing in your heartPage Scan
101If you have heard that our God is lovePage Scan

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