Herbert Buffum

Herbert Buffum
Herbert Buffum (1879-1939)
Short Name: Herbert Buffum
Full Name: Buffum, Herbert, 1879-1939
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1939

Herbert Buffum was born in La Fayette, Illinois 13 November 1879. He became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He started preaching at seventeen years of age. He did city mission work up and down the Pacific Coast and later in small towns in Kansas. He began publishing hymns at the age of eighteen.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

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A pilgrim and a stranger here, I've no abiding placeHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
A wee little child had been left all aloneHerbert Buffum (Author)3
A wonderful message I bring unto youHerbert Buffum (Author)2
All my childhood I hatedHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Awful days of tribulationHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Before I came to Jesus, my heart was full of sin (Buffum)Herbert Buffum (Author)English2
Come now to Jesus, he calleth theeHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Could we catch the glistening of the dewHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Do not be discouraged when the clouds hang lowHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Do not be discouraged when the dark clouds comeHerbert Buffum (Author)English7
Do not sing, Will there be any stars in my crownHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Do not stand and wait with folded handsHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Does is seem God's forgotten your address?Herbert Buffum (Author)English2
Does it seem so unjust and so cruel today?Herbert Buffum (Author)English2
Down in the depths of the spirit filled lifeHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Ever since I started out to follow JesusHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Every day has its sunsetHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Far away across the ocean comes a call for Gospel lightHerbert Buffum (Author)3
For ages the skeptics against God's Word have batteredRev. H. B. (Author)English2
God can make a way when there is no wayHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Have the dark clouds settledHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Have you ever wandered away from your homeHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
He keeps on loving us stillHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Heaven comes down my soul to greetHerbert Buffum (Author)English16
Here so many are taking vacationHerbert Buffum (Author)English6
Hide me in the shelter of Thy loveHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I belong to Jesus, He's my friendRev. Herbert Buffum (Author)2
I could not tell in many yearsHerbert Buffum (Author)3
I do not know why, I am oft tempted soHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I dreamed I had searched all through heaven for youHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I find a safe and sure retreatHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I found more than I ever expectedHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I had wandered far from the foldHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I have a Friend who is always the sameH. B. (Author)English5
I have a hallelujah chorus in my soulHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I have eternal life, thank God, I never expect to dieHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I have found the Savior precious, and He's all in all to meHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
I have heard of a city beyond the blue skyHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I have lost my reputationHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I have often heard tell of a popular wayH. B. (Author)English2
I have said I will to JesusHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I hope to live till Jesus comesHerbert Buffum (Author)English19
I know not why my way is hedged aboutHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I love my blessed Savior no matter what he sendsHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I love my Savior so I seldom stopHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I may not always understandHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I never loved Jesus as I love him nowHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
I one time felt a pity for the ChristiansHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I one time placed glory-land over the seaHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I sigh not for riches, I seek not for fameHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I sing when the days are all sunnyHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I want to be ready when Jesus comes backHerbert Buffum (Author)English12
I want to go deeper in JesusHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I was a stubborn child, I know it wellHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I was drifting alone, with no pilot to guideHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I was feeling bowed downHerbert Buffum (Author)4
I was just as wretched as a soul could beHerbert Buffum (Author)4
If burdened your heartHerbert Buffum (Author)3
If death ended all and if man had no soulHerbert Buffum (Author)English6
If Jesus has saved you from sin and from hellHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
If the Bible is true, there is heaven to gainHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
If you have ere listened to God's tender voiceHerbert Buffum (Author)2
If you have grown weary and heart-sick of sinHerbert Buffum (Author)2
If you would enter heavenHerbert Buffum (Author)2
If your life seems sad and drearyHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
If your sins are all forgiven and your heart is cleanHerbert Buffum (Author)2
If your sins have been forgiven you in Jesus' blessed nameHerbert Buffum (Author)English11
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger passing throughHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I'm but a pilgrim here below, I cannot tarryHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I'm having a good time with JesusHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I'm in love with Jesus, the lover of my soulHerbert Buffum (Author)English5
I'm rejoicing night and dayHerbert Buffum (Author)English42
I'm so glad that Jesus came (Buffum)Herbert Buffum (Author)2
In looking over God's calendar of daysHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
In meditation deep one nightHerbert Buffum (Author)2
In the center of God's will I'm sweetly restingHerbert Buffum (Author)2
In the day when things were new we have had our pioneersHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
In the days long ago, there in anguish and woeHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
In the hollow of his hand, I am safely shelteredHerbert Buffum (Author)2
It may not seem welcome nowHerbert Buffum (Author)English5
It may seem as if God has forgotten youHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I've a message to bring you my brotherHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I've been traveling for Jesus so much of my lifeHerbert Buffum (Author)English19
I've entered into Canaan from Egypt's bondageHerbert Buffum (Author)3
I've started out to walk the pathway to heavenHerbert Buffum (Author)2
I've started out to walk the straight and narrow wayHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
I've turned my back forever on old Satan (Buffum)Herbert Buffum (Author)1
Jesus Christ was made, we're told, the Chief Corner stoneHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Jesus I'm fearful—for dark is the nightH. B. (Author)English2
Jesus is knocking again at your doorHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Just a little smile from Jesus in the morningHerbert Buffum (Author)English4
Just ahead are greater things than I have seenHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
Keep looking, keep lookingHerbert Buffum (Author)1
Lift me up above the shadowsHerbert Buffum (Author)English22
Long I sought to find peace through the works of the lawHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Long my feet had wandered on in paths of follyHerbert Buffum (Author)3
Long my soul was so restless seeking peace everywhereHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Lord, I have started to walk in the lightHerbert Buffum (Author)English61
Lord, I long to be holyHerbert Buffum (Author)6
Love stands the test in every trying hourHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Made one in Christ, O what a blissful unionHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
Mi laŭdas la Dion pro vivoHerbert Buffum (Author)Esperanto2
Move out of thy sorrow, move out of thy gloomHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
My heart is aglow with the heavenly flameHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
My heart is fixed, O God on Thee, No more my feet shall go astrayHerbert Buffum (Author)English7
My heart is fixed on Jesus, for He's my all in allHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
My heart is running o'er with praiseHerbert Buffum (Author)2
My heart is so happy in Jesus my LordHerbert Buffum (Author)English4
My heart was always restless I sought peace everywhereHerbert Buffum (Author)English6
My heart was closed to the Savior's knockHerbert Buffum (Author)2
My life is hid with Christ in God, Hidden awayHerbert Buffum (Author)3
My life is no longer all tarnished by sinHerbert Buffum (Author)2
My life is now hidden with Christ in GodHerbert Buffum (Author)2
My little bark was tempest tossed, and drifting with the tideHerbert Buffum (Author)English6
My sheep know my voice, and the path that I takeH. Buffum (Author (1st Stanza and Chorus))English28
My sins, which were many, are all washed away (Buffum)Herbert Buffum (Author)2
Nearer, my Lord, to TheeHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Not now—go, Spirit, go Thy wayH. B. (Author)English3
"Not tonight" said the youthHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
O wanderer afar from the dear Shepherd's foldHerbert Buffum (Author)2
O wanderer, far from thy God astrayHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
Often I've watched the cloudsHerbert Buffum (Author)5
O how well I remember in the old fashioned daysH. B. (Author)English19
O what a wondrous exchange I have madeHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Once I saw deliverance a long way offHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Once I thought that glory land was just above the skyHerbert Buffum (Author)4
Our God is the same thru the agesHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Out of the power and darkness of sinHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Praise God for a present salvationHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Praise the Lord for the blood, for the blood of the LambHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
Praise the Lord, I have an all sufficient SaviorHerbert Buffum (Author)2
¡Qué gozo yo tengo en Cristo el Señor!Herbert Buffum (Author)Spanish2
Savior, hear me, while before Thy feetH. B. (Author)English1
Say not that God his face has hidden from youHerbert Buffum (Author)2
So many are buildingHerbert Buffum (Author)2
So many are saying because of the timesHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Some people object to our shoutingHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Some want silver, some want goldHerbert Buffum (Author)English8
Someone is watching to see what you doHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Someone will come to the fold tonightHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Speak a little word for Jesus, He has done so much for youHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
Sweet Rose of Sharon in Thee I seeHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Take me in thy fold, dear JesusHerbert Buffum (Author)2
The cross that was planted on Calvary's browHerbert Buffum (Author)2
The devil now is ragingHerbert Buffum (Author)2
The fight is on and soldiers brave are neededHerbert Buffum (Author)4
The golden light of Heaven now shines upon my soulHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
The heart that was broken on Calvary's treeHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
The joy of one day in his presenceHerbert Buffum (Author)3
The prodigal had wandered from his father's homeHerbert Buffum (Author)2
The whole world looks brighter and better to meHerbert Buffum (Author)2
There are days that we all have forgottenHerbert Buffum (Author)2
There are friendships that have lasted through a lifetimeHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
There are lengths and breadths, there are heights and depthsHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
There are plenty of doubts about lots of thingsHerbert Buffum (Author)2
There is only one way to be cleansed from your sinHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
There is soon to dawn an everlasting dayHerbert Buffum (Author)3
There's a big time coming and it's not far awayHerbert Buffum (Author)2
There's a country far beyond the starry skyHerbert Buffum (Author)English21
There's a great loving Father in heavenHerbert Buffum (Author)2
There's a Keeper of Books in the Land over the BlueHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
There's a song in my soul which I'm singing each dayHerbert Buffum (Author)2
There's a way of deep remorse over sins committedHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
There's a wonderful invention, it is called the radioHerbert Buffum (Author)3
There's a wonderful time it is not far awayHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
There's coming a wonderful, wonderful dayHerbert Buffum (Author)English19
There's naught can alarm me nor fill me with dreadH. B. (Author)English2
They led Him away to be crucifiedHerbert Buffum (Author)English6
They tell me this or that is hard to do for Christ my KingHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Though dark be the wayHerbert Buffum (Author)4
Though far you may wander away from the foldHerbert Buffum (Author)English15
Though the hosts of sin assailHerbert Buffum (Author)English4
Though thy life be torn and brokenHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Through the word of our testimonyHerbert Buffum (Author)2
'Tis the old-time Gospel that the Savior taughtH. B. (Author)English2
We should never have discord or trouble or strifeRev. Herbert Buffum (Author)English2
What a wonderful, wonderful loveHerbert Buffum (Author)English1
What though the days may seem drearyHerbert Buffum (Author)2
What though the way be rough and longHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
When all seems dark and the fierce billows rollHerbert Buffum (Author)2
When at last my work on earthHerbert Buffum (Author)3
When days are dreary, when heart is wearyHerbert Buffum (Author)English4
When first I was convertedHerbert Buffum (Author)2
When I become weary and tiredHerbert Buffum (Author)2
When Jesus laid aside the crownHerbert Buffum (Author)2
When laden with sin and bowed down with griefHerbert Buffum (Author)English4
When my way seems bright and fairHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
When our work on earth is ended, and our burdens are laid downHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
When the King returns in gloryHerbert Buffum (Author)2
When the mighty tribulations are poured out upon the earthHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
When the roll is called in heaven and we answer to our names (Buffum)Herbert Buffum (Author)English9
When the roll is called in heaven in the last great judgment dayHerbert Buffum (Author)2
When the trials of life seem almost too heavyHerbert Buffum (Author)2
When we come to meet around the great white throne of GodHerbert Buffum (Author)English3
When we walk with the Savior, He is often so nearHerbert Buffum (Author)English8
When you hear the thunder booming, when you see the lightning flashHerbert Buffum (Author)English6
When you start to follow Jesus in the narrow wayHerbert Buffum (Author)2
When your friends have all forgotten and it seems that no one caresHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
When your sins are all forgiven, and you're walking in the lightHerbert Buffam (Author)English3
Where hast thou gleaned today, reaperHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Where I am going there is no sorrowHerbert Buffum (Author)5
While I walk this vail of tearsHerbert Buffam (Author)2
While walking with my SaviorHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Who is the One who can give sweet peaceHerbert Buffum (Author)English4
Who is the one who neverHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Why repine because you cannot fillHerbert Buffum (Author)3
Why speak of the price we must payHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Wir singen von Jesus, Sein ist Gewalt und MachtHerbert Buffum (Author)German1
With faith I pray, O Lord DivineHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
Would you know the message for this very dayHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Would you know the secretHerbert Buffum (Author)2
Would you understand the secretHerbert Buffum (Author)2
You ask where is heaven where the righteous will goHerbert Buffum (Author)3
You may speak of the love of a motherHerbert Buffum (Author)English2
You say you feel the Savior's presenceHerbert Buffum (Author)2

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