Charles J. Butler

Short Name: Charles J. Butler
Full Name: Butler, Charles J.

Charles J Butler USA 1860- Butler, a Methodist, speaks of a voyage he took from his home, Camden, NJ, as a bachelor, to Britain around 1894, stating he roamed around the British Isles for 14 months through Scotland, Ireland, Britain, and Paris, dealing with ship stewards, street urchins, and visiting famous sights. He wrote about his trip in 1901. He later resided in Philadephia and was a salesman and musician. He wrote “Heart Melodies #3” with Charles Bentley (1897). He is possibly the listed secretary of the YMCA in Philadelphia in 1920.

John Perry

Texts by Charles J. Butler (61)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
自從基督赦我罪惡,在地如天,年限歡樂 (Zìcóng jīdū shè wǒ zuì'è, zài dì rú tiān, niánxiàn huānlè)C. J. Butler (Author)Chinese2
A picture bright in tints of goldCharles J. Butler (Author)3
Along the stormy sea of sinCharles J. Butler (Author)4
Christ on the cross atonement madeChas. J. Butler (Author)4
Christ speaks of one, a helpless oneCharles J. Butler (Author)3
Dear Bethany what memories clingCharles J. Butler (Author)2
E'er since my Savior came to meCharles J. Butler (Author)2
Einst war ich gar weit von dem HeilandC. J. B. (Author)German2
Einst war ich von Jesu geschiedenCharles J. Butler (Author)German2
Faith in Christ, the bleeding lambCharles J. Butler (Author)3
Far from Christ I wanderedC. J. B. (Author)3
Father, in Christ the living vineChas. J. Butler (Author)3
Hark! from the world's great harvest fieldChas. J. Butler (Author)1
Hark, o'er Bethlehem's plains is ringingCharles Butler (Author)2
Here, beneath this shadowy bowerCharles J. Butler (Author)2
Home at last with Christ my SaviorCharles J. Butler (Author)2
How often as through this dark valley I roamCharles J. Butler (Author)2
How precious is the thought to meC. J. B. (Author)English2
I do not know why trials severeC. J. B. (Author)5
I had wandered away from the SaviorCharles J. Butler (Author)3
I once was lost and in distressCharles J. Butler (Author)2
I sat within a home one dayC. J. B. (Author)4
I shall lay the cross asideC. J. B. (Author)9
I was once far away from the Savior, And as vile as a sinner could be (Butler)C. J. B. (Author)108
I will sing of Jesus hangingChas. Butler (Author)2
Ich war einmal fern von der GnadeCharles J. Butler (Author)German1
I'm sinking in the sea of sinCharles J. Butler (Author)1
In sin's dark prison once was ICharles J. Butler (Author)2
In this world of sorrowCharles J. Butler (Author)2
I've gone with those I loved so dearCharles J. Butler (Author)5
I've no refuge, Lord, beside theeCharles J. Butler (Author)4
Lone hearts there are this wide earth o'erC. J. B. (Author)2
Loved ones who often sat with meCharles J. Butler (Author)2
O brother, on life's treacherous seaCharles J. Butler (Author)4
O Christ has come to live with meCharles J. Butler (Author)3
O listen, poor sinner, O listen, I prayCharles J. Butler (Author)2
O thou weary, thirsty travelerCharles J. Butler (Author)2
O, what a sad time, poor sinner, 'twill beCharles J. Butler (Author)7
Over death's sea, in yon blest cityCharles J. Butler (Author)43
O what love Christ showed for meC. J. B. (Author)4
On memory's wall engraven standsCharles J. Butler (Author)8
On the rock bound coast of timeCharles J. Butler (Author)3
One stormy night, long years agoCharles J. Butler (Author)2
Over in yonder holy cityC. J. B. (Author)2
Round Christ, the great incarnate GodChas. J. Butler (Author)7
Since Christ my soul from sin set freeCharles J. Butler (Author)English19
Sinner, think of Jesus' loveCharles J. Butler (Author)2
Sinner, when youth's bright morn is pastCharles J. Butler (Author)3
Sin's gloomy night was over me spreadCharles J. Butler (Author)7
Some day, I know not when 'twill beCharles J. Butler (Author)28
Sorrowing one, lift up your headCharles J. Butler (Author)2
The Bible, 'tis the world's great lightCharles J. Butler (Author)2
The gate of mercy open standsCharles J. Butler (Author)5
There's none other name given among menC. B. (Author)2
Though the world may see no beautyCharles J. Butler (Author)4
To this dark world long years agoCharles J. Butler (Author)2
To yonder blissful home I'm boundCharles J. Butler (Author)3
What precious words the Savior spakeCharles J. Butler (Author)2
When Christ our Lord was dwelling hereC. J. B. (Author)2
While out on life's dark, stormy seaChas. J. Butler (Author)5
With thee, precious Lord, I would stayCharles J. Butler (Author)5
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