A New Version of the Psalms of David: Fitted to the Tunes Used in the Churches, With Several Hymns Out of the Old, and New, Testament

Author: John Barnard
Publisher: J. Draper (Printer) for T. Leverett, Boston, 1752
Denomination: Church of Christ
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number
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1Thrice blest the Man, who ne'er thinks fitTextPage Scan
2Why do the Heathen furious rageTextPage Scan
3Why do the Heathen madly rageTextPage Scan
4O Lord, my Troublers great are grownTextPage Scan
5O God, my Righteousness who artTextPage Scan
6Unto my Words, O Lord, give EarTextPage Scan
7O Lord, when thou do'st me rebukeTextPage Scan
9O Lord, my God, in thee aloneTextPage Scan
11O Lord our Lord, in all the earthTextPage Scan
12With all my Heart, eternal GodTextPage Scan
14O Wherefore Lord as unconcern'dTextPage Scan
16I Firmly on the Lord relyTextPage Scan
17Help, Lord; the godly Man decaysTextPage Scan
18How long wilt thou forget me, Lord?TextPage Scan
19The Fool in's Heart saith, there's no GodTextPage Scan
20aWho, Lord, shall to thy courts repairTextPage Scan
20bO Mighty God, preserve thou meTextPage Scan
22The Rights of Justice hear O LordTextPage Scan
24Thee, Lord, my strength, I'll dearly loveTextPage Scan
28Thro' all the Heav'ns, thy Glory, LordTextPage Scan
30The Lord attend to thy RequestTextPage Scan
31The King shall in thy Strength rejoiceTextPage Scan
33The King, in thy StrengthTextPage Scan
34My God, my God, wherefore hast thouTextPage Scan
38aJehovah, my kind Shepherd isTextPage Scan
38bThe gracious Lord is still, to meTextPage Scan
39This Globe of Earth, with all it's StoresTextPage Scan
40This spacious Globe of EarthTextPage Scan
41To Thee, O God, I lift my SoulTextPage Scan
43Judge me, O Lord; with upright HeartTextPage Scan
44The Lord's my Light and saving HealthTextPage Scan
46To thee, O Lord, my Rock, I cryTextPage Scan
47O all ye Monarchs of the EarthTextPage Scan
48I'll Thee extol, O Lord, on highTextPage Scan
49O Lord, I'll Thee extol with PraiseTextPage Scan
50In Thee, O Lord, I place my TrustTextPage Scan
53Thrice bless'd the Man, whom God forgivesTextPage Scan
54O Blessed Man, whom God forgivesTextPage Scan
56Rejoice, ye righteous, in the LordTextPage Scan
57Thro' all my Days, I'll bless the LordTextPage Scan
59With them that strive, and fight with meTextPage Scan
61When Man, I see, grows bold in SinTextPage Scan
63My Heart concludes, the bold in SinTextPage Scan
64Fret not thyself, tho' wicked MenTextPage Scan
68O Lord, rebuke me not in WrathTextPage Scan
69I thought to guard my Ways with CareTextPage Scan
71I did resolve to guard my WaysTextPage Scan
72With unmov'd Patience, for the LordTextPage Scan
74Thrice bless'd the Man, whose thoughtful MindTextPage Scan
76As pants the chased, thirsty HartTextPage Scan
77Judge me, O Lord, who only canTextPage Scan
78O Lord, our Ears have often heardTextPage Scan
80Sublimer Thoughts inspire my BreastTextPage Scan
82My Breast is inspir'dTextPage Scan
85God is our Refuge, where we're safeTextPage Scan
86Our Refuge is in GodTextPage Scan
87Clap Hands, all People, shout to GodTextPage Scan
88Great is the Lord, immensely greatTextPage Scan
89Great is the Lord, supreamy greatTextPage Scan
91Hear this all People, and give EarTextPage Scan
92The mighty God, Jehovah spakeTextPage Scan
95The mighty God, Jehovah spakeTextPage Scan
97O God, to me let Mercy flowTextPage Scan
98Wherefore, O mighty Man, dost thouTextPage Scan
99Fools, in their Heart, say there's no GodTextPage Scan
100Save me O God for thy Name's SakeTextPage Scan
101Give Ear, O God, unto my Pray'rTextPage Scan
103Have Pity, upon me, O GodTextPage Scan
104Have Mercy, Lord, Mercy I craveTextPage Scan
105Do ye speak Righteousness, indeedTextPage Scan
107Save me, My God, from all my FoesTextPage Scan
109Thou hast cast off, and scatter'd usTextPage Scan
110Lord, hearken to my CryTextPage Scan
111Truly, my Soul doth wait on GodTextPage Scan
112O God, thou art my Gracious GodTextPage Scan
113My Voice, O God, in my Pray'r hearTextPage Scan
114Tho' th' Earth sit silent, yet thy PraiseTextPage Scan
115Let all the Earth, in Shouts, to GodTextPage Scan
117Bless, Lord, thine HeritageTextPage Scan
118Rise, Lord, and let thine EnemiesTextPage Scan
122Save me O God for mighty FloodsTextPage Scan
125Deliver me, O GodTextPage Scan
126In thee, O Lord, I place my TrustTextPage Scan
128Give, Lord, the King, thy clearest LightTextPage Scan
130Yet truly God to Isr'el's goodTextPage Scan
132Why hast for ever cast us offTextPage Scan
135We thank and praise Thee, GodTextPage Scan
136In Judah, God's most clearly knownTextPage Scan
137With mournful Voice, and ardent CriesTextPage Scan
138My people close Attention giveTextPage Scan
144The Heathen, Lord, thy HeritageTextPage Scan
145Thou, who led'st Joseph, like a FlockTextPage Scan
148With raised Voice, to God, our StrengthTextPage Scan
149God, in the Congregation, standsTextPage Scan
150Amidst the Assemblies of the GreatTextPage Scan
151O God, to our repeated CriesTextPage Scan
152How amiable, Lord of HostsTextPage Scan
154Thou, Lord, thy Land hast Favour shownTextPage Scan
155Bow down, O Lord, thine Ear, hear meTextPage Scan
156Jehovah, in the holy MountsTextPage Scan

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