F. E. Belden

F. E. Belden
Short Name: F. E. Belden
Full Name: Belden, F. E. (Franklin Edson), 1858-1945
Birth Year: 1858
Death Year: 1945

Belden was born in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1858. He began writing music in his late teenage years after moving to California with his family. For health reasons he later moved to Colorado. He returned to Battle Creek with his wife in the early 1880s, and there he became involved in Adventist Church publishing. F. E. Belden wrote many hymn tunes, gospel songs, and related texts in the early years of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Belden was able to rapidly write both music and poetry together which enabled him to write a song to fit a sermon while it was still being delivered. He also wrote songs for evang­el­ist Bil­ly Sun­day. Though Belden’s later years were marred by misunderstandings with the church leadership over his royalties, he did donate his papers and manuscripts to the church’s seminary at his death. He died on December 2, 1945 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

N.N., Hymnary. Source: http://www.hymntime.com/tch/bio/b/e/l/belden_fe.htm

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A beautiful star there rose one nightF. E. Belden (Author)English6
A broken, contrite heart, O LordF. E. Belden (Author)English3
A glad New Year to all we bringF. E. Belden (Author)English2
A greeting to this Sabbath dayF. E. Belden (Author)English2
A merry, merry welcomeF. E. Belden (Author)English2
A snowy robe is waiting thereF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Above the clouds that veil the blueF. E. B. (Author)English9
Adown the arch of azure skyF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Afar from earth, where angels dwellF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Afar from the east the wise men cameF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Again to Thee we join in singingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Again we hail the Sabbath sweetF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Al contemplarte, mi SalvadorF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
All hail for youthful volunteersF. E. Belden (Author)English2
All my class not one forgottenF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Always speak kindly wherever you goF. E. B. (Author)English2
Am I my brother's keeper, Or serving self aloneF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Angel voices sweetly callingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Angels are building fair mansions aboveF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Answer the call, ye brave menF. E. B. (Author)English4
Are you tenting on the lowlandsF. E. B. (Author)English6
As homeward the lone bird is wearily flyingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Ask for the guide book, the Bible from heavenF. E. B. (Author)English3
Ask for the old paths, by the prophets trodF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Ask for the showers of blessingF. E. Belden (Author)English7
Ask not to be excusedF. E. B. (Author)English8
Ask of the Lord and he will giveF. E. Belden (Author)English2
At evening time no gathering nightF. E. Belden (Author)English6
Awake for the conflictF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Away, away with the ruby wineF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Beautiful angels, watching close byF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Beautiful city, haven of peaceF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Behold how sweet, how calmF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Beyond the blue is the city of goldF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Beyond the years of this fleeting lifeF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Bless us, Lord, as we part todayF. E. B. (Author)English2
Blessed Lord, how much I need TheeF. E. Belden (Author)English10
Blest are the pure in heart, For they our God shall seeF. E. Belden (Author)English6
Bravely say no, when tempted to sinF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Bring a glad and thankful offeringF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Bring your treasureF. E. B. (Author)English3
Burdened soul, there's rest in JesusF. E. Belden (Author)English2
By thousands now rejectedF. E. B. (Author)English4
C-L-O-C-K—The world is like a shelfF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Canto el gran amorFranklin E. Belden (1858-1945) (Author)Spanish3
Carry the joyful tidingsF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Cast out the buyers, LordF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Cheerfully give, cheerfully giveF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Cheering little sunbeamsF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Children singing, sweet bells ringingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Closer than a brother, Jesus, dearest FriendF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Cold water is the cup that cheersF. E. Belden (Author)English7
Come from your toiling, come from your careF. E. B. (Author)English2
Come, 'tis Sabbath morningF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Come, tonight, come tonight, with your burden of sinF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Come, ye straying, sad, despondingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Could you wait, could you wait if a brother were lostF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Count your many blessingsF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Creation's Lord displayed his mightF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Crown the Sabbath with a songF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Dear Savior, I will seek Thy faceF. E. B. (Author)English2
Dear Savior, lead me erring steps aright, I'll follow theeF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Del bello país he leídoF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
El Juicio empezó, los libros se abrieronF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
El Rey que viene cerca estáF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
Es el amor divinoF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish3
Eternal Father, God of love, Creator of the universeF. E. Belden (Author)English7
Fair were thy fruits and fadeless thy flowersF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Far across the rolling seaF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Father, we come to Thee, No other help have weF. E. Belden (Author)English10
Fear not, little flock, 'tis your Father's good pleasure (Belden)F. E. Belden (Author)English3
Fleeing from destruction's fair palaces of strifeF. E. B. (Author)English3
For Jesus, all my morning hoursF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Forbid them not, our Savior saidF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Forward soldiers in the holy warF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Foxes have holes, birds have their nestsF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Fresh from above, for one and allF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Fresh from the throne of gloryF. E. B. (Author (st. 4))English1
Friend and companion, dear to each heartF. E. Belden (Author)English6
From day to day, O gracious GodF. E. Belden (Author)English2
From the lips of angels spokenF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Gather the children to the schoolF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Gently, dear Savior, now we bringF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Give, said the golden sunF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Give up all for Jesus, Weary child of sinF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Give your heart to Jesus nowF. E. B. (Author)English2
Glory, honor, praise, and power Are the Lord's this very hourF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Go ye into all the world, And preach the gospel to every creatureF. E. B. (Author)English3
God bless our Sabbath School, Christ superintend itF. E. Belden (Author)English2
God made the liliesF. E. B. (Author)English6
God of light and matchless splendorF. E. Belden (Author)English8
God shall be first in everythingF. E. B. (Author)English3
Golden harps in yonder cityF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Grant Thy blessing now, O LordF. E. B. (Arranger)English1
Great joy to all people, good tidings we bringF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Guide and guard us, O our FatherF. E. Belden (Author)English7
Hail, O little Christian sailorF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Hallelujahs to Jesus, Hallelujahs foreverF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Has the cross of Christ been liftedF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Have you any room for Jesus, Room to restF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Hay vida en mirar a la santa cruzF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
He will mention them no more foreverF. E. B. (Author)English14
Hear the voice of loving [love and] dutyF. E. B. (Author)English3
Hear the voices calling over the stormy mainF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Help the erring, help the wearyF. E. Belden (Author)English3
He's coming once againF. E. Belden (Author)English8
Hold to the helm sailor when the skies are clearF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Holy day, Jehovah's restF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Hour by hour kept by his powerF. E. Belden (Author)English2
How slender is life's silver cordF. E. Belden (Author)English3
How sweet to rest in Jesus! Safe from the world's mad strifeF. E. B. (Author)English2
I am not ashamed to speak a word for JesusF. E. B. (Author)English2
I am resting in the shadow Of the cross of CalvaryF. E. Belden (Author)English3
I am safe if Jesus holds my handF. E. B. (Author)English2
I am waiting for the morning, Of the day that brings releaseF. E. B. (Author)English3
I cannot drive the nails againF. E. Belden (Author)English2
I cease to sing of sweet tomorrowF. E. B. (Author)English3
I come to Thee, my Savior, I need Thy gracious aidF. E. Belden (Author)English2
I have a song, a song so sweetF. E. B. (Author)English2
I will not let Thee go, my LordF. E. Belden (Author)English2
I will pour water on him that is thirsty, Floods of the Spirit upon the dry groundF. E. Belden (Author)English2
I will sing of Jesus' love, Sing of Him who first loved meF. E. B. (Author)English11
I would be, dear Savior, wholly ThineF. E. Belden (Author)English13
If any little word of mine May make a dark life brighterF. E. Belden (Author)English3
If he, my Lord, is with me stillFranklin Edson Belden (Author)English1
If I were a sunbeam, This is what I'd doF. E. B. (Author)English3
If we keep our Father's commandmentsF. E. Belden (Author)English2
I'll sing you a song of a cityF. E. B. (Author)English3
I'm kneeling at the cross, The cross of CalvaryF. E. B. (Author)English3
I'm so glad that Jesus said, Let the childrenF. E. Belden (Author)English2
In a world of sin and strifeF. E. Belden (Author)English2
In ancient Egypt's pagan landF. E. Belden (Author)English2
In him O life of gloryF. E. Belden (Author)English2
In love's azure firmament, spanning the agesF. E. Belden (Author)English2
In the blood of Jesus I am trustingF. E. B. (Author)English2
In the path of duty lies the promiseF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure lightF. E. B. (Author (st. 4))English2
Jesus has something for children to doF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Jesus holds me fastF. E. B. (Author)English3
Jesus in His temple holyF. E. B. (Author)English3
Jesus is passing, Jesus is passingF. E. Belden (Author)English11
Jesus is the Light, the Life, the Truth, the WayF. E. Belden (Author)2
Jesus is waiting, pleading, callingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Jesus, Jesus, chiefest among ten thousandF. E. B. (Author)English2
Jesus, Jesus, gentle ShepherdF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Jesus knows the children's loveF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Jesus, Savior, hear us prayF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Jesus, Savior, pilot me, Through this cold, unfriendly worldF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Joy today! joy today! Christ has burst the bars of deathF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Joyful greeting to thousands who sing Jesus' praisesF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Joys are flowing like a riverF. E. B. (Arranger)English1
Keep praying as you goF. E. B. (Author)English3
Keep the pages white, dear JesusF. E. B. (Author)English2
Kind words are the sweetestF. E. B. (Author)English3
Kind words can never die; cherished and blestF. E. B. (Arranger)English2
Launch the life boat, many souls are strandingF. E. B. (Author)English5
Let every lamp be burning brightF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Let me fly to the Rock in the desertF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Like as a father, pities His childF. E. Belden (Author)English13
Like Caleb and Joshua standF. E. B. (Author)6
Like faithful soldiers, true and braveF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Like refreshing showers in a thirsty landF. E. Belden (Author)English2
List, to the chime, 'tis holy timeF. E. B. (Author)English5
Little crowns are waiting, Waiting to be wornF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Little fishermen are we And the world is like a seaF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Little ones may be just like the fruitful treesF. E. Belden (Author)English8
Little volunteers are neededF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Long ago the children sang a songF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Long years ago on blue GalileeF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Look for the beautiful, look for the true, Sunshine and shadow are all around youF. E. B. (Author)English13
Look for the way marksF. E. B. (Author)English8
Look not behind thee, press manfully onF. E. B. (Author)English2
Look not upon the wine that sparkles in its flowF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Look to the cross sinner believe itF. E. B. (Author)English6
Look upon Jesus sinless is heF. E. Belden (1858-1945) (Author)English8
Look upon the golden imageF. E. B. (Author)English7
Low bend the willows over life's dark, human tideF. E. B. (Author)English2
Make duty plain, O LordF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Many are the little dutiesF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Many, many are the mansionsF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Mejor que los sacrificios es obedecerF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
Mi Redentor es Cristo, Mi gozo y mi canciónF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
Mira los hitos de la humanidadF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
Moment by moment, hour by hourF. E. Belden (Author)English3
More diligence give meF. E. Belden (Author)English3
More of my Savior, says my soulF. E. Belden (Author)English3
My anchor holds when hurricanes sweep the seaF. E. B. (Author)English2
My first thought shall be of JesusF. E. Belden (Author)English2
My heart is in the homeland, beyond the azure seaF. E. B. (Author)English2
My heart's a tuneful harp when Christ abides withinF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Nearer Thee and ever nearerF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Never be ashamed to own your SaviorF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Never come late to Sunday schoolF. E. B. (Author)English4
No habrá más llanto alláF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
No hay un nombre en esta tierraF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
No tears in yonder home; Sorrow can never comeF. E. Belden (Author)English2
No tears in yonder home, There, all serene and brightF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Not a wasted moment in the morning fairF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved, exaltedF. E. B. (Arranger)English1
Not in the hour of deathF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Not one single jot or tittle hear the great teacher sayF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Now I lay me down to slumberF. E. B. (Author)English2
Now the God of peace be with youF. E. Belden (Author)English2
O beautiful smiling summer landF. E. Belden (Author)English2
O blessed, blessed, Sabbath SchoolF. E. Belden (Author)English3
O blessed rest when we reclineF. E. B. (Author)English4
O blest are they that mournF. E. Belden (Author)English4
O blest are they who oft have saidF. E. Belden (Author)English5
O Christian, have you heard itF. E. Belden (Author)English5
O Christian, idle all the dayF. E. Belden (Author)English7
O Christian, on the billow of life's seaF. E. B. (Author)English3
O Christian traveler, hold the lightF. E. Belden (Author)English2
O Christian, triumphantly singingF. E. Belden (Author)English3
O give us a parting blessingF. E. Belden (Author)English6
O guard us till we meet againF. E. Belden (Author)English3
O heart bowed down with sorrow, O eyes that long for sightF. E. Belden (Author)English18
O holy book of truth divineF. E. Belden (Author)English6
O Jesus, my RedeemerF. E. Belden (Author)English7
O raindrops bright with liquid lightF. E. Belden (Author)English2
O there is joy for the summer is pastF. E. Belden (Author)English2
O there'll be joy when the work is doneF. E. B. (Author)English7
O there's a better world on highF. E. Belden (Author)English5
O Thou, who dwellest up on highF. E. Belden (Author)English2
O voyager, idly drifting downF. E. B. (Author)English3
O we are soldiers for the LordF. E. Belden (Author)English2
O the wondrous love of Jesus, 'Tis my joy to tellF. E. B. (Author)English2
On time's wide waste of watersF. E. B. (Author)English4
Once again has come my birthdayF. E. Belden (Author)English6
Once I heard a footstep, 'twas Jesus at the doorF. E. Belden (Author)English2
One more new day for JesusF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Only gleaners in the harvestF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Only one step to JesusF. E. B. (Author)English6
Only thee, in joy or sorrowF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Open the windows of heaven, O Lord, Here are my tithes for TheeF. E. B. (Author)English5
Our Father in heaven, Thy promise we claimF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Out upon an angry oceanF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Padre, yo vengo a tiFranklin E. Belden (1858-1945) (Author)Spanish2
Paradise, O hope of agesF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Pearly portals swinging openF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Plant blossoms, beautiful blossomsF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Praise be to God and songs of thanksgivingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Praise him, praise him, mighty creatorF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Praise to God, the everlasting OneF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Praise to thee, O dear RedeemerF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Pray for the erring ones faith shall reclaim themF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Promesa dulce: Yo vendréF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
Pure cold water we would recommendF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Put on the white garmentsF. E. B. (Author)English3
Raise the standard high, Sound the gathering cryF. E. Belden (Author)English7
Rally for the cause of temperanceF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Remember the Sabbath day, The day by heaven blestF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Remember thy Creator, Ere youthful days departF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Rest, sweet rest, for weary hands folded in slumberF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Roll on, thou crimson streamF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Saved to serve in any stationF. E. B. (Author)English4
Savior, keep me pure in heartF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Savior, meet us while assembledF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Savior, Savior, be my guideF. E. Belden (Author)English5
Scatter sunshine, scatter sunshine, All along the wayF. E. Belden (Author)English3
See, yonder ship is slowly strandingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Seven times round the boasting walls,F. E. B. (Author)English2
Shall one be missingF. E. B. (Author)English3
Shall we stand at his coming, his glorious comingF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Shepherd divine, thou leadest meF. E. Belden (Author)English6
Shout for joy, your tribute bringingF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Shout forth the tidings joyfullyF. E. B. (Author)English2
Si la carga es pesada F. E. Belden (Translator)Spanish2
Silent in death he liesF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Sing, O sing the glory of ImmanuelF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Sing to the Lord, ye his peopleF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Sleep not, soldier of the crossF. E. B. (Arranger)English1
Sleeping sweetly on His bosomF. E. B. (Author)English2
Soldiers in the holy strifeF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Some glad morn not far awayF. E. B. (Author)English3
Someone is straying in downward wayF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Someone the beautiful city shall seeF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Soul, amid the earth sorrows dwellingF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Sound an alarm, all ye watchmen, for the day of the Lord is nearF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Sowing in sadness through long, weary yearsF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Sowing to death or life, Sowing to reapF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Speak well of the land of promiseF. E. B. (Author)English2
Speed away, speed away over mountains and seaF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Stand by the flag of King ImmanuelF. E. B. (Author)English2
Stand by the law once proclaimedF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Stand for Jesus, fighting boldlyF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Stand for the right, O Christian, trueF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Stand like Caleb, though the world opposeF. E. Belden (Author)English8
Star of beauty, star of splendorFranklin Edson Belden (Author)English3
Suffer them, the little onesF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Sweet and low, sweet and low, voice of the Holy SpiritF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Sweet be thy rest And peaceful thy sleepingF. E. Belden (Author)English9
Sweet promise, I will come againF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Sweet promise is given to all who believeF. E. B. (Author)English8
Sweet Sunday school, with hours so fullF. E. B. (Author)English2
Thanksgiving to the Lord belongsF. E. Belden (Author)English5
The angel of the Lord encampeth Round about us, round about usF. E. Belden (Author)English8
The coming King is at the doorF. E. B. (Author)English9
The day is dead, and Egypt's night returningF. E. Belden (Author)English3
The desert way he sometimes leads usF. E. B. (Author)English2
The golden light is fadingF. E. Belden (Author)English3
The guests are few, the hour is lateF. E. Belden (Author)English2
The hem of His garment touch, believingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
The judgment has set, the books have been openedF. E. Belden (Author)English7
The Lord is my God and CreatorF. E. Belden (Author)English2
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want; He maketh me to lie downF. E. B. (Author)English2
The Lord worketh, let us work tooF. E. B. (Author)English3
The saints may rest within the tombF. E. Belden (Author)English2
The world's glorious harvest is fast drawing onF. E. Belden (Author)English4
There are little crossesF. E. Belden (Author)English2
There are riches better than goldF. E. Belden (Author)English2
There are two ways for travelersF. E. Belden (Author)English4
There came a stranger knockingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
There is a land of promise, A blessed land of promiseF. E. Belden (Author)English2
There is something at home for the children to doF. E. B. (Author)English2
There is sunlight on the hilltopF. E. Belden (Author)English7
There is sweet rest for feet now wearyF. E. Belden (Author)English7
There was a star that shone in splendorF. E. Belden (Author)English2
There's a cross to be borneF. E. Belden (Author)English6
There's life in a look at the sacred crossF. E. B. (Author)English7
There's no other name like JesusF. E. Belden (Author)English12
There's room for you to anchorF. E. Belden (Author)English9
These two little hands were givenF. E. Belden (Author)English10
This is the love of God, that we keep his commandmentsF. E. B. (Author)English2
Thou art coming, my Beloved, Thou art coming once againF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Thou hast kept us, blessed SaviorF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Thou Savior of the sinsick soulF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Though seas like mountains hedge thy wayF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Through all the year, most gracious GodF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Through the gloom that gathers over usF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Thus one by one our loved ones goF. E. Belden (Author)English3
'Tis love that makes us happyF. E. Belden (Author)English11
'Tis merry, merry Christmas time, The world with joy is gladF. E. Belden (Author)English5
To Jesus, to Jesus, Give the coming yearFranklin E. Belden (Author)English6
To obey is better than sacrifice, the Lord hath saidF. E. B. (Author)English4
True hearts are needed to work for the schoolF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Until we meet againF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Up and away, like the dew of the morningF. E. B. (Author (refrain & v. 4))English1
¡Vendrá el Señor! Nadie sabe la horaF. E. Belden (Author)Spanish2
Wake, freemen all, whose homes are dearF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Wake the slumbering melodyF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Water, pure water, that sparkles so brightF. E. Belden (Author)English4
We are building every day, at our work and at our playF. E. Belden (Author)English10
We are on the King's highwayF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We are sentinels for JesusF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We build on the sure foundationF. E. Belden (Author)English5
We come with joy to greet you hereF. E. Belden (Author)English3
We greet thee here, O glad new yearF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We know not the hour of the Master's appearingF. E. Belden (Author)English14
We love the blessed BibleF. E. B. (Author)English2
We love to tell the story Yet there is more to doF. E. B. (Author)English2
We never stay away from Sabbath schoolF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We offer praises, thankful praisesFranklin Edson Belden (Author)English3
We plough the fields, and scatterF. E. B. (3d stanza)English1
We shall meet beyond the skies, Some sweet day, some sweet dayF. E. Belden (Author)English4
We should be like gardensF. E. Belden (Author)English5
We should never be lateF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We sing about the home of beautyF. E. B. (Author)English2
We thank thee for Thy merciesF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We welcome this blest Sabbath dayF. E. Belden (Author)English4
Weary one, for comfort seekingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Welcome, welcome, merry welcomeF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We'll build on the rock, the living RockF. E. B. (Author)English11
We'll give this week to JesusF. E. Belden (Author)English3
We'll live in the sunlight, the beautiful sunlightF. E. B. (Author)English2
We'll shine as yonder stars sometimeF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We'll stand by the Bible, God's message to manF. E. Belden (Author)English5
We'll tarry by the living watersF. E. B. (Author)English13
We're always at the school with joyful greetingF. E. B. (Author)English2
We're coming, we're coming with songs of rejoicingF. E. B. (Author)English2
We're faithful daughters of the KingF. E. Belden (Author)English2
We're going home, a pilgrim bandF. E. B. (Author)English2
We're little Christian soldiers, we're marching to the fieldF. E. Belden (Author)English4
We're loyal soldiers of the LordF. E. Belden (Author)English2
What says the Bible, the blessed BibleF. E. B. (Author)English3
What shall I do for Christ, my Savior?F. E. Belden (Author)English5
What will you do with Jesus? He stands before you nowF. E. B. (Author)English3
What shall it profit a manF. E. B. (Arranger)English3
When circles are brokenF. E. Belden (Author)English2
When departs this hallowed dayF. E. Belden (Author)English2
When Israel came to Jordan's sideF. E. Belden (Author)English2
When Jesus calls his jewelsF. E. B. (Author)English5
When Jesus shall make up his jewelsF. E. Belden (Author)English6
When softly fades the dying dayF. E. Belden (Author)English7
When softly falls the twilight hourF. E. Belden (Author)English5
When softly the springtime breezes are blowingF. E. B. (Author)English2
When temptation assailsF. E. Belden (Author)English2
When the cross seems hard to carryF. E. Belden (Author)English6
When the Judge shall weigh our motivesF. E. B. (Author)English12
When the load looks big to carryF. E. B. (Author)English2
When the tempest gathers over usF. E. Belden (Author)English2
When through earthy seas of sorrowF. E. Belden (Author)English2
When we lay our burdens downF. E. Belden (Author)English8
Where hast thou gleaned today for JesusF. E. B. (Author)English2
White pages before us, thank God this is soF. E. B. (Author)English2
Who is dauntless, who is daringF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Who is on the Lord's side, Always trueF. E. B. (Author)English18
Who will be like MosesF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Who will be the next to come to JesusF. E. B. (Author)English3
Who will speak a word for JesusF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Why not come to Jesus, There is hope for theeF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Why should we ever be gloomy and sadF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Wide is the gate and broad the way, Which leads to endless woeF. E. Belden (Author)English7
Wide is the gate and broad the way, And many millions hither strayF. E. Belden (Author)English2
With, a song, the angel voicesF. E. Belden (Author)English2
With tender memories fragrantF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Wonder of the countless spheresF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Word and will of God immortalF. E. Belden (Author)2
Words of cheer from the battlefield of lifeF. E. Belden (Author)English6
Work for the school let no one sayF. E. B. (Author)English2
Work with little hearts and fingersF. E. Balden (Author)English2
Would you fear to have your windows openF. E. B. (Author)English5
Would you know why I am singingF. E. Belden (Author)English3
Ye laden, sad and wearyF. E. Belden (Author)English2
Ye temperance warriors braveF. E. Belden (Author)English4

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