A New Version of the Psalms of David: Fitted to the Tunes Used in the Churches, With Several Hymns Out of the Old, and New, Testament

Author: John Barnard
Publisher: J. Draper (Printer) for T. Leverett, Boston, 1752
Denomination: Church of Christ
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number
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157aJehovah his Foundations laidTextPage Scan
157bLord, God of my Salvation, ITextPage Scan
159The Mercies of the Lord I'll singTextPage Scan
163Thro' all the changing Scenes, have pastTextPage Scan
165He that, the Highest's secret PlaceTextPage Scan
166'Tis good, and sweet, to thank the LordTextPage Scan
168'Tis good to thank the LordTextPage Scan
169aJehovah reigns, with Strength begirtTextPage Scan
169bJehovah ever reignsTextPage Scan
170Jehovah, God of Vengeance, shineTextPage Scan
171O Come, let us, in Consort, joinTextPage Scan
172O Come, let us unite, and singTextPage Scan
173Sing to Jehovah a new SongTextPage Scan
174Jehovah reigns, let all the EarthTextPage Scan
175Sing, to Jehovah, a new SongTextPage Scan
176Jehovah sov'reign King doth reignTextPage Scan
177Shout to Jehovah all the EarthTextPage Scan
178aTo God, let all the EarthTextPage Scan
178bMercy, and Judgment, claim my SongTextPage Scan
179Jehovah to my Pray'r attendTextPage Scan
181Join all thy Powers, O my SoulTextPage Scan
183My Soul, Jehovah bless; my GodTextPage Scan
186Give Thanks to God, call on his NameTextPage Scan
190Praise ye the Lord, give Thanks to himTextPage Scan
193Give Thanks to God, for he is goodTextPage Scan
197O God, my Heart is fix'dTextPage Scan
198God of my Praise, hold not thy PeaceTextPage Scan
201Jehovah said unto my LordTextPage Scan
202aPraise ye the Lord with my whole HeartTextPage Scan
202bThat Man is bless''d, who fears the LordTextPage Scan
203Come, let us praise the LordTextPage Scan
204Ye Servants of th' Almighty KingTextPage Scan
205Praise ye the Lord; his Servants praiseTextPage Scan
206When Isr'l was from Egypt freedTextPage Scan
207Not unto us Lord; not to usTextPage Scan
208I Love the Lord, who heard the VoiceTextPage Scan
209Let all the Nations, thro; the EarthTextPage Scan
210aYe Nations ev'ry whereTextPage Scan
210bGive Thanks to God, for he is goodTextPage Scan
212Thrice bless'd are th' undefiled in WayTextPage Scan
223In my Distress, to God, I cry'dTextPage Scan
224aIf to the Hills I lift mine EyesTextPage Scan
224bWith Joy I heard the People sayTextPage Scan
225My Heart rejoic'd to hearTextPage Scan
226aTo Thee, for Succour, in DistressTextPage Scan
226bHad not the Lord, may Isr'l sayTextPage Scan
227aThey, like to Sion's sacred MountTextPage Scan
227bWhen Sion's captives God return'dTextPage Scan
228aExcept the Lord do build the HouseTextPage Scan
228bThrice bless'd are all that fear the LordTextPage Scan
229aFrom my Youth up, may Isr'el sayTextPage Scan
229bLord, from the Heart, and Depth of WoeTextPage Scan
230aO Lord, my Heart's not haughty grownTextPage Scan
230bThy promise, Lord, to David, mindTextPage Scan
232aBehold; how charming is the Sight!TextPage Scan
232bBehold! how good it proves!TextPage Scan
233aLo; all ye Servants of the LordTextPage Scan
233bLet's join, and Hallelujah singTextPage Scan
235Your Thanks, to God, most good repeatTextPage Scan
236There we sat down, and wept, by StreamsTextPage Scan
237With my whole Heart, my SacrificeTextPage Scan
238O Lord, thou do'st me search, and knowTextPage Scan
241Lord, save me from the evil ManTextPage Scan
242To Thee, O Lord, I cryTextPage Scan
243I Cry'd aloud, unto the LordTextPage Scan
244Hear, Lord, my Pray'r, to my RequestTextPage Scan
245Forever blessed be the LordTextPage Scan
247I'll thee extol, my God, and KingTextPage Scan
249Praise God, my Soul, praise thou the LordTextPage Scan
250Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to singTextPage Scan
251Loud Hallelujahs singTextPage Scan
253Praise ye the Lord; sing unto GodTextPage Scan
254O Praise ye the LordTextPage Scan
255Praise God: praise him in's House belowTextPage Scan
256I'll sing the Triumphs of the LordTextPage Scan
258Let Heav'n's wide Arch, while I shall speakTextPage Scan
263Praise ye the Lord, who hath aveng'dTextPage Scan
268Hark, 'tis the Voice of Wisdom criesTextPage Scan
269aThe Mountain of Jehovah's HouseTextPage Scan
269bNations, that long in Darkness walk'dTextPage Scan
270From ancient Times I have declar'dTextPage Scan
271Lord, who hath our Report believ'd?TextPage Scan
272Ho! ev'ry one that thirsteth, comeTextPage Scan
273aMy Soul, to magnify the LordTextPage Scan
273bBless'd be the Lord, ev'n Isr'el's GodTextPage Scan
274Whilst Shepherds, in the open FieldTextPage Scan
275aNow Lord, as thou hast said, dismissTextPage Scan
275bNow unto him, whose Love has shownTextPage Scan
276aO Holy, holy, holy, LordTextPage Scan
276bThou Lord, the Glory, Honour, Pow'rTextPage Scan
276cThou worthy art to take the BookTextPage Scan
276dThe Lamb is worthy that was slainTextPage Scan
277Let Heaven, and Earth, unite, to payTextPage Scan

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