Albert E. Brumley

Albert E. Brumley
Albert E. Brumley
Short Name: Albert E. Brumley
Full Name: Brumley, Albert E. 1905-1977
Birth Year: 1905
Death Year: 1977

Born: October 29, 1905, near Spiro, Oklahoma. Died: November 15, 1977, Springfield, Missouri. Buried: Fox Cemetery, Powell, Missouri.

Brumley attended the Hartford Musical Institute in Hartford, Arkansas, and sang with the Hartford Quartet. He went on to teach at singing schools in the Ozarks, and lived most of his life in Powell, Missouri. He worked for 34 years a staff writer for the Hartford and Stamps/Baxter publishing companies, then founded the Albert E. Brumley & Sons Music Company and Country Gentlemen Music, and bought the Hartford Music Company. He wrote over 800 Gospel and other songs during his life; the Country Song Writers Hall of Fame inducted him in 1970.

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Wikipedia Biography

Albert Edward Brumley (October 29, 1905 – November 15, 1977) was an American shape note gospel music composer and publisher. Brumley was born near Spiro, Oklahoma on October 29, 1905. Pre-Dustbowl Oklahoma was primarily made up of sparse agricultural communities; Brumley's family was no different. He spent much of his early life chopping and picking cotton on his family's farm. In 1926, he enrolled in the Hartford Musical Institute of Hartford, Arkansas, and studied there through 1931. The Institute was led by Eugene Monroe Bartlett (1884–1941), owner of the Hartford Music Company and composer of the well-known gospel song "Victory in Jesus". Brumley purchased Hartford Music Company in 1948.

Texts by Albert E. Brumley (236)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Adown that lonesome road to heaven's blest abodeA. E. B. (Author)4
Algún día cuando esto terminéAlbert E. Brumley (Author)Spanish2
All the world is bright and cheeryA. E. B. (Author)English3
Amid the shadows of life I wend my wayA. E. B. (Author)English2
As I go traveling day by dayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
As I journey through this vale of sorrowAlbert E. Brumley (Author)12
As I travel through this pilgrim landAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English34
As you wend your way to the soul's abodeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Back through the years I'd like to wendAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Brother, while this world you're traveling through, speak a little word for the Master trueAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
By the crystal river we shall live forever over in a land where comes no nightAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Come and listen in to a radio stationA. E. B. (Author)4
Cual ave triste en su prisiónAlbert Brumley (Author)Spanish2
Dear Lord of Calvary, again I come to theeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Do you live a life that's true for the One who died for you?A. E. B. (Author)English3
Do you need a friend indeedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Dreamin' in the glimerin' twilight, dreamin' of a flickerin' firelightA. E. B. (Author)3
El mundo no es mi hogarAlbert Brumley (Author)Spanish2
Ever since Jesus saved and pardoned I have been singing every dayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)7
Every springtime gayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Every time I do a deedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)5
Every time I feel the least bit unworthyAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Everybody it seems has a cabin of dreamsAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Every evening when I count my blessingsA. E. B. (Author)2
Far beyond the clouds a home is waitingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Far beyond this land of sorrowA. E. B. (Author)2
Flowers blooming in the wild woodAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
For the truth and the rightAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Give me a life filled with old fashionedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Give me back the old time powerAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Gone is all my weight of sinAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Hark, I hear the voice of Jesus To the harvest fields awayAlbert E. Brumley (Arranger)English3
Have you ever been down to community singAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Hello, I'm just a strangerA. E. B. (Author)English3
Here I plod along on life's uneven journeyA. E. B. (Author)English2
Here I stand beside death's chilly waters waiting for my final callAlbert E. Brumley (Author)9
Here so many are breaking traditionsAlbert E. Brumley (Author)6
Here so oft we are turned fromAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Here so often I'm lonely, here so often I'm blueA. E. B. (Author)English2
Here we move from place to placeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Here you pass me on the highways in this unfriendly landAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Honest and truly, Lord,Albert E. Brumley (Author)2
Honest and truly, Lord, Sometimes my feet would strayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
How sweet the memory of daysAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I am just another wayworn pilgrimA. E. B. (Author)3
I am on my journey To that city foursquareAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
I am on the way to mansions in the sweet by and byA. E. B. (Author)4
I am so glad I heard my Savior gently pleadingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English4
I am telling the grand old storyAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I am thinking about the day when our Savior knelt down to prayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
I am thinking of a celebrationAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I believe that Jesus died on the crossAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
I cannot touch the hem of his garmentAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
I don't know exactly how sweetAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I have been redeemed, I haveAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I have fondest recollection of the days that used to beAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
I have just enlisted in the service of the KingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
I have read about that city gransAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I have read about the beauties of the South SeasAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
I have started for a city in a land of fadeless dayA. E. B. (Author)English2
I have started for a city on that bright eternalAlbert Brumley (Author)2
I hear a mighty chorus sweetly singing over on that bright, eternal shoreAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English3
I know there is a land of beautiful flowersA. E. B. (Author)4
I used to be a sinner, an erring child of GodA. E. B. (Author)3
I used to be a sinner and my load was hard to bearA. E. B. (Author)3
I wandered again to my home in the mountainsAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
I wandered again to my old cabin homeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
I want to be an example for the turthAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I was listening in to a radio stationAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English3
I was once lost in sin, despairingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
I was turning through my mother's dear BibleAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I was wandering far from Jesus in the paths of sin and shameAlbert E. Brumley (Author)7
I went on a visit, On a heavenly visitAlbert E. brumley (Author)English2
I will meet you in the morning by the bright river sideAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English30
If I had all the words in our languageA. E. B. (Author)English2
If I owned all the gold and the silverA. E. B. (Author)English2
If the Love of God has saved youAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
If the Savior came to your house unexpectedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
If working and praying has any rewardAlbert E. Brumley (Author)11
If you are burdened down with careAlbert E. Brumley (Author)9
If you are burdened, weary and oppressedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
If you have never heard the story of the Christ of GalileeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
If you travel sin's uncertain wayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
If you wander all alone in sin and darkest nightA. E. B. (Author)3
If you want to be a ChristianAlbert E. Brumley (Author)1
If you will give to me your undivided attentionA. E. B. (Author)2
If you would be a true discipleAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
If you would ever do your very bestAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English3
If you've never known the glory ofAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I'm going to a celebration (Brumley)Albert E. Brumley (Author)5
I am laying my treasures up in the skyA. E. B. (Author)English3
I'm only an orphanAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
I'm pressing on through this world of careAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English4
I'm traveling on to the new JerusalemAlbert E. Brumley (Author)5
I'm waiting by the river sideA. E. B. (Author)English2
In a land far away is a soldier todayA. E. B. (Author)English2
In a little while this fleeting life will all be overAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
In sin I once was straying, no thought of ever prayingA. E. B. (Author)English2
In the long ago the precious Savior'sAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
In the new found way, the gospel highwayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English6
In this busy life with its changing scenesAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
In this world I've tried most everything And I'm happy now to sayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English13
Is there anybody here todayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
It seemed I had traveled for agesA. E. B. (Author)3
It was springtime, the flowers were gayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
It was the blood of the crucified OneAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
I've a friend close by my sideA. E. B. (Author)English2
I've a smile of gladnessAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I've been reading my BibleA. E. B. (Author)2
I've had the blood appliedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
I've heard them sing He paid the priceA. E. B. (Author)English3
I've heard them sing of home sweet homeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I've just about tarried long enough hereAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
I've read about a city foursquare, a city of eternal lightAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Jesus gave his life a ransom yonder on CalvaryA. E. B. (Author)7
Jesus gave His life to pardon every nationAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Just beyond death's rolling riverAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Let me go down to the banks of the riverAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Life's few allotted years is but a trailAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Lily white hands will lead meAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Listen to the voices sweetly callingA. E. B. (Author)English2
Long ago in old Judea by the GalileanAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Look, look, look by His light we're ledAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Look to the western horizonAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Looking back through the years to a mangerAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Lord, how well do I know I'll have little to showAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Lord, I sometimes feel Just like a strangerAlbert E. Brumley (Author)6
Lord, I would not ask a special blessingA. E. B. (Author)3
Many are wanedring out in darknessAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Many have loads to bearAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Many the time I am torn with disappointmentA. E. B. (Author)English2
Many years I roamed, many years I trodAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
May we all walk closer to Thy sideAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Mine has been a life of sorrowAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
My race is nearly run, my workAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
No matter how dark the nightAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
No place to hide when days are long and drearyA. E. B. (Author)2
Now, brother, I am confessing that I've wandered in paths of sinAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
O listen to the voice of JesusAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
O you compromising Christian on life's wayA. E. B. (Author)English2
Often the burdens of life seem hardAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
Often times I sit sown in my parlorAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Often when the evening shadowsAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
On that eternal morning in yonder landAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English3
On the cross of Calvary our blessed Savior diedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English7
On the rugged cross of Calvary, Jesus gave His life for youAlbert E. Brumley (Author)20
Once from God I wanderedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Once I wandered out in sin Far, far awayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Once I was sighingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Once like a bird in prison I dweltAlbert E. Brumley (Author)14
Once my soul was astray from the heavenly wayA. E. B. (Arranger)1
One by one, the Savior calls his childrenAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
One day I met an old fashioned motherAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
One glad day Jesus cameAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Out in this cold world, and far away from homeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)6
Over on the bright elysian shoreAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English13
Press along weary pilgrim through the strugglesAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English6
Ride on, God's children, to that beautiful landAlbert E. Brumley (Author)5
Seems that I can see a little chapelAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Since I have turned from sinful pleasure Jesus has freely blest my soulAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Since I reached life's goal I'd like to strollAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Singing, singing every dayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
So many years I wandered, precious moments squanderedA. E. B. (Author)2
So oft I dream of heavenAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Some day I shall stand in God's cityAlbert E. Brumley (Author)5
Some day our last goodbyes on earth will all be spokenAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Some delightful morning we shall have a better lifeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Some glad morning when this life is o'erAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English53
Some mother's boy has gone astrayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Some people often ask me where I goAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Somebody ought to go and work for JesusAlbert E. Brumley (Author)5
Somebody's been a friend indeedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)5
Somebody's blue, weary and blueAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
Somehow tonight I'm lonesomeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Sometimes the roses bloom and every thing is gayAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Sometimes when my pathway I hardly can seeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Sometimes when sorrow overcomes us and the darkness hovers lowAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Somewhere deep in the hillsAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Soon we'll come to the end of life's journeyAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English30
Sure, there's a God who is ruling on highAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
Thank God! I truly can say that I've been born againAlbert E. Brumley (Author)5
The world's greatest story in the BibleAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
The world's greatest story in the Bible is toldAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There are mansions high, there are mansions wideAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There are mothers with beautiful featuresAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
There is a city, bright eternal way over on the golden strandAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There is a Friend to whom I clingA. E. B. (Author)English2
There is a most wondrous cityAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
There is a song that the world is singingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There is an old fashioned cabinA. E. B. (Author)3
There is gladness all aroundAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There is many a cross to carryAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
There is plenty of sunshineAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There's a certain feelingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There's a city of light, where there cometh no nightAlbert Brumley (Author)6
There's a city over there, a city bright and fairAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There's a heavenly land of peace and joy eternalA. E. B. (Author)2
There's a little old church in a valleyAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
There's a little pine log cabinAlbert E. Brumley (Author)5
There's a valley where the mocking birds are singingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
There's a way that leads to joys of everlasting lifeA. E. B. (Author)3
There's an old ramshackle shackAlbert E. Brumley (Author)3
They crucified my Savior (Brumley)Albert E. Brumley (Author)2
They killed my Lord on CalvaryAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
They're having a big revivalAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
This world is not my home, I'm just a passing throughAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English3
Though you wander in the bywaysA. E. B. (Author)English2
Though a pilgrim, a stranger, a beggar I beAlbert E. Brumley (Author)7
To the flaming field of battle! We are marching to warAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
We are a band of Christians marchingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
We love the Red, White and BlueA. E. B. (Author)English2
Well, I went down to the big camp meetin'Albert E. Brumley (Author)4
Well, who could it be that tenderly holds my trembling handA. E. B. (Author)2
We've answered to the battle cry to conquer over sinA. E. B. (Author)English2
What a happy day of jubilationAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
What makes the flowersAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
When heavy burdens oppress meAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
When I have reached myAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
When I reach that golden shoreAlbert E. Brumley (Author)1
When my spirits are low and my footsteps are slowA. E. B. (Author)4
When my time comes to cross o'er the riverAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
When the Savior gave hisAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
When the storms of life are raging all around youAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
When the world would try to leadAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
When you by sorrow are distressedAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
When you have reached the end of your journeyAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
When you're feeling discouraged and lonelyAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
While traveling upon the sands of timeAlbert E. Brumley (Author)4
Why am I weepingAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Why must the world be tornAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2
Wonderful the praise that is coming from heaven, over on the bright eternal shoreAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English2
Wonderful things of folks are saidA. E. B. (Arranger)English1
Won't it be a happy, happy dayA. E. B. (Author)6
Won't it be a happy morning over the seaAlbert E. Brumley (Author)English6
You better get acquainted with your Lord a little betterA. E. B. (Author)7
You may not feel the gentle handAlbert E. Brumley (Author)2

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