Helen C. A. Dixon

Helen C. A. Dixon
Short Name: Helen C. A. Dixon
Full Name: Dixon, Helen C. A. (Helen Cadbury Alexander), 1877-1969
Birth Year: 1877
Death Year: 1969

Dixon, Helen Cadbury Alexander (b. 1877, Birmingham, Eng.; d. Mar. 1, 1969, Birmingham, Eng.) was the daughter of Richard Cadbury, a prominent British industrialist and philanthropist who was a member of the Quaker fellowship and keenly interested in evangelical mission work; attended the university and spent some time in Germany, studying music and language; in 1904 married Charles M. Alexander, songleader with evangelist R. A. Torrey; traveled with her husband and assisted him in his worldwide ministry with both Torrey and J. Wilbur Chapman (q.v.) until his death in 1920; assisted J. Kennedy Maclean in writing the biography, Charles M. Alexander: A Romance of Song and Soul-Winning, 1921; in 1924 married Amsji C. Dixon.

Don Hustad, DNAH Archives

Texts by Helen C. A. Dixon (13)sort descendingAsInstances
After the shadows have passed awayHelen C. Alexander (Author)5
All unseen the Master walkethCharles M. Alexander (Author)4
Hvorsomhelst med Jesus jeg kan sikkert gaaMrs. C. M. Alexander (Author)1
Anywhere with Jesus I can safely goHelen C. Alexander (Author (st. 3-4))28
Hele au me Iesu ma na wahi a pauMrs. C. M. Alexander (Author)2
Jesus calls us, o'er the tumultMrs. C. F. Alexander (Author)1
Jesus is our Leader, we his soldier'sMrs. C. M. Alexander (Author)1
Jesus, the Savior, is calling today, Sinner, will you comeHelen C. Alexander (Author)3
Tell of Christ who saves from sinMrs. C. M. Alexander (Author)1
There is a green hill far awayMrs. C. F. Alexander (Author)1
There's a city bright and fair, overHelen C. Alexander (Author)1
While Jesus whispers to youMrs. C. M. Alexander (Author)6
Work, for the night is coming; Work through the morning hoursMrs. C. M. Alexander (Author)3
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