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W. T. Dale

W. T. Dale
Short Name: W. T. Dale
Full Name: Dale, W. T. (William Thomas), 1845-1924
Birth Year: 1845
Death Year: 1924 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by W. T. Dale (109)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A door was once opened to sinners lostRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English4
A Pharisee came to the Savior by nightWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Amid the fury of the blastWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Are you marching on to gloryWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)4
Ask, for the Father is ready to hear (Dale)Rev. W. T. Dale (Author)English7
Behold the Lamb of God, that takes our sins awayWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Christians, up! our Lord is callingWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Cling close to the Rock, when the tempest is nearWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)11
Closer to thee, O blessed RedeemerWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Don't you hear the harps of gloryWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Faith of our fathers, dear the namesWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Far from my home in this strange landWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English7
Full oft I've heard this gentle whisperWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English5
Go forth, ye heralds of the crossRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English3
Go wash at that fountain of cleansingWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English5
God has our strength and refuge provedWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Gone, but not lostWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Gone from our vision To that land so brightWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Great God, lift up thy handWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Hark, I hear a voice that's callingWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Hark, I hear the noise of battleWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Hark! 'tis the song of the angels I hearWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English4
Have you heard what Jesus said to meWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English9
High raise your headsWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Hosanna to the Son of David, The Hebrew children sweetly sangWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English9
How long we've been waiting and watching for TheeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English6
How pleasant is the sight When children all agreeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
I am a little orphan boy, I'm left without a friendRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English3
I am a little pilgrim (Dale)William Thomas Dale (Author)2
I am a pilgrim strangerWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English5
I am going to heaven, my homeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)4
I am nearing the port, I will soon be at homeRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English15
I am on my journey homeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English13
I am sweeping through the gates, through the gates of purest goldWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English13
I am the Rose of Sharon (Dale)William Thomas Dale (Author)5
I had wandered away from the SaviorW. T. D. (Arranger)English1
I am just from Jesus, who has cleansed my soulWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English38
I have heard the sweet story of Jesus tonightWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)5
I have started for the kingdom, I am on my journey homeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English15
I would love thee, blessed Jesus, I would lean upon Thy breastW. T. Dale (Arranger)English1
I'm a pilgrim here below, Traveling through this vale of woeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English5
I'm alone in the worldWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
In my Father's house on highRev. W. T. Dale (Author)2
In the high and holy mountainsWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
"It is finished!" so He criedW. T. Dale (Author)English3
Jehovah is my constant guideRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English2
Jesus wept, he wept for meWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)4
Just waiting the summons to welcome me homeRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English13
Let all created mortals singW. T. Dale (Author)1
Lord, bless me, and make me a blessingWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Lord, bless our temperance bandRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English4
Lord, make room for a little childWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Must Jesus bear the cross aloneW. T. Dale (Author (Chorus))English1
My soul is filled with gloryW. T. Dale (Author)1
Now the song of triumph I will singWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Nun hab' ich gefunden, was mein Herz erfreutW. T. Dale (Author)German1
O father, dear father, come homeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
O God, our fathers' God, to theeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
O Lamb of God, I come to theeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)7
O Lord in my closet nowRev. W. T. Dale (Author)2
O Lord, we love thy SabbathsWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
O my brother, have you been to Beulah land?William Thomas Dale (Author)3
O where is now my brother dearWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
On God I called with heart resignedWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
On the way from Jerusalem, Down the Jericho roadWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English5
One hundred years ago, in the old log houseWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
One sweetly solemn thoughtW. T. Dale (Author (Chorus))English2
Over Jordan we shall meetW. T. D. (Author)English51
Resist not the Spirit, but yield to Him nowRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English33
See the Savior as He goesW. T. D. (Author)English5
Shall I be condemned foreverWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)5
Sweet haven of rest, The home of the blestRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English4
Sweet land of rest beyond this valeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English3
Tarry with us, blessed JesusRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English13
The Baptist by the Jordan stoodWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
The homeward path I slowly takeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)4
The Lord's my shepherd and my guideRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English3
The peals of midnight bellsWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
The time has come when we must partWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
There is a fountain opened wide, Whence streams of living waters flowRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English3
There is a healing, cleansing tideWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
There is a land of grand delightRev. W. T. Dale (Author (v. 3))English2
There is joy among the angels who surround the throne aboveWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English3
There shall be showers of blessing, Falling like rain from aboveWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English8
There'll be light in the valley when Jesus comesWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)4
There's a great judgement day that is coming, we knowWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English29
There's a home far away in that beautiful landWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)5
There's rest beyond the tideRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English4
They need no sun in the new JerusalemWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
Thousands lie in sin and sorrowWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English3
To mark the sufferings of the babeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Up to the hills I'll lift mine eyesWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
We come today with brightest flowersWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)3
We have met today on the old campgroundWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English1
We have often met togetherWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
We must have the same religionWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English4
Weeping may last for a night in the valeWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English7
We'll wait till Jesus comes, When dark temptations riseRev. W. T. Dale (Author)English4
We'll work till Jesus comesWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
What a shout will riseWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
When bowed with afflictions and woes here belowWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English16
When persecutions rage aroundWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
When that awful day shall come and the Judge appearsWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English8
When the dark night of this life shall be overWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Where Babel's current flowsWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)2
Who will carry me over the riverWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English6
Whosoever will, O come, come todayWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)4
Will you meet me at the doorW. T. Dale (Author)English2
Write, blessed are the dead, Who die in Christian faithWilliam Thomas Dale (Author)English5

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