Christian Gottlob Barth

Short Name: Christian Gottlob Barth
Full Name: Barth, Christian Gottlob, 1799-1862
Birth Year: 1799
Death Year: 1862

Barth, Christian Gottlob, son of C. F. Barth, house painter in Stuttgart, was born at Stuttgart, July 31,1799. He studied at Tubingen, where he was the principal founder of the Missionary Society, and was only restrained by his mother's entreaties from offering himself as a missionary. He became, in 1821, assistant at Neckarweihingen and Dornham, and, in 1822, curate in charge of Effringen and Schönbrunn, near Nagold. In 1824 he was appointed pastor of Möttlingen, near Calw, but resigned his charge in 1838, and settled in Calw, receiving in the same year the degree of D.D. from the University.of Greifswald. He died at Calw of apoplexy, Nov. 12, 1862. At Calw he devoted himself as a writer and preacher to children, as a preacher and writer in the cause of missions to the heathen and to the Jews, and as the founder and director of the Tract Society of Calw. One of his books, the Bible History, reached its 160th edition in 1872, and had then been translated into 24 European, 18 Asiatic, 7 African, and 3 South Sea languages. He frequently attended the meetings of the Religious Tract Society of London, and was a member of the Evangelical Alliance (Koch, vii. 199-210; Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, ii. 94-95). Of his hymns there have been translated into English:—
i. Auf einem Berg ein Baumlein stand. [Holy Scripture]. Included in his Lieder und Gedichte fur Christenkinder, Calw, 1842, p. 83, in 4 stanzas. Previously in J. Köbner's Christl. Harfentöne, Hamburg, 1840, p. 115. The translations are:—
(1) "Upon a hill there stands a tree," by Dr. H. Mills, 1845 (1856, p. 25), and thence in P. Stow's Ocean Melodies, Boston, U.S., 1849. (2) "A tree grows on a mountain," by Mrs. Bevan, 1859, p. 138. (3) "A tree stood on a mountain," in Dr. H. W. Dulcken's Golden Harp, 1864, p. 22. (4) " On a hill stands a beautiful tree," in W. B. Bradbury's Fresh Laurels, N. Y., 1867, p. 15, signed "L. W." (5) " Lo, on a mount a tree doth stand," by Mrs. H. K. Spaeth, as No. 60 in the Pennsylvania Lutheran Little Children's Book, Philadelphia, 1885.
ii. Erhebe dich, du Volk des Herrn. [Missions.] Written for the Basel Mission Festival, June 12, 1833, In his Christliche Gedichte, Stuttgart, 1836, p. 18, in 8 stanzas. Translated as “Ye people of the Lord, arise!" by Dr. H. Mills, 1856, p. 202.
iii. Hütter, ist die Nacht verschwtinden. [Missions.] Written for the 20th anniversary, June 27,1835, of the Basel Missionary Society, and first published in the Mission Magazine for that year. In his Christliche Gedichte, Stuttgart, 1836, p. 54, in 8 stanzas. The translations are:—
(1) "Ho! watchman, is the night away," by Dr. G. Walker, 1860, p. 84. (2) "Watchman! Hath the night departed," in L. Rehfuess's Church at Sea, 1868, p. 107. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Christian Gottlob Barth (63)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Ti, que por tu muerteChristian Gottlieb Barth, 1799-1862 (Author)Spanish3
Am Ufer hoch ein Kirchlein steitChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Auf den Bergen, auf den HaidenChristian G. Barth (Author)3
Auf einem Berg ein Bäumlein standChristian G. Barth (Author)German25
Auferstanden, auferstanden ist der Herr der WeltChristian G. Barth (Author)German7
Brueder, freuet guten SamenChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Brueder, streuet guten SamenChristian G. Barth (Author)7
Brueder, ziehet reich gesegnetChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Der Du in TodesnächtenC. G. Barth (Author)German6
Der Pilger aus der FerneChr. G. Barth (Author)German7
Die Frucht der Freude sprosset nichtDr. Barth (Author)2
Die Kirche Christi steht beschütztDr. Barth (Author)German2
Du bist unsre ZuversichtChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Einen guten Hirten hab' ichChristian Barth (Author)1
Es wallt ein Volk auf ErdenChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Frühling, der die Welt verklärtChristian G. Barth (Author)German6
From distant shores returningC. G. Barth (Author)3
Go joyfully forth to war against sinChr. G. Barth, 1799-1862 (Author)1
Golden sun of eveningChristian G. Barth (Author)3
Gold'ne Abendsonne, wie bist du so schönChristian G. Barth (Author)German22
Hab' ich jemals auch ges''tChristian G. Barth (Author)3
Hirt' und Hueter deiner HeerdenDr. C. G. Barth, geb. 1799 (Author)2
Hochgelobter fuerst des lebensChristian Gottlob Barth (Author)4
Hueter, is die Nacht verschwundenChristian G. Barth (Author)30
In der Welt ist FinsternissChristian G. Barth (Author)German7
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, die du so hochChristian G. Barth (Author)3
Kirche Christi, breite, breiteChristian G. Barth (Author)German13
Lasset uns von Zion singenChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Lo on a mount a tree doth standChristian G. Barth (Author)9
Müde von des Tages Lasten, Saß der HeilandChristian G. Barth (Author)German6
O du Gott der Macht and St'rkeChristian G. Barth (Author)2
O Heiland, wär' ich so ein KindDr. Barth (Author)German6
O wie lieb und teuerChristian G. Barth (Author)German6
On a hill stands a beautiful treeChristian G. Barth (Author)13
Schlagt an die Sichel, BruederChristian G. Barth (Author)5
See, there in the manger lies a little ChildChristian G. Barth (Author)3
Seht hier in der Krippen liegt ein holdes KindChristian G. Barth (Author)German14
Sei du in unserm Kreise Herr JesuChristian G. Barth (Author)4
Sei uns gesegnet, du Koenig der HeidenChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Sei uns willkommen in unsrem KreisChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Sieh' hier sind wir, heil'ger MeisterChristian G. Barth (Author)8
Sprich du selber, Herr, das AmenChristian G. Barth (Author)German3
Sun of righteousness, arise; Dawn upon our clouded skiesChristian G. Barth, 1799-1862 (Author (st. 2, 4))English2
Sun of Righteousness, arise! Dispel darkness from our eyesChristian Barth, 1799-1862 (Author)English2
Sun of righteousness, shine forthChristian Gottlob Barth (Author)English2
The pilgrim and strangerCharles Barth (Author)English1
The weary pilgrim traces his painful footstepsChristian G. Barth (Author)3
Upon a hill there stands a treeC. G. Barth (Author)1
Upon a mount there stood a treeC. G. Barth (Author)2
Ved en el pesebre Christian Gottlob Barth (Author)Spanish2
Volk des Herrn, erhebe dichDr. C. G. Barth, P., 1799-1862 (Author)3
Von Grönland's eis'gen ZinkenChristian G. Barth (Author)German2
Von Grönlands EisgestadenChristian G. Barth (Author)German1
Was Glaube tut, ist wohl gethanChristian G. Barth (Author)6
Was habt ihr gegen meine BibelChristian Gottlob Barth (Author)German2
Was ist des Kindes groesstes GlueckChristian G. Barth (Author)5
Watchman, is the darkness waningChristian G. Barth (Author)2
When the sun all golden laughs at dawn of dayChristian G. Barth (Author)2
When the sun and milder skiesChristian G. Barth (Author)2
Wie schoene Zuege hebet mirChristian G. Barth (Author)4
Wir haben einen Hirten C. G. Barth (Author)German2
Wo ist der Knecht des Herrn zu HausDr. C. G. Barth, geb. 1799 (Author)2
Zieht froehlich hinaus zum heiligen KriegChristian G. Barth (Author)German12

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