Hosea Ballou

Hosea Ballou
Short Name: Hosea Ballou
Full Name: Ballou, Hosea, 1771-1852
Birth Year: 1771
Death Year: 1852

Ballou, Hosea, a celebrated leader of the sect of Universalists, was born at Richmond, New Hampshire, April 30, 1771. He was entirely self-educated, and began to preach when about 21. In 1807 he settled at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, passing to Salem, Mass., in 1815, and to Boston in 1817. He died in 1852. To the Universalist Hymns composed by different Authors, published in 1808, he contributed 199 hymns. A few of these are still used by the Universalists, but one only, and that probably his best, has passed beyond their ranks. It is:—
When God descends with men to dwell. The Second Advent. Ballou also edited with Turner a second collection in 1821, and a third in his own name, 1837. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Hosea Ballou D.D. (April 30, 1771 – June 7, 1852) was an American Universalist clergyman and theological writer. Originally a Baptist, he converted to Universalism in 1789. He preached in a number of towns in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. From 1817, he was pastor of the Second Universalist Church of Boston. He wrote a number of influential theological works, as well as hymns, essays and sermons, and edited two Universalist journals. Ballou has been called one of the fathers of American Universalism.

Texts by Hosea Ballou (214)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A crown of thorns the Savior woreHosea Ballou (Author)3
Accept this house, O LordH. Ballou (Author)4
According to His holy willH. Ballou (Author)3
Adieu, all earthly thingsH. Ballou (Author)5
All earthly lovers, now adieuH. Ballou (Author)3
All earthly pleasures I'll forsakeHosea Ballou (Author)4
All things shall work for good, To them who love their GodHosea Ballou (Author)4
And why do Christians thus contendHosea Ballou (Author)5
Another wonder now beholdH. Ballou (Author)3
Arise, expand your wingsH. Ballou (Author)3
Be still, ye blustering windsH. Ballou (Author)3
Behold, on Zion's heavenly shoreH. Ballou (Author)9
Behold, on Zion's mystic wallsH. Ballou (Author)3
Behold the light, now see it riseH. Ballou (Author)4
Behold the long expected lightH. Ballou (Author)7
Behold the prodigal returnH. Ballou (Author)3
Behold, the visions brighter growH. Ballou (Author)5
Behold, what poor imperfect thingsHosea Ballou (Author)3
Blessed are they, in spirit poorH. Ballou (Author)3
Blessed are they who suffer painH. Ballou (Author)3
But few of all the human raceHosea Ballou (Author)3
By faith may Jesus dwellH. Ballou (Author)8
By grace the great salvation comesH. Ballou (Author)5
By men conditions are proposedH. Ballou (Author)3
Can wisdom infinite misjudgeH. Ballou (Author)3
Christ crucified we preachH. Ballou (Author)4
Christ is our righteousnessH. Ballou (Author)3
Christ is the Lord our righteousnessH. Ballou (Author)3
Come, fellow sinners, come awayH. Ballou (Author)7
Come from the wildernessHosea Ballou (Author)3
Come, let us join in grateful songsHosea Ballou (Author)3
Come, let us join in sacred songsHosea Ballou (Author)4
Come let us join in worship trueH. Ballou (Author)4
Come let us raise our voices highHosea Ballou (Author)5
Come, pleasant youth, your voices raiseH. Ballou (Author)3
Come, saints, and drop a tear or twoH. Ballou (Author)3
Communion with our friends is sweetH. Ballou (Author)3
Could I but raise my notes as highH. Ballou (Author)4
Dark unbelief, strange arrows flingsH. Ballou (Author)3
Dear Lord, behold thy children hereH. Ballou (Author)5
Dear Lord, behold thy servants hereH. Ballou (Author)11
Dear Shepherd, didst thou lieHosea Ballou (Author)3
Did heavenly wisdom give to manH. Ballou (Author)3
Far better 'tis to go Hosea Ballou (Author)3
From God the immortal spirit cameHosea Ballou (Author)3
From worldly noise I would retireH. Ballou (Author)3
From worship now thy church dismissHosea Ballou (Author)17
Go, saith a risen Savior, goH. Ballou (Author)5
Go search the fields of nature throughHosea Ballou (Author)6
God, in each attribute, is loveH. Ballou (Author)3
God's power and wisdom do agreeH. Ballou (Author)3
Grace, 'tis a sweet, a charming theme (Ballou)H. Ballou (Author)7
Grant unto us a visit, dearest LordHosea Ballou (Author)7
Had Jesus taught the ancient JewsHosea Ballou (Author)3
Hark! a glad voice, from yonder daleH. Ballou (Author)3
Hark! hear the great Jehovah's wordHosea Ballou (Author)3
How bright is thy example, LordHosea Ballou (Author)3
How bright the sun that makes our dayHosea Ballou (Author)3
How charming is the graceful sightH. Ballou (Author)3
How fast time's holy moments runH. Ballou (Author)3
How glorious was the vision brightH. Ballou (Author)3
How good, how pleasant 'tis to seeH. Ballou (Author)3
How happy is the ground, On which the brethrenS. Ballou (Author)3
How many blessings we receiveHosea Ballou (Author)3
How pleasant is the sight, Where brethren all agreeHosea Ballou (Author)3
How pleasing is the lovely sightHosea Ballou (Author)5
How rich the blessings wereH. Ballou (Author)3
How sweet is the union of souls in harmonyH. Ballou (Author)3
How transient and how vainHosea Ballou (Author)1
How vast the love of GodH. Ballou (Author)3
I bid farewell to written creedsH. Ballou (Author)3
I long my Savior's grace to seeH. Ballou (Author)3
I shall no more in darkness roamH. Ballou (Author)3
I sing the titles of my LordH. Ballou (Author)3
I will adhere no moreH. Ballou (Author)3
I would exalt the Lord my KingHosea Ballou (Author)3
If God be love, why should there beH. Ballou (Author)3
If sun and moon and stars of lightHosea Ballou (Author)3
In all thy work perfection shinesH. Ballou (Author)3
In freedom's song let millions joinHosea Ballou (Author)1
In God's eternityHosea Ballou (Author)17
In heaven, behold the woudrous sightH. Ballou (Author)3
In songs of highest praiseH. Ballou (Author)7
In the example, Jesus gaveH. Ballou (Author)3
In union let our voices join H. Ballou (Author)3
Indulgent God, accept this youthHosea Ballou (Author)3
Into thy temple, Lord, descendH. Ballou (Author)3
Is man more just than GodH. Ballou (Author)3
Jesus his empire shall extendH. Ballou (Author)16
Jesus is knocking at the door, His locks are wet with dewH. Ballou (Author)3
Jesus, our King, his scepter swaysH. Ballou (Author)6
Joy to the world below, the Lord himselfH. Ballou (Author)3
Let all the powers of music joinHosea Ballou (Author)3
Let the disciple of the LordH. Ballou (Author)3
Let these dear friends who mourn their lossH. Ballou (Author)3
Like grass of earth our bodies areH. Ballou (Author)3
Like Israel's tribes on Egypt's floodHosea Ballou (Author)2
Lo from the heaven of the lawHosea Ballou (Author)3
Lord, from thy holy hill descendHosea Ballou (Author)4
Lord, may thy humble servants hereHosea Ballou (Author)3
Lord, what a rage thy foes are inH. Ballou (Author)4
May all our powers of mindHosea Ballou (Author)5
May sacred heat inspire my tongueH. Ballou (Author)6
May that kind wisdom, whose bright eyeH. Ballou (Author)3
May we thine armor, Lord, put onHosea Ballou (Author)5
Must Christians pray for noughtH. Ballou (Author)5
My foes declare with awful frownH. Ballou (Author)3
My soul is fainting fastHosea Ballou (Author)3
My thoughts on heavenly subjects rollHosea Ballou (Author)6
No peace my starving soul can findHosea Ballou (Author)8
Not here on earth are treasures sureH. Ballou (Author)3
Not only of the Jew is Christ the living headH. Ballou (Author)4
Now Baal's prophets cry aloudH. Ballou (Author)3
Now death shall conquered beH. Ballou (Author)3
Now faith and hope abideH. Ballou (Author)4
Now God I see in every thingH. Ballou (Author)4
Now let all nature join to praiseH. Ballou (Author)3
Now multitudes assembled areHosea Ballou (Author)3
Now on the wings of faith I'll riseHosea Ballou (Author)3
Now the day is far advancedHosea Ballou (Author)3
Now warring armies meet in heavenHosea Ballou (Author)3
O cease, my soul, the search give o'erH. Ballou (Author)3
O could I sing an equal songH. Ballou (Author)4
O, could I strike some heavenly stringsH. Ballou (Author)4
O could the scales fall from our eyesH. Ballou (Author)4
O is my heart of marble madeH. Ballou (Author)4
O sinner, turn thine eyesH. Ballou (Author)3
O thou whose power the mountains formedHosea Ballou (Author)5
O who that mystery deep can singHosea Ballou (Author)3
O why should cares torment my mindHosea Ballou (Author)3
On holy mount Moriah seeHosea Ballou (Author)3
On Zion's heavenly hills they standHosea Ballou (Author)3
Our Lord shall be our hiding-placeHosea Ballou (Author)3
Rising from the bed of slumberH. Ballou (Author)3
Rivers from Jesus flowH. Ballou (Author)6
Rivers of grief and sorrows flowH. Ballou (Author)3
See antichrist arise H. Ballou (Author)3
See Jesus stand with open armsH. Ballou (Author)3
Shall all the wicked kingsHosea Ballou (Author)3
Sin, like a cruel tyrant, reignsHosea Ballou (Author)3
Stay me with flagons, dearest LordH. Ballou (Author)3
Strong is thine hand, Almighty KingHosea Ballou (Author)5
Sweet visions from the LordH. Ballou (Author)3
Teach us to feel as Jesus prayedH. Ballou (Author)9
The increasing joys, O who can tellH. Ballou (Author)3
That some should perish, God ordainsH. Ballou (Author)3
The depths of wisdom who can findH. Ballou (Author)5
The exhortation let us hearH. Ballou (Author)3
The first almighty Cause Hosea Ballou (Author)1
The flowing rays from yonder sunH. Ballou (Author)3
The glorious covenant of graceH. Ballou (Author)3
The heavenly gem of the sweet contentHosea Ballou (Author)3
The house that's built upon the sandHosea Ballou (Author)3
The Jews had eyes, and yet were blindHosea Ballou (Author)3
The Lord in Zion will prepareHosea Ballou (Author)4
The Lord in Zion will provideHosea Ballou (Author)4
The Lord is good and kindH. Ballou (Author)4
The Lord of life was oft accusedH. Ballou (Author)3
The Lord to Abraham did sayH. Ballou (Author)3
The male and feamle, in the LordH. Ballou (Author)3
The new Jerusalem I seeH. Ballou (Author)3
The prophets came from hills of lightH. Ballou (Author)3
The rose of Sharon we beholdHosea Ballou (Author)3
The Savior did our sorrows feelHosea Ballou (Author)3
The times and seasons God ordainedH. Ballou (Author)3
The winter months are past awayH. Ballou (Author)3
The winter of the law is goneH. Ballou (Author)3
The word of revelation shinesH. Ballou (Author)3
The word omnific spake in loveH. Ballou (Author)3
The words which Jesus spake To his disciples dearHosea Ballou (Author)3
This is the fast the Lord doth chooseHosea Ballou (Author)11
This world, how full of labor 'tisH. Ballou (Author)3
Thy presence, Lord, gives pure delightH. Ballou (Author)4
Time's empty vapors, O, how vainH. Ballou (Author)3
To Christ, the Son, the Father spakeH. Ballou (Author)7
To me, what use are insects madeH. Ballou (Author)3
To wanderers in the dismal roadH. Ballou (Author)3
Various systems men have formedHosea Ballou (Author)3
We are the offspring of our GodHosea Ballou (Author)5
What boundless wisdom is displayedHosea Ballou (Author)3
What can oppose the Lord my GodHosea Ballou (Author)3
What is this within me burningH. Ballou (Author)6
What man of sorrow and of griefH. Ballou (Author)3
What sudden glories did surpriseH. Ballou (Author)5
What unknown love is thisH. Ballou (Author)4
What was the wormwood and the gallH. Ballou (Author)3
What wonders hath Jehovah wroughtHosea Ballou (Author)6
When autumn brings her golden storeH. Ballou (Author)3
When God descends, with men to dwellHosea Ballou (Author)32
When God in mercy gaveH. Ballou (Author)3
When God would on the Gentiles riseH. Ballou (Author)6
When my astonished eyes beholdHosea Ballou (Author)6
When nature's wonders I exploreH. Ballou (Author)4
When our astonished eyes beholdHosea Ballou (Author)2
When strangers meet me on the wayH. Ballou (Author)4
When the blest light of day declinesH. Ballou (Author)3
When will the eyelids of that mornH. Ballou (Author)7
Where mysteries are in Scripture foundH. Ballou (Author)3
Who dare adjudge the sons of menHosea Ballou (Author)3
Who dare attempt to singHosea Ballou (Author)4
Why all this speed, ye pilgrims sayH. Ballou (Author)5
Why is my heart so coldHosea Ballou (Author)6
Why do not saints a union formH. Ballou (Author)4
Why do Pharisees complainH. Ballou (Author)3
Why should I blush to ownHosea Ballou (Author)3
Why, thus dejected, O my soulH. Ballou (Author)6
Will they who love the Lord repineHosea Ballou (Author)4
Wisdom and power we seeHosea Ballou (Author)3
With joy we hail the morning lightHosea Ballou (Author)3
With sad surprise I seeHosea Ballou (Author)3
With strange surprise, the cross I viewHosea Ballou (Author)3
Ye are God's building, saith the wordH. Ballou (Author)3
Ye heavy ladened, come, reposeH. Ballou (Author)3
Ye prophets and apostles tooH. Ballou (Author)3

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