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The SmallChurchMusic site was launched in 2006, growing out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
6034Не знав Иисуса я жизни не знал (When Jesus I knew not)[When Jesus I knew not](Russian)Audio
6047Как скучно на сердце порой (How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours)[How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours]Audio
6049Не тоскуй ты душа дорогая (Precious Soul, Cease from Sadness)[Precious Soul Cease from Sadness]Audio
6048Сокрой свое горе (Go Bury Thy Sorrow)[Go Bury Thy Sorrow](Russian)Audio
6073Не оставлю Я вас не забуду (Never Will I Forget nor Forsake You)[Never Will I Forget nor Forsake You](Russian)Audio
6074Хоть и буря жизни стонет (When the storms of life are raging)[When the storms of life are raging]Audio
6075Течет ли жизнь мирно подобно реке (When peace like a river)[When peace like a river](Russian)Audio
6086Славьте Христа (Praise ye the Lord)[Praise ye the Lord](Bliss)TextAudio
6087Ты знаешь путь (You Know the Way)[You Know the Way](Russian)Audio
6088Как скоро дни летят вперед (How Swiftly All Our Days Go By)[How Swiftly All Our Days Go By](Russian)Audio
6104За евангельскую веру (Tidings of Salvation Bringing)[Tidings of Salvation Bringing]Audio
6105Спаситель мой живет (As Sure As Jesus Lives)LAKE ENONAudio
7069He sambatra aho, Jeso (How happy I am, Jesu)[How happy I am Jesu](Rajaonah)Audio
6106Жить для Иисуса с Ним умирать (Living for Jesus Dying with Him)[Living for Jesus Dying with Him](Russian)Audio
6107Свой труд в нас оживи (Revive Thy Work O Lord)[Revive Thy Work O Lord](McGranahan)Audio
6120Дружно будем мы трудиться (Brightly, sweetly, toiling for the Master)[Brightly sweetly toiling for the Master]Audio
6121Братья все ликуйте (Let Us with Rejoicing)[Let Us with Rejoicing](Russian)Audio
6122Дорогие минуты нам Бог даровал (Precious Moments We Share)[Precious Moments We Share](Russian)Audio
6153О любви Христовой пойте (Sing, O sing, the dear old story)[Sing O sing the dear old story]Audio
6154Ликуй ликуй спасенный (Rejoice Rejoice Believer)[Rejoice Rejoice Believer]Audio
6155Воспряньте воспойте ликуйте (Be glad in the Lord and rejoice)[Be glad in the Lord and rejoice]Audio
6192Радость радость непрестанно (Gladness, gladness, never-ending)[Gladness gladness never-ending](Gebhardt)Audio
6193Кровь Христа искупила меня (I can sing now the song)[I can sing now the song](Carter)Audio
6194Там не скажем прощай (With friends on earth we meet in gladness)[With friends on earth we meet in gladness](Tenney)Audio
6201Люблю Господь Твой дом (I Love Thy Kingdom Lord)[I Love Thy Kingdom Lord](Russian)Audio
6202Хоть мы слабы мы поможем (Come and Join with Us in Raising)[Come and Join with Us in Raising](Guenter)Audio
6203Взойдем на Голгофу мой брат (Come Let Us Ascend Mount Calvary )[Come Let Us Ascend Mount Calvary](Russian)Audio
6219Книга Богом мне дана (There’s a dear and precious Book)[There’s a dear and precious Book]Audio
6220Мой дом и я служить хотим (My House and I Desire to Serve)[My House and I Desire to Serve](Russian)Audio
6221Христос Ты в Кане Галилейской (When At the Wedding Feast)[When At the Wedding Feast](Russian)Audio
6235Где Божий Дух в сердцах живет (Where Holy Spirit Lives in Hearts)[Where Holy Spirit Lives in Hearts](Sweney)Audio
6236От одного рода весть род людской (Of One the Lord Has Made the Race)LOS CERRITOSAudio
6237Любвеобильный Бог (God Is the Fountain Whence)GERARAudio
6258Блажен тот дом (O Happy Home)[O Happy Home](Guetersloh)Audio
6259Молитвы матери моей (I grieved the Lord)[I grieved the Lord]Audio
6260Люблю я мыслить о стране (I love to think of the heavenly land)[I love to think of the heavenly land](Bradbury)Audio
6276Мы все войдем в Отцовский дом (We're going home, no more to roam)[We're going home no more to roam](Bliss)Audio
6277В этом мире я только странник (I'm a Pilgrim and I'm a Stranger)ITALIAN TUNEAudio
6279Дай Боже сердцу веры крылья (Give Me the Wings of Faith)[Give Me the Wings of Faith](Russian)Audio
6303Ах радость радость будет там (What Joy 'twill be)[What Joy 'twill be](Russian)Audio
6304Пустыней бесплодной сухой (In a World Full of Sorrow)[In a World Full of Sorrow](Russian)Audio
6305Ты куда идешь? скажи мне (Whither Pilgrims Are You Going?)MONTCLAIRAudio
6315Вот путники к родине славной идут (Like pilgrims we're bound)[Like pilgrims we're bound](Bletmann)Audio
6316В край родной (Heaven's Shore)HEIMATLAND(Russian)Audio
6317Блгодать Господа нашего (The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ)[The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ](Russian)Audio
6040Bendice, Oh Alma a Tu Creador (O Thou my soul, Bless God the Lord)[O Thou my soul Bless God the Lord]Audio
6054Dad a Dios Inmortal Alabanza (Give God Immortal Praise)PUEBLAAudio
6078Te Amo (I love Thee)I LOVE THEEAudio
6089Me Agrada Cantar (I love to sing endlessly)ME AGRADA CANTARAudio
6091A Jesús Alabaremos (Jesus I will praise)GLORIA A JESUSAudio
6108Jesús Es Mi Rey Soberano (Our King and our Sovereign)MI REY Y MI AMIGOAudio
6109En Belén Nació Jesús (Christ was born in Bethlehem)MICHAEL'S BOATAudio
6124Venid Pastorcitos (Shepherds, come to Bethlehem)VENID PASTORCITOSAudio
6157Jesucristo Hoy Nació (Jesus Christ was born today)MCCRAYAudio
6158Dad Loor a Dios (Give Praise to God)LOORAudio
7070Iriko e, ry Jeso hitovy aminao (I desire, O Jesu, to be like Thee)[I desire O Jesu to be like Thee](Sullivan)Audio
6183Tierra bendita y divina (Holy and divine land)TIERRA DE LA PALESTINAAudio
6217En la Vergonzosa Cruz (In the Shameful Cross)Vergonzosa CruzAudio
6218Inmensa y sin Igual Piedad (O Lord, remember me)REMEMBER MEAudio
6239Alegres Cantemos Canciones de Loor (Let us sing songs of praise)METHFESSELAudio
6275La Ley de Dios Perfecta Es (The Perfect Law of God)MEARAudio
7071With glorious clouds encompassed roundST GREGORY (WAINWRIGHT)Audio
6319Por Su Misericordia (For your Compassion)ALSTYNEAudio
6331En Una Cruz a Cristo Vi (On the Cross I saw Christ suffer for me)EXCELLAudio
6354La Bondadosa Invitación (The Kind Invitation)CALVINAudio
6356Qué Debo Hacer? (What Must I Do?)BELIEVEAudio
6357Tú Amarás a Cristo (How you will love Him)[How you will love Him](Ackley)Audio
6374En Tu Santo Templo (In Thy Holy Temple)HOLY TEMPLEAudio
6403Testificando en el Bautismo (Testifying in Baptism)YOUNGSTOWNAudio
6404Obediente a Tu Mandato (Obedient to Your command)ORDENANZAAudio
6406El Fuego Santo (The Holy Fire)[The Holy Fire]Audio
6425El Mundo Es del Señor (The World for Christ)[The World for Christ]Audio
6453Envíame a Mí (O God of might, O Son of light)SUBABAJAAudio
6476Cristo Es Mí Canción (Christ is my song)CUTTINGAudio
6477Oh Mi Dios, Oh Rey Eterno! (Oh my God, O King Eternal!)SIEH HIER BIN ICHAudio
6478Por Veredas Extraviadas Mal Hallé (Himnario Bautista #301)COME THOU WEARYAudio
6498Oh Dios, Mi Soberano Rey (Oh God, my Sovereign King)DAUGAVAAudio
6510Dios de Amor, Te Imploramos (God of Love, I implore)[God of Love I implore]Audio
6511Quiero Seguir (I want to Follow)I'M GOING FORTHAudio
6512Habladme Más de Cristo (Tell me more of Christ)WILLIAMSPORTAudio
6530Escogido Fui de Dios (I was chosen of God)ESCOGIDOAudio
6531Paz con Dios Busqué Ganarla (The Saviour's Peace)[The Saviour's Peace]Audio
6548Anhelo Trabajar por el Señor (I want to be a worker for my Lord)[I want to be a worker for my Lord]Audio
3322Arglwydd, gad im dawel orffwys (Lord, give me quiet rest)ARWELFAAudio
3323Bendigedig fyddo'r Iesu (Blessed be Jesus)MAWLGANAudio
3324Tydi, a roddaist liw i'r wawr (O Lord, who gave the dawn its glow)TYDI A RODDAIST
4126Mawr oedd Crist yn nhragwyddoldeb (Great Was Christ In Eternity)BRYN MYRDDINAudio
4128O tyred i'n gwaredu, Iesu da (O Christ now come and save us, save us, Lord)BRO ABERAudio
4151Mi dafla' 'maich oddi ar fy ngwar (I will throw my burden down altogether)TYDDEWIAudio
4154Rhagluniaeth fawr y nef (Great providence of heaven)BUILTHAudio
4155Tydi sy deilwng oll o'm cân (Thou who art worthy of all my song)GODRE'R COEDAudio
4156Iesu, Iesu, 'rwyt ti'n ddigon (Jesus, Jesus, thou art sufficient)LLWYNBEDWAudio
4159Un fendith dyro im (One blessing give me)SIRIOLDEBAudio
4162Fy nghalon, cred yn Nuw (My heart, believe in God)SARAHAudio
4163Cofia'n gwlad, Benllywydd tirion (Remember our country, gracious Sovereign)GWEDDI WLADGAROLAudio
4164O Dduw, ein Tad (O God, our Father)BRONWEN (PLAISIR D'AMOUR)Audio
4165Dyro inni fendith newydd (Give us a new blessing)CAERSALEMAudio
4693Mae'r nefoedd faith uwchben (The vast heavens above are)ARFRYNAudio
4694Bydd gyda ni, O Dduw ein Tad (Be with us, O God our Father)TREFORIANAudio
4704Corona'n hoedfa ar hyn bryd (Crown our meeting at this present time)DYFRDWYAudio

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