Alfred Barratt

Alfred Barratt
Short Name: Alfred Barratt
Full Name: Barratt, Alfred, lyricist
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1968

Barratt, Alfred. (New Springs, Wigan, Lancashire, England, October 25, 1879--December, 1968). Coming to the United States as a young man, he studied at Gordon College, Massachusetts, and Newton Theological Seminary, Mass. He was ordained in December, 1913, by the Baptists in Connecticut, then by the Wheeling WV Presbytery, Presbyterian Church in the USA, in 1924. He was pastor of Dallas, West Virginia, then of a series of churches in the Presbytery of Clarion, Pennsylvania. In 1937 he was awarded the Doctor of Literature degree by Bob Jones College.

On November 26, 1962, he wrote the undersigned: "For 39 long years I have labored hard and steady writing sermons, children's story sermons, and hymns. Up to the present day I have written 4,477 hymns. 80 percent of my sermons are published in books and magazines."

--William J. Reynolds, DNAH Archives

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A fountain clear is flowing from yonder throne aboveRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
All hail to Christ, the Christmas KingAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
All my fears are goneAlfred Barratt (Author)English3
All my sadness changed to gladnessAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
All the griefs and fears that filled my soulAlfred Barratt (Author)2
All the many heavy burdens we have carriedAlfred Barratt (Author)2
All the shadows pass away, all your night will turn todayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
All the world around is bright to meAlfred Barratt (Author)2
All through the day, All over the wayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Amid the strain and stress of life (Barratt)Rev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Among those mansions over thereRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Are the burdens you carry too heavy to bearAlfred Barratt (Author)9
Are you burdened with a heavy loadAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you burdened with grief and careAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you burdened with your sinAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Are you despondent, discouraged and sadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you discouraged o'er burdened with fearAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Are you living alone in sorrowAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you living yet in bondageAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you lone and weary, burdened with your sinAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you lonely, sad and wearyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you selling the dear, precious SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you sore afraid in your storm tossed lifeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you telling of Jesus as onward you goRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Are you walking in the path of wrongRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Are you wandering still in sorrowAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Are you weary, heavy laden (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Around the manger cradleAlfred Barratt (Author)2
As I press along to that shining goalRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
As I tread the narrow way, trusting Jesus ev'ry dayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
As we journey through this life, mid the days of toil and strifeAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
As you journey day by day all along the narrow wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
As you tread life's dusty wayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
As you tread life's way through the toilsome dayRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
As you walk the narrow way, pressing onward day by dayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
At the Lord's command, come and take your standAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Be faithful to JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Be loving and cheerfulAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Be not discouraged whate'er befallAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Be not discouraged when dark is the wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English4
Be not discouraged when dark your wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Be not discouraged when pathways are drearyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Be not discouraged when troubles assailRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Be not dismayed when cares oppressAlfred Barratt (Author)English3
Be not impatient, though God tarries longRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Be of good courage, be brave, and be strongAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Be Thou my helper on life's lonely roadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Bear the cross with patience day by dayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Bells of joy will ringRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Beyond this world of sin and strife, Of things that mar my checkered lifeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Beyond this world of sin and strife, Where woes abound and grief is rifeAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Billows of blessing are floodingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Bless me, dear Savior, while pressingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Bravely take your stand at the Lord's commandRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Bring your burden to the SaviorRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Bring your wounded heart to JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Christ the Lord is very nearAlfred Barratt (Author)6
Close to the Savior I would abideRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Close to thee, my precious SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Come boldly to the Throne of grace, And bow in deep humilityRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Come just as you are (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Come ye sad and wearyAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Dear Savior, walk alongAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Do not falter, do not stumbleRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Do not falter on the pathwayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Do not journey alone on the path belowAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Do not murmur when the day is drear (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Do you know that Jesus loves you with a heart both kind and trueAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Do you need someone to guide youRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Does your sad heart for pardon yearnAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Draw me nearer gentle SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Every day I love my Savior more and moreAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Every moment of the day, as I tread the homeward wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Everywhere I go there is grief and woeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Far beyond the stars of nightAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Father of Love Thy tender love bestowRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Flowers in the gardenAlfred Barratt (Author)2
For years you have slighted the Savior of menAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
From the Lord I wandered into sin astrayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
From the strain and stressAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Go and tell Jesus your sorrowRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Go forth from darkness into lightAlfred Barratt (Author)2
God of mercy, guard and guide usAlfred Barratt (Author)4
God's blessings are scattered around usAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Golden bells are ringing, In that shining landRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Golden sunbeams pure and brightAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Gone is my burden of sorrow and shameAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Gospel song jewels are winging their wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Has the Lord in mercy saved your soulAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Have you been saved from sorrow and sin?Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Have you done nothing here belowAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Have you heard the blessed proclamationRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)4
Have you said yes to the SaviorRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Have you wandered in the gloom and coldRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Have your sins all been removedRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
He is leading me, though I cannot seeA. Barrett (Author)2
Help us be sincere and trueAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Helping just a little as we pass alongAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Hold fast thy Faith dear heart opprestRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Hold fast your faith, faint not nor fearRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
How sweet it will be at the close of life's dayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am free from condemnation, For my Savior makes me freeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am gonna take a heavenly journeyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am happy every day, as I journey on my wayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I am happy every moment in the shadowsAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I am in love with Christ my KingRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am living in comfortAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I am living now in Love-landAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am never discouraged when dark is the dayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I am pressing day by dayAlfred Barratt (Author)3
I am pressing onward, day by dayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am pressing onward to my home so fairAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am ready to follow my Savior todayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am resting in my Father's loving careAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I am sailing life's troublesome seaRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am singing and rejoicingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I am singing as I press alongAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am singing in the shadowsRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
I am singing on my way to that land aboveRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
I am sweetly trusting in the LordAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I am trusting in the Lord and believingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I am trusting in the Lord and relying on His word (Barratt)Rev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
I am walking day by day, On the straight and narrow wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I am walking in the light and the path is clear and brightAlfred Barratt (Author)3
I am walking in the narrow wayAlfred Barratt (Author)7
I am walking with Jesus my SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I believe in God and trustAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I belong to the LordAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I cannot forget all the sorrow and woeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I cannot walk one stepAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I cannot walk one step without theAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have a dear Savior kind and tenderRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
I have a friend who is faithful and true, ever onAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have a kind, loving SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have a Savior who loves me I know, Guarding and guiding wherever I goAlfred Barratt (Author)5
I have a story, wonderful storyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have been invited to a marriage feastAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have everlasting joy that nothing ever can destroyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I have found a perfect joy, nothing ever can destroyAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
I have found a resting place in the sweetness of His graceAlfred Barratt (Author)English3
I have found in Christ my Savior (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)3
I have found relief from griefAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have given my heart to the Savior todayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have heard my Savior's voiceRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I have left the path of darknessAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have reached the land of CanaanAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have tasted the love of my SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I have wandered far from the good old wayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I love my Savior better stillAlfred Barratt (Author)3
I love to be with God aloneAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
I met my loving Savior at the crossRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I never saw a sunny dayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I often pause and wonder whyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I press on my journey with jubilant songAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I shall see the King in his beautyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I shall wear a crown in gloryAlfred Barratt (Author)4
I traveled on life's lonely roadAlfred Barratt (Author)2
I want to keep closer to JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)3
I was lone and sadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I was sin-sick sore and wearyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I was sunk in depths of sin and shameAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
I was weak and heavy laden with my griefAlfred Barratt (Author)4
I was weary and discouraged with my weight of woeAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
If Jesus has pardoned all your sin, Tell somebody todayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English8
If the path is lonely as onward you goAlfred Barratt (Author)2
If the Savior came in lowly guiseAlfred Barratt (Author)3
If we walk the straight and narrow wayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
If you are despondent, discouraged and sadAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
If you have trod the downward wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
If you know a kindly wordAlfred Barratt (Author)2
If you would know the joy of livingRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
If you would rejoice the whole day longAlfred Barratt (Author)3
I'm gonna move away to my new home aboveAlfred Barratt (Author)4
I'm happy in Jesus as onward I goRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I'm trusting Jesus day by dayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)5
In a blaze of golden gloryAlfred Barratt (Author)2
In a lowly manger once a little strangerRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
In green pastures Jesus feeds usRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English3
In my childhood days I would wend my wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)4
In my Father's house are many mansions, There is perfect peace and restRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
In my heart there rings a song, as with joy I press alongRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
In sin I had wandered along the dark roadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
In sorrow's night the Savior found meAlfred Barratt (Author)2
In tender love the SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
In that home of many mansionsRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
In that land beyond the Jordan RiverRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
In that land of light and song, with the happy ransomed throngRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
In the glory way every passing dayAlfred Barratt (Author)3
In the lonely moment of temptationRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
In the Lord abiding, follow his guidingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
In the moment of temptationsAlfred Barratt (Author)5
In the path of sin I could not stayAlfred Barratt (Author)11
In the service of the Lord, trusting only in His WordRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
In the sheltering Rock of agesAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
In the valley of decision, Weary souls with sin opprestRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
In these days of sin and superstitionAlfred Barratt (Author)2
In this dreary world of tribulationAlfred Barratt (Author)4
In this lonely world of grief and sorrowAlfred Barratt (Author)6
In this world full of sighs, and of sad weeping eyesAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
In this world of turmoil, with its grief and woeAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
In this world there are burdens we must bearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
In those mansions bright above, where there's glory light and loveRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Into paths of sin my feet were driftingAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Is the pathway fraught with woeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Is your heart burdened with sorrow and fearAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Is your heart overburdened with its griefAlfred Barratt (Author)6
Is your heart weary and burdenedAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Is your path dark as nightAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Is your pathway dark and lonelyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Is your spirit opprest, are you longing for restAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Is your weary heart overburdenedAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
It matters not though shadows hover o'er my pilgrim wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
It's not imagination, I'm walking with the LordRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
I've a Savior whom you ought to knowAlfred Barratt (Author)3
I've found at last life's sweetest joyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Jesus Christ is coming back to reign in peaceAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Jesus Christ the King of Glory will return to earth againAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus dwells with me, wheresoever I beAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Jesus dwells within my heartAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus has promised my burdens to bearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus is calling, and his voice seems very nearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus is more than a friend to meAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus is my GuideRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English6
Jesus is my helper on life'sAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus is my precious SaviorRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)4
Jesus is my Savior, bringing joy each dayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus is near to guard and guideRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus is pleading, O hear his sweet voiceRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus is waiting outside the doorAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Jesus is waiting to pardon your sinAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus leads the way every passing dayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus Lord and Master reigning now aboveAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus, Lord and Master, Thou art love divineAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus Lord and Savior dwell in meRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus loves the little children (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, give me thy grace, Moment byAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Jesus my Savior is constantly nearAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus, my Savior, is leading meAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, wonderful FriendAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, is so precious to me, Since by His grace from every sin I am freeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus my wonderful SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus now stands at your heart's fast closed doorAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Jesus, Savior, Lord and MasterAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus, the Shepherd, is seekingRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Jesus walks with me and my heart is freeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Jesus won my heartAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Just when you bear a heavy loadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)9
Keep a gleam of sunshineRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Keep climbing with gladnessAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Keep in step with Jesus (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Keep my heart pure, O God, I prayAlfred Barratt (Author)8
Keep on rowing down the riverAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Keep on, ye faithful soulsAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Keep the cables firm my brotherDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Keep the love of Jesus in your heart todayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Keep your armor shiningAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Keep your glad heart singing as on you goRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Lead us, dear Savior, o'er life's stormy seaAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Lean on the Lord when days are dark and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Lean on the Savior's mighty armsRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Leaning on Jesus when I am weakRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let me live to helpAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Let the love in your heart shine wherever you goAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let those who love the SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Let us be strong and courageousRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Let us cheerful beRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let us do our best for Jesus, As we travel on life's wayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let us do some good each passing dayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Let us hasten to the rescueRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let us keep our lamps well filledAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Let us never, never wearyAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Let us press along the royal highway, in the service of the KingRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let us press along with a courage strongAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Let us press along with a joyful songAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Let us press along with singingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Let us return to JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Let us scatter rosesRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let us shout and sing the praisesAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let us trust in God and never fearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let us trust in God, as we onward plodAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let us walk the royal highwayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Let us watch and pray, When the skies are greyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let your cheerful song echo all day longRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English3
Let your light shine bright over the restless waveDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Let your lovelight glow everywhere you goRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Let your own light shine o'er the rugged wayAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Like a breeze from the ocean Thy love comes to meRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English3
Like a mighty river, flowing full and freeDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Like radiant sunshine that comes after rainRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)10
Linger no longer at the border of the landRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Living each moment for Jesus, Leaning on Him as my stayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Living only for Jesus I have wonderful peaceAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Looking unto Jesus when my heart is weakAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Looking upward, pressing onwardRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Make the pathway brighter as you journeyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Many are walking where pathways are drearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Many times on my journey the pathway is drearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)4
Master of Galilee, SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Mother is your loyal friendAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My days are frought with gladnessAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My earthly path with light doth glowRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
My heart is a palace for Jesus my KingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My heart is no longer over burdened with careRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
My heart is ovrflowing with gladnessAlfred Barratt (Author)3
My heart o'erflows with holy joyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
My heart resounds with joy that nothing can annoyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
My heart was discouraged despondent and sadAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
My heart was sad and weary, devoid of hope and cheerAlfred Barratt (Author)3
My heavy load is more than I can bearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My hope of redemption forever is sureAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My load of sin is hard to bearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My mother is waiting for meRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
My mother's old Bible is pointing the wayAlfred Barratt (Author)6
My only hope is in the LordAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My path resounds with gladnessRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
My path was dark and drearyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
My path was lonely, dark and drearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
My pathway no longer is drearyAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
My pathway was drear, my heart filled with fearAlfred Barratt (Author)3
My Savior bore the heavy crossAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My Savior came from heaven aboveAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
My Savior dear is ever nearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My Savior dear is kind and trueAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My Savior dear, Now dwells with meAlfred Barratt (Author)3
My Savior dear with thorn-crowned headAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
My Savior has promised if I would believeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My Savior has promised to guard and to keepAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
My Savior sees the sparrow fallAlfred Barratt (Author)3
My Savior's love has reached my soulAlfred Barratt (Author)3
My Savior guides my erring feetRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
My sin-sick soul was lone and sadAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
My sinful heart was lone and sadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
My sins were like a mountain standing there in dark arrayAlfred Barratt (Author)5
My soul is burdened with sinAlfred Barratt (Author)2
My soul is confiding in Jesus each dayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
My soul was athirst and yearningAlfred Barratt (Author)3
My soul was filled with grief withinAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
My trusting soul has lost its careRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
My weary soul in sin was lostRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
My weary soul was sad and lowDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Nearing the homeland, that beautiful shoreRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Never lose your courage when the clouds hang lowAlfred Barratt (Author)3
No longer be sad when the pathway is drearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
No matter how lonely and gloomy the dayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Now my heart is free from doubt and fearAlfred Barratt (Author)1
Now my heart is light and my hope is brightAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Now my heart is overflowing with joy everydayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Now my soul is free from care, resting in green pastures fairRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Now my soul is saved from sinAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O come to the fountain of blessing so sweetAlfred Barratt (Author)English3
O comrade you know what service to show, keep trying your best to doAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
O do not be discouraged, For Jesus is your friend (Barratt)Rev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O God my King, in realms aboveAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O God of all creation, Thy wonders we proclaimRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O God of love in Thee we hideRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O God of love, of truth and mightAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O God of love, the sourceAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O God of love, thy powers displayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O God of mercy, God of loveAlfred Barratt (Author)5
O God, our great Redeemer, bow down and hear our prayerAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
O haste away with the GospelAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O hasten away with the gospel of lightAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
O magnify the Lord with me, With joyful heart and voiceRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O my heart is full of gladness since by faith I saw the LordRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O praise the world's eternal KingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O Savior dear, thou King of loveAlfred Barratt (Author)3
O Savior dear, Thou Lord of LightAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
O sing away your grief and careRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English3
O Thou Whose love is everywhereRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O weary heart be not dismayed with sorrow sorely vexedRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
O weary heart bowed down with griefRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O weary heart so oft dismayedAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O weary heart take time to prayAlfred Barratt (Author)3
O what a beautiful morning, O what a beautiful dayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
O what joy we all shall feelAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O ye who are fearful whatever may befallRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O ye who are plunged in darkest despairRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
O ye who are walking in pathways drearyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
O ye who have wandered away from the LordRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O ye who have wandered from mother and homeAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
O ye who have wandered in sorrow awayAlfred Barratt (Author)6
O ye whose hearts are longingRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
O God of Light, of Truth and graceRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
On darkest nights the stars shine brighterRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
On life's steep and lonely pathway, I have found a faithful guideRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
On my beautiful path falls a golden lightRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
On my path the light of love is shining, all His countless mercies I can traceAlfred Barratt (Author)English3
On my pathway lone and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
On that bright and golden shoreRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
On that lonely hill, there is pardon stillAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
On the long, long road to that bright abodeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
On the path of life, with its din and strifeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
On the pathway of lifeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
On this another Easter dayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
On yonder Golden shoreRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Once I found delightAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Once I struggled with a burdenRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Once I was living in doubts and fearsAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Once I was lost in ways of sinRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Once I was treading a drearisome roadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Once my heart was filled with its grief and fearDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Once my heart was overburdened with careAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Once my heart was sad and burdenedAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Once my heart was sad, but today I'm gladAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Once my life was wrecked with sorrowAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Once my path was drear, fraught with grief and careAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Once my path was dreary and my heart was wearyDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English3
Once my soul was stained with sin, now His love-light shines withinRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Once the day was dark and drearyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Once the path I trod was dark as nightRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Out in the desert, lonely and drearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Out of your sin and your heart's miseryAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Over all the earth the bells of joy are pealingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Over the highwaysAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Over the path that I've trod for yearsRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Pray without ceasing, when the shadows lengthenRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Precious Savior guide my footstepsAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Precious Savior lead and keep meRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Press onward keep your banners flyingAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Put your trust in Jesus, He is kind and trueRev. Rev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Savior be known to us in breaking breadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Savior dear, Thou art my helperAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Savior divine when worldly cares oppressRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Savior, fill me with Thy fullnessAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Savior gently lead our footstepsRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Savior, go with me where'er I goAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Savior, guide me with Thy counselAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Savior, let me walk beside TheeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Savior make us pure and holy, Cleanse our hearts from every sinAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Savior, precious Savior, friend and guardian trueAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Savior, precious Savior, guide usAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Savior divine we seek Thine aidRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Scatter cheer far and nearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Scatter joy and gladness as you goAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Scatter your kindness all over the wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Send out the beautiful sunshine of cheerAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Send out thy light and let it shineAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Send out Thy truth O God of LightRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Should the voice of the Lord come to you todayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Si en tu sendero hallas cruento dolorRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)Spanish2
Since Jesus came to dwell with meRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)4
Since Jesus has pardoned all my sinAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Since Jesus washed my sins away and banishedAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Since the Savior pardoned all my sin, It is now no longer dark withinRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Sing a song of gladness when the skies are grayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Some day we shall reap what we have sownDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Some day when earth's sorrowsAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Some golden day when life is doneRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Some have never heard the storyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)6
Some sunny day I'm going homeAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Somebody cares for me, somebody knowsRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Somebody comes and takes awayRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Somebody loves you, and somebody caresRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Someone must go with a smiling faceRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Sometime I shall enter that beautiful placeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Sometimes my heart is longing for a FriendRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Sometimes my path is dark and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Sometimes my path is lone and drearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Sometimes my path is lonely, dark and drearyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Sometimes my path may be darker than nightAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Sometimes the journey is lonely and longAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Sometimes the pathway is lonely and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)7
Sometimes the skies overhead are grayAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Sorrows and toubles hover around usAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Speak a kind word to somebody todayAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Speak to my heart, dear SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Spend a moment in prayer with the SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)6
Step over the line from darkness to lightAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Storms may be howling and blowingRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)5
Sweetly the music is soundingAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Take a stand for ChristRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
Take Jesus, your Savior, to be your GuideAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Take the Savior today as your guideAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Take the world with all its pleasureAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Tell others of Jesus as onward you goAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Tell the story of the Savior's loveRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
The angel of death has bereft usRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
The Bells of Salvation are ringing todayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
The ground was stained with sacred bloodAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
The journey of life may be lonely and drearRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
The love of Jesus is my song, When days are lone and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
The love of my Savior is precious to meRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
The love of my Savior is rollingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
The loving Voice I would obeyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
The nearer I come to the end of lifeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
The news of salvation rings over the wayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
The path I trod was dreary, my heart was sick and soreDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
The path of life is fraught with strifeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
The precious love that Jesus has for meAlfred Barratt (Author)2
The Savior has knocked at your heart's door in vainAlfred Barratt (Author)3
The Savior is knocking outside your heart's doorAlfred Barratt (Author)3
The Savior now bids us his loveAlfred Barratt (Author)2
The Savior of men is rejectedRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
The story of the Savior's loveAlfred Barratt (Author)3
The voice of God is calling comeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There are golden gleams of glory brightAlfred Barratt (Author)3
There are golden glories in that landAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There are many bitter sorrowsAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There are many hearts of sorrow here belowAlfred Barratt (Author)5
There are many hearts waiting in sadness todayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There are many precious momentsAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There are many sad hearts that have burdens to bearAlfred Barratt (Author)4
There are many souls in darkness, They are yearning for the light divineRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There are many wayward wanderers in the path of sinAlfred Barratt (Author)3
There are rainbow rays of loveAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There are stars of promiseAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There flows from His sideAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is a beautiful mansionAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is a Land of endless day, Beyond the bright blue skyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is a land of love beside the crystal seaRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is a light on life's long wayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is a Light, that cheers my wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is a shrine within my heartAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is a song I love to hearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is a song within my heart, It makes my cares and fears departRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is a story more precious than goldRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)4
There is a thought that rings with songAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is an unseen hand that guides Our feetAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is gladness in my soul, pressing onward to the goalAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is golden Lovelight now shining over life's wayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is grace and mercy waiting meRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is light and love shining from aboveRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
There is naught to fear, when the day is drearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is need of love light, every passing dayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There is no one like Jesus to saveAlfred Barratt (Author)3
There is one I know, so good and kindAlfred Barratt (Author)3
There is one who has suffered and diedAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is one who is filling my heartAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is perfect joy and gladnessAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is pleasure beyond measureRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
There is room for workersRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
There is sunshine in my heart todayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There is work which I must doAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There will be a day of gladnessRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
There'll be someone waiting thereAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a beautiful city of goldAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a beautiful day that is not far awayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a beautiful Eden so sweetAlfred Barratt (Author)3
There's a beautiful hallowed retreatAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a beautiful mansion on yonder bright shoreRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a beautiful name that is radiant with lightAlfred Barratt (Author)3
There's a beautiful song in my heartAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a chamber so tranquil and sweetAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a change in my heartAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a fountain flowing full and freeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a gentle whisper ringingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a glad day fast approaching, the most beautiful of daysRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a hand held out to you tadayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a hope unfailing in my trusting soulAlfred Barratt (Author)3
There's a house of many mansions Over on that golden strandAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a land far beyond the hills of lifeAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a land of joy and gladnessRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a land of love and gladness over on the golden shoreAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a light in Heaven's windowAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a light that shines on my path belowRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a little brick church in my childhood homeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a little white cabin beyond the blue skyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a mansion, I know, in that city for meAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a place of safety for the trusting soulAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a place where all the weary can unloadAlfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a sweet and wonderful retreatRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a wonderful Friend always readyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
There's a wonderful glorious countryRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
There's a wonderful peace in my heart every dayAlfred Barratt (Author)5
These golden promises of GodAlfred Barratt (Author)2
They grope in darkness all the wayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
They tell us that Jesus once died on the treeAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
This world of sin and strifeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Tho' the storms of life may blow, they will sometime ceaseAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Though you have rejected the Savior of menRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Though you may walk in grief aloneRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Though you must tread life's lonely roadRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Thou art my refuge, O wonderful SaviorAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Though at times we meetAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Though drearisome shadows may hang o'er my wayAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Though my heart may sometimes weary growAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Though my path at times is lone and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Though our hearts are filled with sadnessAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Though shadows may over our path appearAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Though sorrow may take us sometimes by surpriseAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Though the path may lead neath a sunlit skyAlfred Barratt (Author)3
Though the powers of sin our pathway assailAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Though the skies above are grayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Through the long, long years He is near youAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Through days of toil, amid the strifeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Through the day of toil and sorrow, when my weary heart doth failAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
'Tis our festal day, Lord JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)2
'Tis sweet, O God, to steal awayAlfred Barratt (Author)6
To him that overcometh, whenAlfred Barratt (Author)2
To the Lord, who has died to save usAlfred Barratt (Author)2
To the world in its sorrowAlfred Barratt (Author)3
True mothers are the guiding lightAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Trust in God with all thy heartAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Trust in the Savior and be not dismayedAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Trust in the Savior as onward you goDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Trust in the strength of JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
'Twas love that led JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)2
'Twas mother's love, and mother's prayersAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Upward, onward winging, soaring through the skyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Wait on the Lord when you are weakAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
Walking with Jesus, the morning is brightRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
We are in the Savior's armyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
We are kept each day all along the wayRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
We are on our way to the realms of day With the Savior Who made us wholdRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
We are outward boundAlfred Barratt (Author)2
We are pressing onward day by day, Guided by our Savior's handRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
We are singing as we go through the days of weal or woeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
We are traveling on life's journey (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)2
We are waiting for the blessingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
We are walking in the blessed wayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
We believe this hour in the old-time powerRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
We can see our God in the sunshine brightAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
We cannot see, nor do we knowAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
We need the love of JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)3
We often say the meanest wordAlfred Barratt (Author)2
We shall dwell where the angels are singingAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
We shall lay aside the burdens that our hearts have had to bearAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
We shall sing with all the angels in the presence of the KingRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
We shall walk with the Savior in robes pureRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
We shall wear robes of white, in that land of delightAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
We sing the praise of motherAlfred Barratt (Author)4
Weary souls in paths of sin despairingAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When all our toilings and struggles are overRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
When all the cares of earth are endedAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When at last I cross the silent riverRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When at last we cross the shining riverRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When at last we reach the sunset gateAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When dark shadows over my pathway creepAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When days are dark and the wavesAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When gloomy shadows dim your wayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When heavy burdens sorely pressAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When I am lone and sad and skies are dark and drearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When I am sad and sore opprestAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When I am weary and leftAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When I have finished the toils of the dayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
When I kneel before the throneRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When I lay down my burden of careAlfred Barratt (Author)3
When I need my Savior, he is nearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
When I tread this vale of shadowsRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When I walk the rugged pathwayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When I was lost in dark despairAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When life is over, my labors laid downRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When my heart is discouraged in pathways of woeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When my heart is sad and weary, with its sorrow, grief and careAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When my soul was sore and bleedingAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When my spirit is weary and faintAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When my work on earth is done, At the setting of the sun (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)3
When our work on earth is done at the setting of the sunRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
When over my path the storms of sorrow sweepAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When paths are gloomy and darker grownAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When paths are lone and drearyAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When pathways are lonely and drearyRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When shadows darken the path I treadAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When skies are dark and dreary and gloomy is the dayAlfred Barratt (Author)3
When skies are gloomy, dark and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When sorrows on my path appearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)7
When storms around are raging a tender voice I hearAlfred Barratt (Author)3
When the angels blow their trumpets at the coming of the LordRev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the billows rise on life's stormy seaAlfred Barratt (Author)3
When the cares of life are pressing And your heart is lone and lowRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the dark clouds spreadAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the dark shadows gather on life's rugged wayAlfred Barratt (Author)4
When the darksome clouds hang o'er your wayAlfred Barratt (Author)5
When the day is done at the set of sunRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)3
When the day of toil on earth is doneAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the day shall close and my work is doneDr. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the evening shadows fall And I hearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)4
When the evening sun sinks in the westAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the golden sun sinks in the westRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the light of the Lord shines within my heartRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
When the load is heavy you are called to bearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the path is dark and cheerlessRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the path is dark and steep the roadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the path is drear there is naught to fearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
When the path is dreary and the skies are grayAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the path is fraught with sorrowAlfred Barratt (Author)3
When the path is lonely and the clouds hang lowAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the path is lonely, desolate and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the path is rough and steep and the valley dark and deepAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the path you tread is fraught with woeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the storm is sweeping o'er my soulAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the storm is wildly raging over our frail and helpless barkAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the storms on my pathway were ragingRev. Rev. Alfred Barratt (Author)7
When the tedious day of toil is doneRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the toils and cares of life are pressingRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the toils of earth are overAlfred Barratt (Author)7
When the waves of grief and sorrow on my pathwayAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When the way is drear, bringing sorrow and fearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When the way is lonely dark and drearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When this life is ended, and my work is doneAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When time down here is doneAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When we breathe the name of JesusAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When we count our earthly richesAlfred Barratt (Author)3
When we hear the tempter's voice withinRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When we reach the Land of GladnessAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When we tread the vale of sorrowAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When worldly cares and troubles rollRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When you are burdened with sorrowAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When you are weary and burdened with fearRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
When you need someone to help you in the time of grief and careAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When your heart is o'erburdened with sinAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When your heart is sad From the grief it bearsRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)4
When your heart is sad and lonely, and the night is dark and longRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)2
When your path is lone and drearyAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
When your soul is yearning for a friendAlfred Barratt (Author)2
When your weary heart is burdenedAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Whenever dark sorrows sweep over thy soulAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Whenever the pathway is dreary (Barratt)Alfred Barratt (Author)2
Whenever your heart is lone and drearAlfred Barratt (Author)2
While Jesus is broadcasting salvation full and freeRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
While pressing on life's lonely roadRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
While through life I'm traveling alongAlfred Barratt (Author)2
While we are gathered before HimAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
While we on earth our course pursueRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
While you are treading life's rugged rugged wayAlfred Barratt (Author)3
While you are treading the ways of lifeAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Whisper a prayer when things go wrongAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Why should I be lonely when the dark clouds roll?Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Why should I murmur and sigh in my heartAlfred Barratt (Author)English2
With gladness we toil in the work of the LordAlfred Barrett (Author)English2
With Jesus to guide me each step of the wayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Words are only little thingsRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Would you cheerful beAlfred Barratt (Author)2
Would you live for Jesus, every passing dayRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
Ye men of God press onwardAlfred Barratt (Author)3
You are drifting away over the restless tide Alfred Barratt (Author)4
You can make the dark days lightRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
You can make the moments brighterAlfred Barratt (Author)2
You can make the pathway lighterAlfred Barratt (Author)3
You need a great Savior to cheerAlfred Barratt (Author)3
You need the love of JesusRev. Alfred Barratt (Author)English2
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