Cornelius Becker

Short Name: Cornelius Becker
Full Name: Becker, Cornelius, 1561-1604
Birth Year: 1561
Death Year: 1604

Becker, Cornelius, son of Adrian Becker, merchant of Leipzig, was born at Leipzig, Oct. 24, 1561. After studying at the University, where he graduated 1584, he kept a private school till his appointment, in the beginning of 1588, as one of the masters of the St. Thomas School, a post he vacated in Sept., 1588. on being appointed diaconus at Rochlitz. In 1592 he became diaconus, and in 1594, pastor of the church of St. Nicholas, Leipzig; and subsequently Professor of Theology in the University, from which, in 1599, he received the degree of D.D. On account of false accusations he was deprived of his charge on June 5, 1601, but was vindicated and restored on Nov. 29 following. He died suddenly at Leipzig, May 25, 1604 (Koch, ii. 219-223; Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, ii. 221). He wrote a few hymns, but his principal work was his version of the Psalter, 1602. The only version translated into English is:—
Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt, Dem ich mich ganz vertraue. [Ps. xxiii.] Appeared in S. Calvidus's Harmonia Cantionum Ecclesiasticarum, Leipzig, 1598, and then in Becker's Der Psalter Dauids Gesangweis, Leipzig, 1602. Thence in Wackernagel, v., p. 369, in 3 stanzas of 7 lines, entitled "The Good Shepherd." In Bunsen's Allgemeine Gesang-Buch, 1846, No. 2. It is translated as "My Shepherd is the Saviour dear," by Miss Dunn, 1857, p. 19. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Cornelius Becker (33)sort descendingAsInstances
Ach Herr, mein Gott, straff mich doch nichtCornelius Becker (Author)1
All people that on earth do dwellCornelius Becker (Translator (into German))3
Aus meines Herzensgrunde, dank ich Dir GottCornelius Becker (Author)1
Bewahr mich, Gott, ich trau auf dichCornelius Becker (Author)1
Dankt dem Herrn unserm Gott, Denn ErCornelius Becker (Author)1
Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt, Dem ich mich ganz vertraueCornelius Becker (Author)4
Erhoer mich wenn ich ruff zu DirCornelius Becker (Author)2
Freut euch des Herrn, ihr Christen allCornelius Becker (Author)1
Gott! hilff mir, denn das Wasser dringtCornelius Becker (Author)1
Gott, man lobt dich in der Still'Cornelius Becker (Author)2
Gross ist der Herr und HochgepreistCornelius Becker (Author)1
Herr, der du vormals gn'dig warstCornelius Becker (Author)1
Herr Gott, erzeig mir Hilf und GnadCornelius Becker (Author)1
Hoert zu all voelcker ingemeinCornelius Becker (Author)2
Ich heb mein augen sehnlich aufCornelius Becker (Author)3
Ich schrei' zu meinem lieben GottCornelius Becker (Author)1
Ich will bei meinem Leben, ruehmen den HerrenCornelius Becker (Author)1
In Judah ist der Herr bekanntCornelius Becker (Author)2
Jauchzet dem Herren alle WeltCornelius Becker (Author)4
Jehovah, Gott! mit frohem schalleC. L. Becker (Author)2
Lasset die Kindlein kommen Cornelius Becker (Author)13
Let all the children come unto meCornelius Becker (Author)1
Lobt Gott mit schall ihr heiden allDr. Cornelius Becker (Author)2
Mein Gott, mein Gott, ach Herr mein GottCornelius Becker (Author)1
Mein Licht und Heil ist Gott der HerrCornelius Becker (Author)1
Mitt fasta hopp till Herren stårCornelius Becker (Author)1
Nech te ditek jit ke mneCornelius Becker (Author)2
O allerhoechster Godd, dir klag ich meineCornelius Becker (Author)2
Sing alleluia, praise the Lord!Cornelius Becker, 1561-1604 (Author)3
Thanks be to God, O give him praiseCornelius Becker, 1561-1694 (Author)3
The Lord my faithful Shepherd isC. Becker (Author)1
Wenn Gott einmal erloesen wirdCornelius Becker (Author)1
Wohl denen, die da wandelnKornelius Becker, 1561-1604 (Author)2

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