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E. A. Barnes

Short Name: E. A. Barnes
Full Name: Barnes, E. A. (Edward Albert), 1842-1942
Birth Year: 1842
Death Year (est.): 1942

Edward Albert Barnes, born January 24 1842. He was a life long resident of Chicago and a prolifich hymn writer, and active in the American Temperance Movement.

Dianne Shapiro, from http://mms.newberry.org/html/BarnesE.html

Texts by E. A. Barnes (176)sort descendingAsInstances
A band of dear children go marching alongEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
A rugged path, that often hath A stormy skyEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
All that in the Lord believeE. A. Barnes (Author)4
Amid these cares and sorrowsE. A. Barnes (Author)3
Are we sowing with a ready handEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
As here we come to praise and worshipEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
As I drift with the tide that is bearing me awayEdward A. Barnes (Author)4
As I know with precious bloodEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
As we believe in the gospel wayE. A. Barnes (Author)4
As we walk the pilgrim'sEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
At the fading of the silent nightE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Be earnest, my brothers, in word and in deedEdward A. Barnes (Author)8
Bear aloft the royal bannerEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Brothers in the Gospel fieldEdward A. Barnes (Author)4
Calling, still callingE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Christians in the gospel fieldEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
City of God, with its river of lifeEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
Day by day we journey hereEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Early will I wake, and heed the callEdward A. Barnes (Author)5
Enter his gates, the gracious Lord to meetE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Eye hath not seen the city of the KingE. A. Barnes (Author)5
Father in heaven, thou hast freely givenE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Finding in Jesus a present helpE. A. Barnes (Author)5
Follow Jesus, at the callEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
For the blessings that we shareE. A. Barnes (Author)4
For the Gospel wordE. A. Barnes (Author)4
For the Savior, who has ransomed meEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
From God and His preceptsE. A. Barnes (Author)8
From the wilds of sinEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Give praise to God who rules the earth and skyEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
Gladly do we gather in our Sunday schoolE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Gospel tidings, glad and freeEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Hauoli na anelaEdward T. Barnes (Author)2
He pleads that all who wander farEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Hear as you wander where many are lostEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Hear the children sing of our Father's careEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Hear the silver trumpets, sounding day by dayEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Hear the words of JesusE. A. Barnes (Author)3
Heavenly mansions mid Eden landsEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Here as you journey, and the days go byEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Here in the house of the LordE. A. Barnes (Author)4
How many today are rejectingE. A. Barnes (Author)2
I am a youthful ChristianE. A. Barnes (Author)2
I believe in Jesus and his wordEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
I do repent of every sinE. A. Barnes (Author)3
I have a friend in Jesus Who is a friend indeedE. A. Barnes (Author)2
I have a little gardenEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
I heard them tell of the Savior's loveEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
I know who came to die for meEdward A. Barnes (Author)5
I love to come to the Sunday schoolE. A. Barnes (Author)2
I sing at morning lightEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
I was lost amid the gloomy hedgesE. A. Barnes (Author)2
I will praise the Lord todayE. A. Barnes (Author)6
I will sing the love of Jesus, Greater love was never knownEdward A. Barnes (Author)4
I will sing when morning comethE. A. Barnes (Author)5
If the cup of life that you hold todayE. A. Barnes (Author)2
If you love, as my disciplesEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
I'm watching on the shoreEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
In Jesus, as the only SonE. A. Barnes (Author)2
In the gospel's sweet old storyE. A. Barnes (Author)10
In the strife with sin and errorE. A. Barnes (Author)3
In times of affliction, of need and distressE. A. Barnes (Author)2
It came to me from courts aboveEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Jesus is lifting the cross he boreEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Jesus is the Child of gloryEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Jesus left the realms of gloryEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Jesus loves the children With a tender love (Barnes)Edward A. Barnes (Author)2
Jesus loves the little ones (Barnes)Edward A. Barnes (Author)2
Jesus reigns, in all his gloryE. A. Barnes (Author)4
Jesus still invites youEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Just a little while shall I wrestle hereEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Let not your hearts be troubled, Though stormy days you seeE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Let the path be bright, with sunny skiesEdw. A. Barnes (Author)4
Let us sing the love of JesusEdward A. Barnes (Author)4
Life is full of evil, brother, cling to the rightEdward A. Barnes (Author)5
Light that is in JesusEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Like the one in gospel storyE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Like the prodigal of oldE. A. Barnes (Author)5
Live to serve the MasterE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Living for Jesus earnest and faithfulE. A. Barnes (Author)3
Living for the master happy in his serviceE. A. Barnes (Author)4
Lo! a Fountain stands todayEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Lo from the throne of his gloryE. A. Barnes (Author)5
Lord, forgive my sinsEdward A. Barnes (Author)4
Many mansions far aboveE. A. Barnes (Author)4
Much that is of tribulationEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
My soul was long a strangerEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
O bless the Lord, my soul, As the Friend who died for theeE. A. Barnes (Author)8
O sing to the Lord a glad new songEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
O the gospel word is a word of graceEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
O the robes in yonder heavenEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
O the wondrous name in the Gospel wordE. A. Barnes (Author)6
O we love to workE. A. Barnes (Author)2
O you that have fallen a victim to drinkEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
O'er the birth of Christ, how the angels sangE. A. Barnes (Author)2
O let us love our brothersE. A. Barnes (Author)4
O the Lord is rich in mercyE. A. Barnes (Author)4
O there's a wondrous storyE. A. Barnes (Author)2
On his throne of light and gloryEdward A. Barnes (Author)4
On the field we take our standE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Once again, once again, workers of another yearE. A. Barnes (Author)4
Once there wandered o'er the earthE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Once we had a household treasureE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Onward, brothers, one and allEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Open the windows of the soulE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Our advocate is JesusEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Our Father in heaven, By precept has givenE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Pleasant are the pearls of praiseEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Praise the Lord for all his blessingsEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Rise and heed the temperance callEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Sabbath bells sabbath bellsE. A. Barnes (Author)2
See me, O my SaviorE. A. Barnes (Author)2
See the children of our care and loveE. A. Barnes (Author)4
See the star in yonder heavensE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Send the gospel o'er the waveE. A. Barnes (Author)3
Sharing so freely the gifts of the LordE. A. Barnes (Author)3
Shine forth from between the cherubimEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Singing of Jesus, singing his praisesEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
Soldiers of Jesus in battle (Barnes)Edward A. Barnes (Author)2
Sons of God, as here you tarryEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Sorrow here is not a strangerEdw. A. Barnes (Author)5
Sound the trumpetEdward A. Barnes (Author)4
Stormy winds are oft appearingEdward A. Barnes (Author)4
Sweet is the call of the gospelE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Take the word and sow it wellE. A. Barnes (Author)4
That home where angels dwellEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
That Jesus left his home aboveEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
The bells of the joyous mornE. A. Barnes (Author)2
The day will soon be pastEdw. A. Barnes (Author)3
The gospel, the gospelEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
The gospel word, so freely givenE. A. Barnes (Author)4
The light is here, the blessed lightE. A. Barnes (Author)4
The Lord is good to all his childrenEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
The Lord is my refuge and here will I stayE. A. Barnes (Author)2
The night has passed awayE. A. Barnes (Author)2
The promises of JesusE. A. Barnes (Author)4
The Sabbath comes with holy lightE. A. Barnes (Author)7
The temperance cause is callingEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
The tent is frail that is my earthly homeEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
The vessel is out in the tempestE. A. Barnes (Author)2
There is great rejoicing mid the holy angelsEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
There is a King of gloryEdward A. Barnes (Author)5
There is a land with pasturesE. A. Barnes (Author)2
There is coming a dayE. A. Barnes (Author)2
There is joy among the angels, Singing round the throne aboveEdward A. Barnes (Author)5
There’s a beautiful star, that is beaming afarE. A. Barnes (Author)2
They sing of the Savior aboveE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Through all the devious waysE. A. Barnes (Author)9
'Tis mine to walk in the narrow wayE. A. Barnes (Author)4
'Tis oft that we stand at the couchE. A. Barnes (Author)5
To God, in realms above, 'tis sweet to prayE. A. Barnes (Author)6
To work for Jesus and his causeEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
Today the Lord is callingEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Trust God as a child of his loveEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
Trust in God, my brotherE. A. Barnes (Author)7
We all have a Father in heavenEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
We are wandering home as the time glideth byEdward A. Barnes (Author)8
We as children come to JesusE. A. Barnes (Author)2
We labor in the gospel fieldEdward A. Barnes (Author)11
We live to serve the MasterE. A. Barnes (Author)3
We shall see him in the better landEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
We will come as little onesEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
We will live to serve the MasterEdward A. Barnes (Author)3
We work, as servants of JesusEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Well we know the cup that glittersEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
We're a happy little band (Barnes)Edward A. Barnes (Author)2
What is best that we should haveE. A. Barnes (Author)2
What is like a living germEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
When life is full of toil and careE. A. Barnes (Author)5
When thorns and not rosesEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
When your heart is weary Giving oft its secret sighE. A. Barnes (Author)2
Who left his home in heavenEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
With hearts and with voicesEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Within thy courts, O Lord We come again todayE. A. Barnes (Author)3
Work, and let the Master seeEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
Workers in the gospel fieldEdward A. Barnes (Author)2
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