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Psalms for All Seasons: a complete Psalter for worship

Editor: Joyce Borger, Martin Tel, John D. Witvliet
Publisher: Calvin Institute for Christian Worship/ Faith Alive Christian Resources / Brazos Press, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, MI, 2012
Denomination: Christian Reformed Church in North America
Notes: Canticles and Hymns in the Services of Prayer are numbered by page number.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
ITree of Wisdom, fruitful greenDIX
1AThe one is blest who, fearing GodWINCESTER OLDTextPage ScanAudio
1BHappy are they who trust, who trust in the Lord[Happy are they who trust]Audio
1CHappy are they who walk in God's wise way (Khwaam suk yeun yong khong maa suu phuu tham chop)SRI LAMPANGAudio
1DAs God's baptismal people
1EFeliz la gente (How blest the people)FELIZ EL HOMBRE
1FHappy is the one BENEDICTUS PRIMUSAudio
2AWhy do the nations rage GRANT PARK
2BWhy do the peoples of the world rage about like madmen?
2CWhy this dark conspiracyCHRIST IST ERSTANDEN
2DThe LORD is King; with trembling bow in worship! (You are my son; this day have I begotten you)[The LORD is King; with trembling bow in worship]
2EGod of justice and mercy
3ALord, how many are my foes![Lord, how many are my foes]
3BYou, O Lord, are a shield about me[You, O Lord, are a shield about me]
4AO God, defender of the poorBROTHER JAMES' AIRText
4BAnswer me when I call, O God defender of my cause[In the night I can take my rest]
4B(alt)Night has fallen. Night has fallenNIGHT HAS FALLENText
5AHear, O Lord, my urgent prayerTEBBENAudio
5BGive ear to our words, O Lord[Give ear to my words, O Lord]Audio
5CHear my words, O Lord[Hear my words, O Lord]
6ALORD, chasten not in angerGENEVAN 6Audio
6BMy eyes are dim with weeping[My eyes are dim with weeping]
6B(alt)Healer of our every illHEALER
6CHow long, how long, O Lord? (All glory to God's name)GENEVAN 6
7APlaintive is the song I singNUN KOMM DER HEIDEN HEILAND
8ALORD, our Lord, your glorious nameGOTT SEI DANK DURCH ALLE WELTTextPage ScanAudio
8BLORD, our Lord, your glorious nameEVENING PRAISETextAudio
8CO Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name[O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is your name]
8DO Lord, our Lord, throughout the earthTRAMPS AND HAWKERS
8EO Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth[O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth]Audio
8FO Lord, how excellent, how excellent[O Lord, how excellent, how excellent]
9AOré mboriajú (On the poor, on the poor)[On the poor, on the poor]Audio
9BSing praise to God, whose mighty actsSALVATIONTextPage ScanAudio
9CCome, sing to God with all your heartMORNING SONG (CONSOLATION)Audio
10AWhen trouble looms on every sideJESU DULCIS MEMORIAAudio
11AO Lord, be our refuge, when evils assailFOUNDATION
11BHow firm a foundation you saints of the LordFOUNDATIONText
12ALying lips that falsely flatterCAPTIVITY (KAS DZIEDAJA)
13AGod - are you there?
13BHow long will you forget me, LordMARTYRDOMTextAudio
13CHow long, O Lord, will you forget me[How long, O Lord, will you forget me]
13DHow long, O Lord, will you forgetHOW LONGText
13EHow long, LORD? Will you forget me forever?[O Lord, hear my prayer]
14AThe fools have said in their heart[The fools have said in their heart]Audio
14BProne to wander, Lord, I feel itBEACH SPRING (fragment)
14CHoly Wisdom, Almighty GodPage Scan
15ALord, who are they that may dwellSTELLA CARMELTextPage Scan
15BThose who walk without blame[Those who walk without blame]Audio
15CI'm gonna live so God can use meI'M GONNA LIVE
15DLord, who may dwell within your house CRIMONDAudio
15EGod of truth and grace
16AWhen in the night I meditate MAITLANDTextPage Scan
16BPreserve me, O God, my Savior[Preserve me, O God, my Savior]Audio
16CProtect me, God: I trust in youMEPHIBOSHETHTextPage ScanAudio
16DProtect me, O God: I trust in youMEPHIBOSHETH (fragment)Text
16D(alt)My heart is glad and my spirit rejoices[My heart is glad and my spirit rejoices]
17ALord, bend your ear and hear my prayer[Lord, bend your ear and hear my prayer]
17BI am innocent, O Lord! [I am innocent, O, Lord]Audio
17CLORD, listen to my righteous pleaROSALIE MCMILLIANAudio
18ARefuge and RockEARTH AND ALL STARSAudio
18BHow I love you, Lord, my GodABERSTWYTHAudio
19AThe stars declare his gloryDEERFIELDTextAudio
19BGod's glory fills the heavens with hymnsCREATION TextPage ScanAudio
19CThrough the witness of creation[Through the witness of creation]
19C(alt)Lord, you have the words[Lord you have the words]Audio
19DThe heavens declare your gloryFAITHFULTextPage ScanAudio
19EThe law of the Lord is perfect[The law of the Lord is perfect]Audio
19FSilent voices, unheard voicesSILENT VOICESAudio
20AEl nombre de Dios te ampare (May God's holy name uphold you)[El nombre de Dios te ampare]
20BMay the blessing of the LORD be upon us[May the blessing of the LORD be upon us]
20B(alt)I will trust in the LordTRUST IN THE LORDText
20CMay the Lord God hear you prayTEBBENTextAudio
21ATo your unequaled strength, O LordDETROITAudio
22APeople who see me are scornful[People who see me are scornful]Audio
22BLord, why have you forsaken meHARVEY'S CHANTAudio
22CWhat wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soul?WONDROUS LOVE (fragment)
22DMy God, my God, why have you forsaken me?[My God, my God, why have you forsaken me]
22D(alt)All the ends of the earth shall remember[All the ends of the earth shall remember]
22EAmid the thronging worshipersBOVINATextPage ScanAudio
22FIn the presence of your peopleCELEBRATIONAudio
22GThe ends of all the earth shall hearVISIONTextPage ScanAudio
23AMy Shepherd will supply my needRESIGNATIONTextAudio
23BThe Lord, my shepherd, rules my life CRIMONDTextPage ScanAudio
23CThe Lord's my shepherd. I'll not wantBROTHER JAMES' AIRAudio
23DThe King of love my Shepherd isST. COLUMBATextPage ScanAudio
23ESuch perfect love my Shepherd showsDOMINUS REGIT METextPage Scan
23FThe Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want[The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want]Audio
23GShepherd me, O GodSHEPHERD ME (refrain)
23HGod is my shepherd, so nothing shall I wantSHEPHERD METextPage ScanAudio
23IEl Señor es mi pastor (The LORD is my shepherd)PASTORAudio
23JThe God of love my shepherd isRIDGEWOODText
23KThe Lord is my shepherd; I'll walk with him always[The Lord is my shepherd; I'll walk with him always]TextAudio
24AThe earth, with all that dwell thereinLOBT GOTT, IHR CHRISTENTextPage Scan
24BLift up your heads, O gatesVINEYARD HAVEN
24CThe earth is the Lord's and everything in it[The earth is the Lord's and everything in it]
24DThe kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy[The kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy]
24ESee, all the earth is God's, it's people and nationsPROMISED ONE
25ATo you, O Lord, I lift my soul[To you, O Lord, I lift my soul]
25BLord, I gladly trust in youREDHEAD 76
25CMake me to know your ways, O God[Make me to know your ways, O God]

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