Sunday School Hymns No. 2

Editor: I. H. Meredith, Grant Colfax Tullar
Publisher: Tullar-Meredith Co., New York, 1912
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number until #154, then the hymnal is numbered by hymn number.
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1Have you been seeking a Friend that's kindPage Scan
2O worship and praise HimPage Scan
3We are marching forth to battleTextPage Scan
4Our Saviour left His home in gloryPage Scan
5All nations now arise and join to praise our LordPage Scan
6Lord of earth and heav'n, before Thy throne we kneelPage Scan
7Fling wide the gates, O JerusalemPage Scan
8There's a time entrusted to our carePage Scan
9Some day the silver cord will breakPage Scan
10Guide Book divine, O word of God most dearPage Scan
12Hear ye the Master’s call, “Give Me thy best!”Page Scan
13There's sunshine in my soul todayPage Scan
14Where'er I go the Saviour will go with mePage Scan
15Encamped along the hills of lightPage Scan
16O Galilee, sweet Galilee! Page Scan
17Stand up, stand up for JesusPage Scan
18Father so holy, throned in light abovePage Scan
20Blessed Redeemer, Father on highPage Scan
21Church of God, whose conqu'ring legionsPage Scan
22O would I think my blessings o'erPage Scan
23Tell out the message that Jesus is KingPage Scan
24Listen today to a message divinePage Scan
25The Lord is in His Holy TempleTextPage Scan
26Fling it from mast and steeplePage Scan
27The Son of God goes forth to warPage Scan
28When the days are dark and drearyPage Scan
29Worship the King in his beautyPage Scan
30The whole wide world for Jesus!Page Scan
31Father, make us lovingPage Scan
32O hail today our blessed King, King JesusPage Scan
33O matchless love! hath the Father shownPage Scan
34Christ, our mighty Captain, leads against the foePage Scan
35Pilgrims of earth on your journey thro' lifePage Scan
36Awake, awake! the Master now is calling usPage Scan
37He leadeth me! O, blessed thoughtPage Scan
38There's a voice comes ringing o'er the world todayPage Scan
39Will your anchor hold in the storm of lifePage Scan
40Building, daily buildingPage Scan
41Come, Thou Almighty KingPage Scan
42In His undying love Christ came from Heav'n abovePage Scan
43Out on Life's waters we're sailingPage Scan
44Blessed surrender; life's little allPage Scan
45O'er a trackless sea I'm sailingPage Scan
46If the Christ should come to mePage Scan
47There's a beautiful story of love so divinePage Scan
48Sound upon the bugle the signal to advanceTextPage Scan
49It matters not where we may roamPage Scan
50Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer! Page Scan
51I will wait on the LordPage Scan
52True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and loyalPage Scan
53Many on life's pathway murmur and complainPage Scan
54Listen to the bugle as it soundsPage Scan
55Oh, worship the King, all-glorious abovePage Scan
56Forth to the fields awayPage Scan
57O heav'nly Father, Hear we entreatPage Scan
58A glorious invitationPage Scan
59Conquering now and still to conquerPage Scan
60Praise we would offer our Heav'nly KingPage Scan
61Rescue the perishing, Care for the dyingPage Scan
62There's a conflict on--will we stand the test?Page Scan
63Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!Page Scan
64Hear the voice of Jesus callingPage Scan
65Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
66Like a bird on the deep, far away from its nestPage Scan
67Hark, a voice is sweetly ringingPage Scan
68No days like the days of happy youth[No days like the days of happy youth]Page Scan
69Room at the cross when by evil oppressedPage Scan
70There is One who watches ev'ry step along our earthly wayPage Scan
71Gift of God, gift of GodPage Scan
72Lord, as we part, and enter Life's unknown waysPage Scan
73O how I love thy holy lawPage Scan
74O Christian, the Master is calling to youPage Scan
75For the Summer's golden hoursPage Scan
76Sing exultant songs today in praise to God on highPage Scan
77Open my eyes that I may seePage Scan
78Love Divine, all love excelingPage Scan
79Jesus our Lord High over allPage Scan
80The strong right hand of Him who rules the worldPage Scan
81Where dwell the sad and wearyPage Scan
82Whispers of His love coming from abovePage Scan
83Under His wings I am safely abidingPage Scan
84Oh, I have a mansion in yonder bright landPage Scan
85All glory be to Jesus' namePage Scan
86Each day the power of God has led usPage Scan
87Break Thou the bread of lifePage Scan
88Give praise, give praise, joyful anthems raisePage Scan
89Just a little sunshine, just a pleasant smilePage Scan
90With exultant song, in a joyful throngPage Scan
91There is no name so sweet on earthPage Scan
92It was spoken for a MasterPage Scan
93Sabbath bells are ringing over hill and dalePage Scan
94"Come, oh, come to Me," thus the Saviour speaksPage Scan
95For the sun that shines up in the skyPage Scan
96We will hold aloft the bannerPage Scan
97Jesus, our DefenderPage Scan
98For blessings without numberPage Scan
99My Saviour walks beside mePage Scan
100Whatsoever ye may do for those in needPage Scan
101There's a blessed, blessed story of a Saviour's lovePage Scan
102So many are heavily ladenPage Scan

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