A. A. Armen

Short Name: A. A. Armen
Full Name: Armen, A. A. (Asa A.)
Birth Year: 1854

Born: November 16, 1854, Maine.
Buried: Hartsville College Cemetery, Hartsville, Indiana.
Pseudonym: Asa Arme
He was a minister.

Texts by A. A. Armen (15)sort descendingAsInstances
Fear not, little flock, though your numbersAsa (Author)2
For the love of God's only SonDr. Arm. (Author)2
I dreamed of the land of the pure and the brightA. A. Armen (Author)2
In the secret of thy presence Let me hideA. A. A. (Author)2
In this world of sin and sorrow There are burdens we must bearA. A. A. (Author)2
Lead me, O my Savior, lead me into paths of truthAsa A. Armen (Author)4
My heart has found a resting placeA. A. Armen (Author)6
Nicht ferne vom Reiche GottesAsa A. Armen (Author)1
Not far, not far from the kingdomAsa A. Armen (Author)2
O slumberer, awake, And fly from sin's dark nightA. A. A. (Author)2
Open your heart to Jesus, He's callingA. A. Armen (Author)4
"Take up thy cross and follow me, If thou wouldst my disciple be;" Dr. Arm. (Author)2
There comes a cry from o'er the seaAsa A. Armen (Author)2
There's many a stranger on life's weary wayAsa A. Armen (Author)2
Though thoughtlessly I've broken the lawA. A. A. (Author)2
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