Worship and Song

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3101I was sinking deep in sinLOVE LIFTED METextPage ScanAudio
3102I'm forgiven because you were forsakenAMAZING LOVE
3103Purify my heart, O FatherTURN MY HEART
3104Amazing grace! how sweet the soundMY CHAINS ARE GONE
3105In Christ alone my hope is foundIN CHRIST ALONE
3106Great is your faithfulness, O GodYOUR GRACE IS ENOUGH
3107I once was lost in sinJUST A LITTLE TALK
3108I'm tradin' my sorrowsTRADIN' MY SORROWS
3109Living Spirit, holy fireALL THINGS NEW
3110By grace we have been saved through faithDOVE OF PEACE
3111Deliver us from fear and sadnessREDEMPTION
3112This is the air I breatheBREATHE
3113We are a wilderness wandering peopleWILDERNESS
3114There's a war going on just across the streetCOME TO THE WATER
3115Lord, I am not mine, but yours aloneCOVENANTText
3116Love the Lord your God with all your heartLOVE THE LORD
3117Do all the good you canRULE OF LIFETextAudio
3118Take this moment, sign, and spaceTAKE THIS MOMENT
3119Take, O take me as I amTAKE, O TAKE
3120Amazing abundanceABUNDANCE
3121If you believe and I believeIF YOU BELIEVEText
3122Christ has broken down the wallBROKEN WALLS
3123Here is peace, when grace astounds usHERE IS PEACEText
3124How shall I come before the LordO WALY WALY
3125Peace for the children, peace, peacePEACE FOR ALL
3126Everything that has voiceSING FOR PEACETextPage Scan
3127"I have a dream," a man once saidREPTON
3128Whatever you do to the least ones of theseCRADLE SONG
3129Touch the earth lightly, use the earth gentlyAI HUTextPage Scan
3130Come and speak to us, come and renew usCOME EMMANUEL
3131Hear my prayer, O GodHYMN CHANTTextPage Scan
3132This is the house of GodHOUSE OF GOD
3133Kyrie eleisonHAVE MERCYText
3134Hide me now under your wingsSTILL
3135In God alone my soul can find rest and peaceIN GOD ALONE
3136In the quiet of this moment there is joyQUIET MOMENT
3137Lord Jesus Christ, your light shines within usJÉSUS LE CHRIST
3138We humbly ask the mercy of your loveCONFESSION
3139We cannot measure how you healCANDLER
3140In the morning when I riseGIVE ME JESUSText
3141I have tried you in fires of afflictionHOLY DARKNESS
3142I love the Lord; he heard my cryI LOVE THE LORDText
3143If we run from youSTONYFORD
3144When the waves are crashingBLUE MOODText
3145Breath of God, Breath of peacePATTERNS
3146O Breath of life, come sweeping through usADIEUText
3147Built on a rock the Church shall standKIRKEN DEN ER ET GAMMELT HUS
3148There's a spirit of love in this placeMEDEMA
3149For everyone born, a place at the tablePLACE AT THE TABLETextPage Scan
3150Father, we have heard you callingHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
3151The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in youSO EASYText
3152Let's walk together for a whileWELCOME
3153O God, in whom we live and move and have our beingAREOPAGUS
3154Draw the circle, draw the circle wideDRAW THE CIRCLE
3155The Lord of Life, a vine is heLATHAMText
3156One is the body and one is the HeadONE IS THE BODY
3157Come, let us dream God's dream againO WALY WALY
3158Go to the world! Go into all the earthSINE NOMINE
3159Let our earth be peacefulRAYMONDText
3160We will follow, we will follow Jesus (Somlandela, somlandel' u-Jesu)SOMLANDELAText
3161Gracious Creator of sea and of landMONA WEST
3162Stand in awe of the one who hears the cry of the poorSTAND IN AWE
3163Walk, walk, walk, walk, walking in the light of GodHAMBAText
3164As I went down to the river to prayDOWN TO THE RIVERText
3165Take me to the waterTAKE ME TO THE WATERTextPage ScanAudio
3166Author of life divineAUTHORText
3167Feed us, LordFEED US
3168Come to the table of graceTABLE OF GRACE
3169You feed us, gentle SaviorMERLE'S TUNE
3170What feast of love is offered hereGREENSLEEVES
3171aHoly, holy, holy LordSANCTUS (AHNER)Text
3171bChrist has died, Christ is risenACCLAMATION (AHNER)Text
3171cAmen, Amen, AmenAMEN (AHNER)
3172aHoly, holy, holy LordSANCTUS (HENRY)Text
3172bChrist has died, Christ is risenACCLAMATION (HENRY)Text
3172cAmen, amen, amen!AMEN (JACKSON)Text
3173O come and sit at my tablePLENTY
3174Christ, we are blest as we gather to dineSLANE
3175Christ, we come with joy and gladnessHYMN TO JOYTextPage Scan
3176Come, now is the time to worshipNOW IS THE TIME
3177Light of the world, you stepped down into darknessHERE I AM TO WORSHIP
3178Lord, our holy hands we raiseYOU ARE WELCOME
3179O breath of God, come fill this placeTHE RISEN CHRIST
3180As we part for the towns and citiesCONNECTION
3181Peace, Salaam, ShalomBEERSHEBAText
3182O Lord, now let your servants depart in peaceLONDONDERRY AIRText
3183As we go, may your Spirit go before usAS WE GO
3184I'm finding myself at a loss for wordsWORD OF GOD, SPEAK
3185Send us your Spirit, O LordEVENING PRAYER
3186These are the days of ElijahDAYS OF ELIJAH
3187We fall down, we lay our crowns WE FALL DOWN
3188I see the King of gloryHILLSONG HOSANNA
3189There is a higher throneHIGHER THRONE
3190Mary had a little LambTHEOTOKOS

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