The Wesleyan Minstrel: a Collection of Hymns and Tunes. 2nd ed.

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3aHark, the deep toned bell is callingSABBATH BELLPage Scan
3bJesus died on Calvary's mountain, Long time agoPage Scan
4Shall Bethlehem forget her nightCARVOSSOPage Scan
5O yes, I'll join the praying bandPage Scan
6The vernal flowers their beauties spreadMANSFIELDPage Scan
7Alas, and did my Savior bleed?Page Scan
8God reigneth in gloryFISKPage Scan
9O thou in whose presence my soul takes delightPage Scan
10Hearken ye sprightly and attend ye vain ones[Hearken ye sprightly and attend ye vain ones]Page Scan
11Ah, guilty sinner, ruined by transgressionPage Scan
12How sweet is the Sabbath, the morning of restHAMLINEPage Scan
13aOur Father in heaven, though feeble our laysPage Scan
13bO Jesus, my Savior, to Thee I submitPage Scan
14The Sabbath bells are ringingJANESPage Scan
15The wondrous love of JesusPage Scan
16We bow before thy throneLENOXPage Scan
17Blow ye the trumpet, blowPage Scan
18Today the Savior calls, O, hear him now[Today the Savior calls, O, hear him now]Page Scan
19aToday the Savior calls!Page Scan
19bWhen shall we meet againPage Scan
20Hark, the Sabbath bells are ringing[Hark, the Sabbath bells are ringing]Page Scan
21Come thou fount of every blessingPage Scan
22Hark, what mean those holy voicesINCARNATIONPage Scan
23Father, in thy sacred dwellingPage Scan
24Lord, we bend before thee now[Lord, we bend before thee now]Page Scan
25Rouse ye at the Savior's callPage Scan
26I love it for its promisesFARRINGTONPage Scan
27sHail, sweetest, dearest, tie that bindsPage Scan
27bO what has Jesus bought for mePage Scan
28A light, our darkened steps to guideGEORGEPage Scan
29aStretched on the cross the Savior diesPage Scan
29bReturn, O wanderer, returnPage Scan
30The praises of my tongue[The praises of my tongue]Page Scan
31Haste, haste, the clouds arisePage Scan
32Assembled in our school once moreBRIDGEWATERPage Scan
33Show pity Lord, O Lord, forgivePage Scan
34This morning most sweetly the gales are all blowing[This morning most sweetly the gales are all blowing]Page Scan
35O weep, Salem, weepPage Scan
36Welcome, sweet day of restCONCORDPage Scan
37The hill of Zion yieldsPage Scan
38I love the volume of thy wordWESLEYPage Scan
39I'll praise my Maker white I've breathPage Scan
40Welcome, delightful morn!LISCHERPage Scan
41Arise, my soul, arise, Shake offPage Scan
42aHail, gracious heav'nly PrinceFLETCHERPage Scan
42bMy soul be on thy guardPage Scan
43Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingSICILYPage Scan
44With joy we hail the Sabbath dayWOOLDLANDPage Scan
45There is an hour of peaceful restPage Scan
46O that I, like TimothyELTHAMPage Scan
47Christ the Lord is risen to-dayPage Scan
48Come, beloved teachers, tell usINQUIRYPage Scan
49Come ye sinners, poor and needyPage Scan
50How sweet to leave the world awhileALLENPage Scan
51Sinners, O, why so thoughtless grownPage Scan
52Come children, young and lowly[Come children, young and lowly]Page Scan
53The gloomy night of sadnessPage Scan
54Let us adore the grace that seeksHALLOWELLPage Scan
55As on some lonely building's topPage Scan
56I love the Sabbath school—the placeSTEVENSPage Scan
57Come, trembling sinner, in whose breastPage Scan
58Thou, who didst, with love and blessingREJOICE IN CHRSITPage Scan
59Hail, thou once despised JesusPage Scan
60Almighty God, while earth and heavenEXHORTATIONPage Scan
61On Jordan's stormy banks I standPage Scan
62I am a child, in knowledge youngSTONERPage Scan
63Lord, how secure and blest are theyPage Scan
64The Sabbath sun was setting slowDUNNPage Scan
65My soul is happy in its choicePage Scan
66How sweet, how heavenly is the sightGOLDEN CHAINPage Scan
67Arise, my soul, to Pisgah's heightPage Scan
68On this our festal dayAMERICATextPage Scan
69A charge to keep I havePage Scan
70Happy the child that finds the graceDUANE STREETPage Scan
71A poor wayfaring man of griefPage Scan
72Eternal Being, source of loveCOMPLAINTPage Scan
73Spare us, O Lord, aloud we cryPage Scan
74How oft I remember, in youth's happy hoursJENNEPage Scan
75O daughter of Zion, why sorrowest thouPage Scan
76Youth is the time to serve the LordWINDHAMPage Scan
77aSwift my childhood's dreams are passingSUMMERFIELDPage Scan
77bSavior, breathe an evening blessingPage Scan
78Hark! hark! how the angels singBETHLEHEMPage Scan
79I'm a lonely traveler herePage Scan
80Hearts may delight in error's wayTILTONPage Scan
81O peaceful Dove, whence hast thou flownPage Scan
82Sweet spices they brought on their star lighted wayKEDRONPage Scan
83Thou sweet gliding Kedron, by thy silver streamsPage Scan
84Lord, while the aged own they loveCHINAPage Scan
85Vain man, thy fond pursuits forbearPage Scan
86How kind the Savior's loveMASONPage Scan
87aIf ever life should seemPage Scan
87bA crown of glory brightPage Scan
88Farewell, farewell, no more shall weKEITHPage Scan
89Good news, good news to thee, perishing sinnerPage Scan
90With joy we hail the Sabbath dayCANAANPage Scan
91Together let us sweetly live; I am bound for the landPage Scan
92Those evening bells, those evening bellsEVENING BELLSPage Scan
93Come, sinners, to the Gospel feastPage Scan
94By cool Siloam's shady rillSILOAMPage Scan

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